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Casey Xavier, Esq.

Casey Xavier, ESQ

Casey Xavier
Email: info@heidarilawgroup.com
Phone: 1-833-225-5454

Casey is a Louisiana native, but Las Vegas is his home. His ambition to impact the community, overcome adversity, discredit naysayers, and speak truth to power has burned within him since his youth and led him to become a trial lawyer.

At the age of 18, Casey decided to run for the city council of his hometown in Louisiana. He was elected at the age of 20, becoming the youngest elected official in Louisiana history. By unanimous vote of his fellow council members, he was appointed mayor pro-tempore of the city at the same age. And at age 21, his state political party elected him as the party’s vice-chair of elected officials.

Casey has lived and worked all over America. Before law, his experience ranged from interning for a congressman on Capitol Hill to work that entailed facilitating the educational development of people from six continents.

Casey is proud to now recover millions of dollars for his clients. Because in America’s civil justice system, money is the only justice possible. And trial by jury for money is a constitutional right. When people are harmed by others, Casey believes the injured deserve to be compensated, for the full value of what has been taken away from them and for what they have been left with.

Before joining Heidari Law Group to run its Las Vegas litigation team, Casey was a trial lawyer at Claggett & Sykes Law Firm where he recovered millions for his clients. Trials are Casey’s passion. He believes being a trial lawyer is his calling in life, that he is walking in his life’s purpose. He believes there is a lot of good for him to do in the world – like making companies right their wrongs and punishing companies when they have refused to learn their lesson. Casey believes that his work will make the world just a little safer and a little bit better.

Casey has refined his trials skills through the Mark Lanier Trial Academy Master Class, Rick Friedman’s Ethos Advocacy Institute, and Trial Lawyers University. Casey obtained his bachelor’s degree from University of Louisiana, Lafayette and later pursued graduate studies in international affairs at University of California, San Diego. He obtained his Juris Doctorate degree from University of Nevada, Las Vegas – William S. Boyd School of Law in 2020. In his first year of law school – only about 3 months in – Casey won Boyd Law School’s annual client counseling competition, beating out the whole law school.



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