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Personal Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas

If you have been involved in a personal injury due to a negligent action, you should contact a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer. You may be entitled to compensation that you can recover from your personal injuries and damages from pain and suffering, loss in pay from work, increase in medical costs, emotional pain and suffering, and possibly other punitive damages for your case.

Our experienced team of personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas has helped people with their cases that cover many types of laws in the state of Nevada.

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to Take
After Suffering

a Personal Injury in Las Vegas

There are steps that can be taken when you are involved in a personal injury accident. Being involved in an accident can be very disorienting and can leave you very panicked. It’s important to keep calm and follow these steps so you can have the best chance of being compensated for your injuries that you may have suffered.

1. Get Medical Attention Right Away.

This is the first and most important step if you are involved in an accident and are personally injured. This will help you build your case with official medical documentation and how severe your injuries are from the accident. This will also help prove that the accident caused these injuries.

2. Consult with a Personal Injury Attorney in Las Vegas.

 After getting a medical evaluation, the first thing that should be done is to consult with an attorney that will help you with your personal injury case. An experienced lawyer will help you prevent any actions that can lead to a dispute with your case. You should contact your attorney within the first 24-48 hours of being injured. Acquiring legal representation is an important step to the success of your personal injury case in Las Vegas.

3. Preserve Evidence.

Videos, pictures, witnesses and contacts, vehicles involved in the accident. All of this information should be gathered right after the accident has happened. All of this information will be used as evidence and will help your personal injury case if it goes to court.

4. Try to Avoid Giving Insurance Companies Details.

You don’t want to give information about the accident to the other insurance company, as this can be used against you. Consult with your attorney first. Many insurance companies try to pay out as little as possible to claims, and in some cases nothing at all. Insurance companies will ask specific questions that can undervalue your claim, or even deny the claim. This is where your attorney will see what the insurance companies are up to with their questions and will prevent this from happening. The best way to communicate with insurance companies is through your lawyer. Also, beware of your public social media profiles. Insurance companies can use social media information about you and what you post to dispute the facts of a case. Do not post anything about your accident or injuries on social media.

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Elements Involved in a Las Vegas Personal Injury or Accident Case

Four elements must be proven to show the other party’s liability in a personal injury or accident case. These are:

  1. Duty of the Defendant
  2. Breach of that duty
  3. Negligent actions from the other party that directly caused the accident
  4. Injuries to the plaintiff that is a direct result of the accident

Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney in Las Vegas

After being injured in an accident, it is crucial that you have the best personal injury attorney on your side. Navigating the legal system in Las Vegas can be difficult. Our experienced personal injury lawyers can help you to recover compensation for your medical bills, past and future lost wages, as well as pain and suffering. Our attorneys are ready to listen to your situation and provide guidance on next steps. Call us today for your free consultation.


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Get Experienced Legal Help in Las Vegas with Heidari Law Group

If you’re facing an injury and medical costs after an accident at the hands of another individual or party, then you need the help of a veteran team of Las Vegas lawyers to recover the damages you are owed. At Heidari Law Group, we offer free consultations, no charges until we win your case, and can get you the legal representation in Las Vegas that you deserve. Contact us today at 1-833-225-5454 or info@heidarilawgroup.com for more information.

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