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Construction Accident Attorneys

Falls remain the leading cause of work-related deaths in construction. In fact, these incidents account for more than one in three of the total number of industry fatalities. If you were recently injured in a construction accident, don’t hesitate to call for help.

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Construction accidents can be very devastating to you and your family. Better determine if you have a valid construction accident claim, contact our attorneys today for free no risk consultation. Our Law Firm has decades of experience fighting for Construction accidents.

Falls remain the leading cause of work-related deaths in construction. In fact, these incidents account for more than one in three of the total number of industry fatalities. If you were recently injured in a construction accident, don’t hesitate to call for help.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a construction accident, you can file a personal injury claim and fight for the compensation you deserve. It’s important to find a qualified construction accident lawyer to take your case. They’ll ensure you understand your legal options. They can fight with your best interests in mind, too.

The best construction accident attorneys will build your case & fight to get you maximum compensation. They’ll ensure you don’t leave money on the table. With experienced legal help, you can maximize your claim and cover your medical bills, lost wages, and more.

Practice Areas for Construction Law:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolutions (Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiations, etc.)
  • Contract Law
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Contract Preparation
  • Construction Litigation
  • Defective Design and Construction Litigation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Bidding disputed
  • Insurance Issues (Damage, Liability, Indemnification, Surety)
  • Claims being delayed
  • Payment Issues and Disputes
  • Personal Injury
  • OSHA investigations and other federal agencies
  • Violations of safety
  • Permits for buildings
  • Wage requirements
  • False claims
  • Litigation on construction cases

Who is liable in a construction law clean?

There are several different parties that could be potentially liable in a construction lawsuit.  Different defendants may include:

  • Construction site managers
  • Contractors
  • Manufacturers
  • Building landowners

What type of damages could you recover from a construction accident lawsuit?

There are different types of Damages that one could recover from a construction accident lawsuit that’s why it is very important to hire an experienced construction accident attorney to determine the maximum amount of compensation you deserve. These different damages include:

  • Medical bills
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Lost past wages
  • Future income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment

What will our experienced construction accident attorneys do?

we will conduct a free no-risk consultation to determine your rights and the strength of your legal claim. We will listen to your claim and gather all the questions and evidence to better determine how much you could recover. When Gathering evidence, we will take care of all the legal hassles while you focus on your health and rehabilitation.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Construction Site Accident Lawyer

Suppose you or a loved one have experienced construction site injuries resulting from an accident. In that case, you may be considering hiring a construction site accident lawyer who specializes in this area. Selecting the right construction site accident attorney for your case doesn’t have to be complicated. It is, however, vital that you do a little background work to make sure you’re hiring the best possible construction site accident lawyer for your case. So in this article, we’re walking you through what to look out for to ensure you make the right choice for yourself.

Here are 5 tips that can help you find the right construction accident lawyer to handle your case.

1. Consider Your Situation

Before rushing to hire a construction accident lawyer, take a moment to consider your unique situation. You’ll want to find a lawyer who understands your specific legal issue. Otherwise, their lack of experience with your situation could impact your case.

Ask yourself:

  • Was I denied workers’ compensation?
  • Did I sustain injuries as a result of a defective product?
  • Am I a construction employee who was injured on the job?
  • Was I assaulted while on a construction site?

Once you’ve determined your specific issue, you can find the right personal injury attorney with your situation in mind.

Construction accident claims fall under personal injury claims. However, not every personal injury lawyer will have the experience you need. In fact, construction accident claims involve their own unique challenges.

For example, there are additional parties involved with construction accident claims, including:

  • Distributors
  • Employees
  • Suppliers
  • Manufacturers
  • General contractors
  • Owners

You can start your search for a construction site accident attorney by using online resources. First, check out your local bar association website. Create a list of attorneys who are certified to handle workers’ compensation and personal injury claims for your state.

You can also use the Hubbel-Martindale directory to find a list of attorneys in your area.

Otherwise, talk with people in your inner circle. Do you know a colleague who experienced a similar legal issue? Ask them about the attorney they hired.

Once you have a list of options, you can use the rest of these tips to find the best construction accident injury lawyer for your case.

2. Look for Years of Experience

Remember, not every construction accident lawyer will have the experience or expertise you need. There are now over 135,000 personal injury lawyers in the US. You need to find the right personal injury lawyer with your situation in mind.

First, determine how long each personal injury attorney on your list has practiced law. Look for someone with years of hands-on experience.

Remember, personal injury lawyers handle a mix of different cases. For example, someone might specialize in auto accidents, slip and falls, or medical malpractice. Ask each lawyer about their case specialty.

Look for someone with years of experience handling construction site accidents. Ask how many construction accident lawsuits they’ve handled over the years.

Ask how many of those cases were recent, too.

You might find a personal injury attorney who says they have experience with construction cases. However, there’s a chance they’ve only handled 10 construction accident lawsuits and 100 car crash cases. Choosing someone with the right specialty will give you peace of mind.

Someone with experience handling construction site accident lawsuits will understand the laws and procedures relevant to your case. They’ll know about recent cases they might need to reference when building your lawsuit, too.

Someone who lacks the experience you need, on the other hand, might make a costly mistake when arguing on your behalf.

Courtroom Experience

It’s not enough to find a lawyer with years of hands-on experience settling cases. Instead, make sure to ask each construction accident attorney about their courtroom experience. How many cases have they handled that went to court?

Some lawyers are apprehensive about arguing cases in front of a judge and jury.

These lawyers won’t have your best interests in mind. In fact, they might rush to settle your case before it reaches a courtroom. Their haste could leave money on the table.

They might accept the first lowball offer they receive.

If you find a lawyer who is nervous about going to court, keep searching. The best construction site accident attorney for your case will have your best interests in mind.

3. Ask About Their Case History

Once you find a construction accident injury lawyer with relevant experience, learn more about their case history. You’ll want to have a winner at your side. Otherwise, they might struggle to accomplish your case goals.

Ask how many construction site accident cases they’ve handled overall versus in the last year. Then, ask how many cases they won.

You might notice their track record has grown stronger over the years. If that’s the case, great! These lawyers have learned from trial experience.

Ask how much they were able to win for their clients, too.

Before hiring a construction accident lawyer, ask if they’ve handled a case that was similar to yours. Then, ask about the process involved with that case. Discussing a similar case can help you develop realistic expectations moving forward.

For example, maybe you were injured due to negligence by a company other than your employer. You might consider filing a third-party liability claim. In these cases, you can recover money damages for:

  • Emergency room care
  • Ambulance fees
  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Medical equipment
  • Pain and suffering
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Mental distress
  • Long-term disability
  • Loss of life enjoyment
  • Scarring or disfigurement
  • The wrongful death of a family member

Before your consultation appointment, make sure to gather any documents that are relevant to your case. For example, it’s important to keep track of your medical bills. That includes emergency room care, prescription drugs, and trips to specialists.

Keep track of your lost wages, too.

Gathering these documents will help your construction site accident lawyer calculate your losses. They’ll fight for the full amount of compensation you deserve.

Bringing these documents to your consultation appointment will help you develop realistic expectations about the monetary compensation you’re due.

Request References and Reviews

If you want to find the best construction accident attorney for your case, learn from the people who were once in your shoes. Ask for references and reviews. You can also find reviews on the law firm’s Google My Business and Better Business Bureau listings.

Try to read a handful of reviews from different sources.

Consider each client’s comments about how the lawyer communicated. Were they professional? Was the lawyer able to dedicate time to the client’s case?

After reading a few reviews, try to narrow down your options to three construction accident attorneys in the area. Then, schedule a consultation appointment with each one.

4. Schedule a Consultation Appointment

Scheduling a consultation appointment will give you the chance to meet each lawyer in person. If your research wasn’t able to answer your questions, ask them yourself.

Discuss the specifics of your case. Then, ask each lawyer how they might help.

For example, your construction accident lawyer should:

  • Listen to your story and answer your questions
  • Help you understand your rights and legal options
  • Investigate your case to gather evidence
  • Work with your doctors and medical experts
  • Gather documentation about your medical damages
  • Identify defendants that may bear liability
  • Use legal tools to recover additional evidence
  • Negotiate with insurance companies and defendants
  • Take your case to court
  • Fight for the full financial compensation you deserve

During your consultation appointment, pay attention to how the lawyer speaks and holds themselves. Look for a strong communicator. Make sure they have active listening skills, too.

The best construction site accident lawyer will know how to listen before forming a response. Otherwise, they might struggle to keep up with opposing counsel.

If the lawyer interrupts you during your consultation appointment, consider hiring someone else.

Are they confident in their ability to handle your case? If they don’t sound confident, keep searching. You’ll want someone who is willing to fight at your side with confidence and conviction.

5. Consider the Cost

During your consultation appointment, ask each personal injury lawyer about their fee structure. Look for someone who fights on a contingency fee basis.

Your construction site accident lawyer will only accept a percentage of the financial compensation they win on your behalf. You won’t have to worry about legal fees on top of your losses. In fact, lawyers who work on a contingency fee basis might fight harder to maximize your claim.

About 10% of the world’s deaths are the result of injuries. If you lost a loved one due to a construction site accident, finding the right lawyer is essential.

Once you’ve consulted at least three lawyers, review your notes. Choose a lawyer you feel confident in.

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Types of Accidents in a Construction Site

Considering construction site employees make up 6% of the US workforce, 20% of all worker deaths in the US are in construction. There are many types of onsite construction accidents, including:

  • Falling from a height, e.g., from a crane or scaffolding
  • Tripping
  • Excessive noise
  • Struck by falling objects
  • Electrocution
  • Vehicle accident
  • Getting caught in equipment
  • Defective and/or dangerous machinery
  • Exposure to heat, e.g., when welding
  • Explosions

graph risingInjury rates in the construction sector are a whopping 71% higher when compared to other industries. Accidents such as these can be devastating and have a lasting impact on your life. You may be entitled to compensation to pay for medical bills, ongoing care, and loss of income. Here are a few tips on what to look out for when hiring a specialist construction site accident lawyer:

Experience in Personal Injury Litigation

Rather than opting for a big law firm that doesn’t specialize in injury-related cases, focus your search on firms whose entire specialty is construction and personal injury cases. A law firm that practices in many areas may not have a detailed understanding of construction site injury cases. This type of construction site accident lawyer can guide you through the entire process, from launching a case to litigating your behalf if your case ends up in court. Your chosen lawyer should have solid experience in construction accident litigation. They’ll be familiar with going to trial, preparing for your case, and anticipating what the other side will do. While you may be keen to achieve a without-trial settlement, a specialist attorney that has experience of going to trial can support you from start to finish.

Their Track Record

A solid success rate will speak for itself. Ask about average case settlement amounts, so you’re sure that the lawyer will not accept a low offer on your behalf from the insurance company. It’s also worth checking their overall case success rate in cases such as yours. A reputable specialist law firm will be transparent about its success rate both in settlement and trial cases. Lastly, check out their client testimonials on their website and any social media accounts they run, as well as their Google Review star rating.

How They Treat You

The relationship you have with your construction site accident lawyer is essential. Look for someone who communicates with you and treats you with respect. If you feel uneasy about someone because they:

  • Don’t return your calls
  • Are unprofessional
  • Seem unconcerned about your wellbeing
  • Don’t explain what’s happening with your case

…or anything else that doesn’t seem ‘right’ – they’re not the lawyer for you. Your chosen firm will walk you through their process step-by-step. For example, here at the Heidari Law Group, we’ll:

  • Gather information from you about what happened, the type of accident you had, when, what injuries you sustained, and check if there were any witnesses to your accident.
  • Collect documentation related to your claims, such as medical records, any photographs of your injuries, insurance policy information, and medical bills
  • Get down to the detail by investigating your accident and seek out further evidence, such as CCTV images, police reports, security camera footage, and so on.
  • Start to negotiate with the other side’s attorneys for a fair compensation settlement that you’re entitled to as a result of your accident. If the negotiations are not successful, we’ll prepare to go to trial.
  • Lastly, if you cannot travel to one of our offices, we can come to you.

They Tell You About The Small Print

Some lawyers charge a flat fee, others an hourly rate, or a no-win-no-fee charge. Either way, it’s crucial your lawyer talks through their payment model with you from the start. Your initial consultation should ideally be free. If you are struggling financially, opt for a no fee unless you win the payment model. This type of no-fee model is also called a contingency fee. In other words, you only pay once the case is settled and fees are taken from the settlement paid out by the insurance company. You don’t have to pay any upfront fees.

Extra Help

Ask your chosen construction site accident attorney about any additional support they provide. For instance, do they provide access to medical experts who can help you get treatment? Or medical professionals who will work on a lien basis, i.e., defer their payment until your case is settled? Your attorney may also be able to help you negotiate medical costs with your chosen provider.

Speak to an Experienced Construction Accident Lawyer Today

You don’t have to hire the first construction accident lawyer you find online. Finding the right legal help can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case.

Were you injured at a construction site?

Do you have a construction accident claim?

Want to discuss your case with lawyers you can trust? We’re here to help. There are no fees until you win. Our dedication and experience will guide you every step of the way. Contact us at Heidari Law Group 24/7 for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

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