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Zachary Clayton, Esq

Zachary D. Clayton, attorney at law

Zachary Clayton
Email: info@heidarilawgroup.com
Phone: 1-833-225-5454

Zachary D. Clayton was born and raised in Las Vegas. Zachary grew up and attended Las Vegas Academy of Visual and Performing Arts and graduated in 2004. Upon graduation, Zachary joined the United States Marine Corps Reserve, where he trained to be a driver of large supply trucks. In 2007, Zachary was deployed in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Upon return from Iraq, Zachary earned his B.S. of Marketing from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2011. Soon after, Zachary began studying at William S. Boyd School of Law and graduated with his J.D. in 2014. While in law school, Zachary won a school-wide competition for negotiations. Zachary went on to the regional competition and placed 5th among over 30 competitors from various law schools. In his career, Zachary has defended the rights of individuals in both civil and criminal matters. In doing so, Zachary has spent hundreds of hours in the courtroom fighting for everything that his clients deserve.


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