Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Picture yourself crossing the street when suddenly, a car heads straight for you. Such pedestrian incidents are not only terrifying but often result in serious injuries. The World Health Organization reports approximately 300,000 global deaths annually due to pedestrian accidents, a disturbing figure given the preventability of these tragedies. In the United States alone, about 7,000 people lose their lives in such accidents each year.

If you’re a pedestrian accident victim, we are here to help. Our dedicated attorneys are on standby 24/7 for a comprehensive evaluation of your case. We understand the overwhelming and traumatic nature of these incidents and are committed to supporting you every step of the way.

For those grieving the loss of someone in a pedestrian accident, our empathetic legal team is ready to provide emotional support and take charge of the legal proceedings, ensuring accountability from those responsible for the accident.

How Do Pedestrian Accidents Happen?

In the aftermath of a pedestrian accident, numerous inquiries emerge about its cause, a question your lawyer will certainly explore. Despite traffic and pedestrian laws designed to prevent such incidents, accidents still occur.

Pedestrian accidents, particularly prevalent in busy cities like Los Angeles and Las Vegas, can be caused by a variety of factors. These incidents differ based on their specific location and circumstances. To address the unique aspects of your case, we suggest contacting us for a personalized evaluation.

Each of these factors can significantly increase the risk of pedestrian accidents, underscoring the need for careful evaluation and legal expertise in handling such cases.

Injuries from a Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian accidents involve just about any type of vehicle, including buses, trucks, motorcycles, etc. Regardless of the type of car, however, these accidents are bound to lead to severe injuries.

Even a car moving at even the slowest of speeds hitting a pedestrian is going to be impactful and can cause serious personal injuries. As mentioned earlier, the statistics show that many pedestrians are treated each year in emergency rooms for their injuries.

Being hit by a moving vehicle can cause catastrophic injuries or death. Even the most moderate injuries can have a long-term impact on the victim’s life.

The following potential injuries from a pedestrian accident might include:

Even the slightest of these injuries can put a victim out of work, rack up large medical bills, and put them in deep financial debt. Often injuries connected to a pedestrian-vehicle accident need long-term medical care and rehabilitation.

Our experienced pedestrian accident attorneys will piece together exactly what happened to determine the cause of the pedestrian accident, while also holding the responsible parties liable for any damages.

How Can Our Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Help?

As the victim of a pedestrian accident, there are numerous ways an attorney will help you navigate your life following the accident.

You might find that your accident and healing consume your life and you need someone acting on your behalf. The more quickly you get a personal injury attorney on your case, the better.

From immediately following the accident, through your recovery, they can help to determine fault, navigate damages, and guide and advise along the way.

1. Finding Who Is at Fault for the Accident

Let’s go back to the cause of pedestrian accidents. One of the key elements of a pedestrian case is what caused it. Your attorney will look at the cause to figure out who is at fault for the accident.

They will scour the information from the scene of the accident. They might want to talk to witnesses of the accident, even though the police have already done this. Often people remember, something later that becomes important. This can become potential testimony later in the case. This is why it is important to get as much information as possible when an accident happens and document it all.

The attorney will also look closely at other evidence collected at the scene of the accident. With their expertise, they can figure out how the accident occurred.

The attorney will also evaluate all medical documents connected to the case.

Using these factors helps the attorney to establish who is at fault for the case.

2. Determining Damages and Compensation

If you are the victim you want your expenses related to the accident covered. It’s relatively easy to calculate the total medical costs by looking at bills as they accrue. You can also calculate lost wages because of the accident while you recover.

An attorney will also use many factors to add in damages for your pain and suffering. It’s a little harder to put a number on pain and suffering, and each case is different.

An experienced attorney will be able to look at all the factors in the case to help negotiate this number.

3. Insurance Mediator and Negotiator

An insurance company is going to want you to quickly accept an offer. They are in the business of offering the least amount they can get away with. They don’t want to pay out any more in damages than absolutely necessary.

Many insurance companies will even try to get to the victim before they have legal representation to get them to agree to a quick cash settlement. This is why you want to talk with a personal injury attorney first. Do not accept a cash offer without consulting with your attorney.

An important role your attorney will play is to act as a mediator between you and the insurance company. They will recognize when an offer is too low. Part of their job is to negotiate on your behalf.

4. Determine How to Proceed With Your Case

Often pedestrian accident cases get settled out of court. The two sides can come to an agreement on the settlement amount.

But not always. Your accident attorney will help to advise when it’s a good idea to proceed with the case to court. Because they have been involved with the case from the start, they’ll be able to represent you in the courtroom with all the information they’ve gathered from the onset.

This is another important reason you want an accident attorney as quickly as possible.

Highly Rated Pedestrian Accident Attorneys Near Me

If you have been the victim of a pedestrian accident, you recognize many hurdles to overcome. You need to get past the physical and emotional trauma connected to this kind of accident.

You also need to protect your interests so you aren’t saddled with a mound of medical bills, lost wages, and other unforeseeable bills that may pile up while you recover. Getting a pedestrian accident attorney can help you to protect your interests.

If you have been involved in an accident and need representation, we can help. We offer free case consultations and are available 24/7 to evaluate your case. Contact us today so we can help protect your rights.