Horseback Riding Accident Lawyers

Horse injuries or equestrian accidents could result in very severe injuries, especially if you take part in the activity inexperienced. It is important that you have an experienced equestrian accident attorney on your side every step of the way while you hold the at fault party liable for your injuries suffered.

Can I Sue if I Was Injured in a Horseback Riding Accident?

You could sue the negligent party who was liable for your injuries as a result of the horseback riding accident. Examples of potential parties, also known as defendants, you could sue include property owners, horse trainers, horse owners, and riding clubs.

How Common are Horse Riding Accidents?

Horseback riding accidents, although may appear very rare and uncommon, are actually very common in the United States. Horseback riding injuries have been found to affect around 36 people per 100,000 United States citizens each year. The majority of injured victims are young females.

Horseback Riding Statistics

  • Around 7 million Americans go horseback riding each year
  • The United States horse industry is worth around 40 billion dollars a year
  • Around 800,000 horses compete in track racing each year
  • The average household income of a horse owner is $60,000
  • The United States horse industry employs around 1.5 million people
  • The horse racing industry has one of the biggest economic impacts to the United States economy

What is the Most Common Injury in Horseback Riding?

Horseback riding incidents could result in very severe injuries that could even be undetectable until you receive medical treatment.  Around half of horse related injuries require immediate medical assistance. Examples of horseback riding injuries include:

All the above injuries are considered catastrophic injuries that could cause permanent disabilities and affect your future. For example, you could receive lost profits if you are unable to return back to work as a result of your permanent disability.

Wrongful Death Horseback Riding Accident Lawyer

If the horseback riding victim was injured, and passed away due to their horseback riding injuries, a wrongful death claim could be brought by the decedent’s family members. Horses are considered to be wild animals, and are considered to be a risk when you are engaging in horseback riding. California and Nevada allow wrongful-death laws to be initiated by a spouse or immediate blood relative of the decedent.

Wrongful-death laws allow the family member to stand in the shoes of the decedent and seek compensation for the injuries suffered. Examples of injuries the decedent could claim are lost wages, and medical bills. Other than what the decedent could receive, wrongful-death also allows family members to receive funeral expenses. It is very important that you hire an experienced wrongful death attorney to pursue any death claims that have resulted from the horseback riding injury.

What Are Some Examples of Horseback Riding Lawsuits?

Horseback riding accidents hold the negligent party liable under a negligence legal theory. In order to prove that the defendant was negligent, the plaintiff, or the injured victim needs to show that:

  • The defendant had a duty to the plaintiff to act in a reasonably safe manner
  • The defendant failed to act in a reasonably safe manner, and breached that duty
  • Because the defendant failed to act in a reasonably safe manner, the plaintiff sustained injuries
  • The plaintiff now has damages as a result of the injuries

It is very important that you hire an experienced horseback riding accident attorney to represent your claims and make sure that these elements all match when filing such a claim.

Examples Of Horseback Riding Lawsuits Include:

  • When a horse trainer negligently trains their horse
  • When a horse trainer does not provide adequate protection
  • When a horse trainer does not provide adequate equipment to properly ride the horse
  • When the horse trainer fails to train the horseback rider
  • When the trainer assumes the horseback rider is experienced
  • When the landowner fails to properly monitor the land for any potential dangers
  • When a horse trainer allows their horse to continue giving rides to horseback Riders after the horse has engaged in dangerous Behavior
  • When a product manufacturer creates a defective horseback riding equipment

Product Liability Claims in Horseback Riding

If you have been injured as a result of defective horseback riding equipment, you have the ability to hold the product manufacturer, along with the product retailer liable for any injuries suffered as a result of the defect. This falls under a legal claim title products liability. Product liability is a strict liability claim, which means that all the plaintiff has to prove is that the product was defective. There is no proof of negligence required. For more information on a product liability claim during horseback riding accidents, contact our top-rated California and Nevada product liability attorneys.

What Kind of Compensation Could I Receive for a Horse Accident Lawsuit?

The different types of damages you could receive depend on the circumstances of the accident. Examples of compensation you could receive include

  • Past lost wages
  • Future lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Hospital stays
  • Medication
  • Physical therapy
  • Property damage

What Should I do if I Have Been Involved in a Horseback Riding Accident in California or Nevada?

If you have been involved in a horseback riding accident, there are specific steps you must take.

  • Seek medical care immediately. Many injuries as a result of horseback riding accidents do not reveal themselves until several weeks later. Examples of severe injuries include traumatic brain injuries. It is also important to seek a medical care provider if you are going to file a lawsuit against the at fault party. This allows you to document as many medical records as possible to assist you in your horseback riding accident claim.
  • Document your injuries as much as possible: the different types of documents that could help your claim are photos of the injury, along with any medical records.
  • Gather as much evidence as possible regarding the accident, such as the landowner, the horse owner, and the horse trainer’s information. Other factors that our equestrian accident attorneys look into is the horse’s history of acting dangerously in the past.
  • Contact an experienced and top-rated equestrian accident attorney immediately to seek compensation for any of the injuries suffered.

What Should I Say After a Horse Accident?

It is very important not to say anything regarding your liability or admitting your fault after a horseback riding accident. These statements could potentially be used against you in a future lawsuit.

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