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There are roughly 800,000 Uber and Lyft drivers in California. These companies connect people in need of transportation with car owners willing to drive them to a destination for a fee. We understand why rideshare companies have exploded in popularity over the past decade. Uber and similar rideshare companies offer convenience and a safe ride at an affordable price.

If you were involved in an accident involving a rideshare vehicle, please contact Heidari Law Group, P.C. You could have important legal rights, such as the right to sue Uber or Lyft for compensation for your injuries.

Rideshare Accident Injuries

Those hurt in these accidents often suffer the same injuries as those hurt in regular car accidents:

  • Head injuries, including brain injury, concussion, bleeding, or something else.
  • Back injuries, including sprains, strains, herniated discs, and spinal column injury.
  • Nerve damage, including compressed nerves.
  • Cuts and lacerations, which might become infected and leave disfiguring scars after healing.
  • Fractures, including compound fractures.
  • Whiplash and other neck injuries.

These injuries often require expensive medical care. You might also be unable to get back to work as you rehab. Many victims suffer considerable financial losses, in addition to pain and inconvenience.

Types of Rideshare Accidents

There are many ways our clients are injured in accidents. Some were passengers in an Uber or Lyft when their vehicle crashed. Others were driving their car or walking when they were struck by a rideshare driver.

The key is to identify who is at fault for the collision. This is the person we will sue for compensation. For example, if you were a rideshare passenger, your own driver could be to blame or a different motorist could have struck you. Once you identify the person who caused the wreck, you can submit a claim for compensation.

If you were driving, then the Uber or Lyft driver is likely to blame for a collision. You would make a claim on that driver’s insurance policy.

Rideshare Insurance Policies

Rideshare companies require their drivers to be insured. The amount of insurance available, however, will depend on the following:

  • A driver is not logged into the app: he or she is a regular driver on the road. You would make a claim on his personal insurance policy.
  • A driver is looking for a ride and logged into the app: $25,000 in property damage and $50,000 in bodily injury liability (up to $100,000 per accident) is available.
  • A driver has accepted a ride: $1 million in combined insurance is available per accident.

If a different driver is to blame, then you are subject to their insurance policy limits. California only requires $15,000 in bodily injury liability coverage (up to $30,000 per accident). However, a rideshare company’s policy should cover uncompensated losses up to $1 million.

Why Receiving Compensation is Difficult

By far the biggest challenge is identifying fault. If you are a passenger, you might not know who is to blame. If you were driving your own car, then Uber or Lyft might blame you. California’s comparative negligence law can reduce the amount of compensation you receive. For example, if you were 40% to blame, you’ll only get 60% of your normal compensation.

Proving your losses is also a challenge. Our clients can receive compensation for pain and suffering, but insurers might minimize this pain and offer a few thousand. We can work closely with our clients to come up with a way to document how disruptive an accident has been.

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Heidari Law Group, P.C., has tackled numerous rideshare accidents. We know how to bring these claims the right way and maximize the money our clients take home. If you were injured, give us a call. We offer a free consultation in English or Spanish to anyone hurt in a rideshare collision.

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