Mass Torts

A mass tort attorney allows an attorney to represent multiple victims of accidents against a single negligent party. Mass torts allow one large lawsuit to take place instead of individual smaller lawsuits. Victims of injuries could all come together to file a single mass tort.

What type of cases do our mass tort attorneys work on?

Our experienced mass tort attorneys take on accidents and cases from all across the United States. Not only are our attorneys knowledgeable in state law, but we are also knowledgeable in federal law to make sure that out-of-state defendants are held responsible for their negligent actions.

What is the difference between a mass tort and a class action lawsuit?

Mass torts are different from class action lawsuits because mass torts treat each individual’s injuries on a case-by-case basis. In a class action lawsuit, all injuries are combined together. In a mass tort lawsuit, the court provides one-on-one attention to each type of injury suffered by a victim.

Bellwether Cases

Another name used in conjunction with mass tort lawsuits is Bellwether cases. The Bellwether case serves as a test for a single plaintiff’s claim to see if it could qualify as a proper mass tort claim. The Bellwether case may go to trial, and it is an indication to other plaintiffs to see the strength of their cases.

What are the costs of filing a mass tort case?

In a mass tort case in California, plaintiffs, which are the parties filing the lawsuit, could choose to come together when paying legal fees. But, since each plaintiff has a different severity of injuries, the amount of work done for each case could differ. The compensation awarded in a mass tort case is individualized to each plaintiff and the injuries that they have suffered.

What are mass tort lawsuits for?

 In California, mass tort civil actions are used for circumstances such as:

  • Defective products: in the event that you have been injured from a defective product, you have the right to hold the manufacturer or retailer responsible. Mass torts typically involve multiple plaintiffs that have been injured by the same product. The defect could be a marketing defect, manufacturing defect, or design defect. It is the mass tort attorney’s responsibility to prove exactly what defect the product had that injured everyone.
  • Defective medications and medical equipment: Usually, mass torts are common when there is defective medical equipment. For example, a mass tort civil action was filed against the drug Zantac.
  • Environmental disasters: Mass torts usually involve multiple plaintiffs that have suffered injuries from an environmental disaster. Usually, environmental disasters could lead to exposure to hazardous materials or pollutants. In that event, there could be several medical issues that may result, such as cancer or respiratory diseases. These types of injuries could be recovered in a mass tort lawsuit.

How does a mass tort lawsuit work?

  • Investigation: the initial stages of a potential mass tort lawsuit will be research and investigating other potential plaintiffs who have suffered the same injuries. This may require a review of medical records, and the need for experts to determine the cause of the injury.
  • Filing a complaint in court: when the cause and source of the injury are determined and the plaintiffs are located, plaintiffs then file a complaint in court.
  • Discovery: when a complaint is filed in court, plaintiffs and defendants will then go into the process of discovery. Discovery allows both parties to send questions to one another or request documents.
  • Negotiations: once discovery has commenced, both parties will then resort to negotiations.
  • Trial: mass torts could get difficult with negotiations, especially because different plaintiffs may have suffered different injuries. In the event a settlement agreement is not reached, parties will then proceed to trial.

What type of damages could I recover from a mass tort lawsuit?

The different types of damages you could recover depend on the circumstances of the accident, and what led to the injuries. Some examples you could recover include:

  •  Medical expenses
  •  Prescription medication
  •  Lost wages
  •  Future loss of income
  •  Pain and suffering
  •  emotional trauma
  •  Physical therapy
  •  Temporary disability
  •  Permanent disability

Benefits Of Mass Tort Lawsuits

At first, many potential plaintiffs are not aware that they could file a mass tort. Many victims of accidents are not aware that there may be others in a similar boat as them. It takes a highly qualified attorney to file a mass tort and to locate all injured victims. Below are some advantages of filing a mass tort lawsuit:

  • Multiple plaintiffs: When there are multiple plaintiffs against a single at-fault defendant, the bargaining power that plaintiffs have will be higher than the negligent party. Further, plaintiffs could be more comfortable knowing that there are others in a similar position as them.
  • Resources: When there are multiple plaintiffs, victims of accidents could have access to resources quicker. For example, one party could have access to product defect records and could share this information with other plaintiffs which will strengthen the case.
  • Holding negligent parties responsible: When filing a mass tort claim, a large lawsuit will prevent other potential defendants from making the same mistakes. For example, in the event of a harmful drug mass tort, drug manufacturers will be wearier about releasing a new drug without doing proper tests and taking proper safety procedures.
  • Personalized attention:  Even though there may be multiple plaintiffs, mass torts allow  each plaintiff to assert the injuries that they have suffered. Plaintiffs are not considered a single large group as is the case in a class action lawsuit.
  • Efficiency: When it comes to filing papers and doing discovery, the process could be much more efficient given that all the plaintiffs are working together.

There are several different advantages of filing a mass tort lawsuit. But, in order to file a mass tort claim, there need to be multiple parties that have suffered harm from a single defendant. This could get complex or difficult to locate other parties. That is why we recommend a highly qualified mass tort attorney. Our attorneys offer complimentary consultations to discuss your potential injury lawsuit.

How much do our mass tort attorneys cost?

Our mass tort attorneys work through a contingency fee agreement, which means that if we get no recovery, you owe us no fees. Trust our lawyers at Heidari law to ensure that you get the Justice you deserve.

Mass torts are a very specific type of lawsuit that will require a highly qualified mass tort lawyer. Our mass tort attorneys have several decades of experience, and have a successful track record bringing in millions of dollars for our clients for the injuries that they have suffered. We are dedicated to making sure that those who have been injured by another party get the Justice they deserve. We hold negligent parties responsible.

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