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$3.3 Million

Motorcycle Accident

$1.4 Million

Brain Injury

1/2 Million

Trip and Fall Accident

$1 Million

Ride Share Accident

1/2 Million

Premises Liability

$1 Million

Medical Malpractice

$1.1 Million

Motor Vehicle Accident


Truck Accident


Airline Accident

Practice Areas

Helping people get the compensation they deserve

Uber Driver angry at other drivers

Ride Share Negligence Cases (Uber & Lyft)

Man holding face after kidnapping

Wrongful Death

Stethoscope and gavel

Medical Malpractice

Gavel with book of law

Construction Accidents

Man holding knee in pain

Slip and Fall

Plane imposed over man in suit

Aviation & Airline

Doctor covering face

Traumatic Brain Injury

Woman after motor accident

Car Accidents

Man stricken with grief

Wrongful Termination

Commercial truck on side

Trucking Accidents

Cord in wall socket on fire

Product Liability

Commercial truck on side

Police Misconduct

Handicap man in chair

Catastrophic Injuries

Couple sitting with lawyer

Employment & Labor Law

Motorcycle travelling at high speed

Motorcycle Accidents

Client skeptical with paperwork

Insurance Bad Faith

Security sleeping on the job

Negligent Security

Dog snarling

Dog Bite Injuries

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You may have a question (or two) regarding your legal issues. Please let us know. We are here to help.

Heidari Law Group goes above and beyond ensuring our clients receive the very best.

5 out of 5 stars

Sam Heidari is a Great Attorney. He treats his clients like they are the only clients. He returns calls within a reasonable amount of time… to be specific his turn around is impeccable even if you try to reach him after hours or on the weekend. He makes you feel comfortable knowing that your case is in great hands. I just wish all attorneys could take a lesson from Sam. I will always recommend Sam to anyone I know who is in an accident. And his office staff is just as professional.

Raymond M.

5-star rating

I was injured in a car accident last year in March. I was referred to a lawyer, Sam Heidari by Marco, a representative for them. The lawyer made sure that I went to all of my chiropractor sessions and that I got the medical attention needed. I also got MRI’s as needed and also got back injections as needed. He was very persistent on contacting me, even when I wasn’t reachable, and making sure that I got treated right and paid a good amount at the end. He is a very respectful person and great lawyer. I do recommend him and his entire friendly staff. Plus they’re local as well and have many different locations to attend for all your needs.

Roxy J.

5 stars

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to my case. Words do not adequately describe my feelings, when no one seemed to care about an old vet with an injury you were there. I can remember as clearly as though it were yesterday, your sincerity and desire to help me. For that, I will always be grateful. Your endless commitment of time, financial resources and a personal concern for my physical well being surpassed anything I could have expected or imagined.


We’re Here to Help

Rest assured that in all your personal injury claims, we will be there every step of the way to make sure that you get the fair and reasonable compensation for your property damage, bodily injuries, actual medical costs, future medical care, and loss of earnings, as well as the loss you have suffered in the enjoyment of your life.  



Sam Ryan Heidari, ESQ
Free Case Evaluation 24/7

Free Case Evaluation 24/7

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Brain Injuries from Bus Accidents

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How a Typical Car Accident Settlement Amount Can Be Increased

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