Broken Bone Injury Attorneys

Broken bones can be very painful, and it could take a very long time for a victim of an accident to heal from broken bones. It could be very difficult to deal with broken bones, especially if another party caused it. 

If you or someone you know has suffered broken bones because of another party’s negligent actions, give our highly qualified attorneys a call today to see how we can help you.

Almost any type of accident could cause broken bones, from car accidents to motorcycle accidents. But, not every attorney could represent you successfully. Our experienced broken bone injury attorneys have decades of experience representing victims of broken bone injuries. We know just what it takes to navigate through the legal hurdles.

Unfortunately, broken bones are more common than we think. There are an estimated six million people who suffer a broken bone annually in the United States. 

Whether you would like to have a consultation with our attorneys over the phone, or in person, we always make sure that we work with your schedule. After suffering broken bones, there may be several different medical treatments that you may need. it could get very difficult to get a hold of an attorney. We are available 24/7 to assist you. 

Our Nevada and California attorneys have expertise and skill in state and local laws to make sure that we hold the other party responsible for their actions.

You also do not have to worry about paying for our broken bone attorneys, since our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. We only recover compensation in the event that we win compensation for you. If we win a settlement or a judgment award in your favor, we will then collect attorney’s fees. This is a convenient way of working with our clients since we know that immediately after an injury, clients may not have enough financial funding to hire an attorney. 

Although anybody could suffer broken bones, the elderly and younger children are more likely to suffer broken bones since their bones are fairly brittle and vulnerable to abrupt force from an accident.

What Causes Broken Bones?

Our attorneys have decades of experience handling broken bone injury claims and lawsuits. Some accidents that cause broken bones are: 

  • Car accidents: This is one of the most common types of accidents that could lead to broken bones
  • Motorcycle crashes: because motorcyclists do not have a protective barrier that vehicle drivers do, motorcyclists are more likely to end up getting broken bones after an accident
  • Truck accidents
  • Big rig accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Trip and fall accidents
  • Workplace accidents due to falling or dropped objects/construction worksite incidents
  • Explosions
  • Workplace accidents 
  • Assault
  • Animal attacks
  • Abuse

Common Broken Bone Injuries

Broken bones are categorized into several different types of fractures. Below are the different categories that medical providers categorize broken bones as. This may be very helpful and important to know, especially when dealing with your broken bone injury lawsuit. The different types of fractures, and the severity of the fractures, determine the amount and compensation you could receive for your broken bone lawsuit.

  • Compound Fracture – This is a full bone break with separation of the bone fragments piercing the skin. These are particularly serious, often requiring surgery and carry the risk of deep bone infection.
  • Compression Fracture – This is usually associated with the spine when one or more vertebrae collapse, compressing the spine and changing its shape.
  • Displaced Fracture – This occurs when the broken bone moves from its original location so that the ends are no longer lined up or twists to a strange angle.
  • Non-Displaced Fracture – This involves a broken bone that hasn’t moved out of place. These usually are easier to treat and all that is needed is to restrict motion long enough for the bone to join together.
  • Simple Fracture – Simple fracture is a fracture where the bone breaks but doesn’t pierce/puncture the skin.
  • Open Fracture – This occurs when the skin is pierced by a broken bone causing an open wound. These fractures require surgery to put the bone back into place.
  • Closed Fracture – Unlike the bone fracture, there is no puncture or open wound. The bone is hidden in the soft tissue but no open wound in the skin.
  • Greenstick Fracture – With the greenstick fracture, the bone is bent but the fracture doesn’t go all the way through the bone.
  • Transverse Fracture – These are fractures with a horizontal fracture line (fracture is perpendicular to the shaft of the bone).
  • Oblique Fracture – These are fractures with an angled pattern, running diagonally to a bone’s long axis.
  • Linear Fracture – Linear fracture runs parallel to the bone’s long axis with no displacement.
  • Spiral Fracture – Spiral fracture occurs in long bones like those in the arms or legs. A bone bends or gets twisted but doesn’t fracture entirely.
  • Comminuted Fracture – This refers to a bone that is crushed into three or more pieces. Some high-impact falls or accidents cause this and it’s more common in older adults with brittle bones.

What Compensation Could I Receive for My Broken Bone Injury Lawsuit?

Our experienced California and Nevada broken bone injury attorneys will fight to obtain the compensation and justice you deserve. Regardless of the type of injury that caused your broken injury, we work diligently to help you compile all the evidence needed to establish liability. 

  • Medical costs: these include these such as medication, physical therapy, future treatment, surgeries, medical equipment, etc.
  • Loss of income: This includes past lost wages and the potential income that has now been reduced.
  • Pain and suffering: The burden that comes with pain and suffering you experience. Includes the expenses for counseling. (anxiety, depression or even post-traumatic stress disorder).
  • Loss of quality of life: Loss of life enjoyment due to permanent injury or other factors.

How Can Our Broken Bones Injury Attorneys Help?

  • During your free initial, no risk consultation, our qualified California and Nevada broken bones injury attorneys will listen to your case, explain to you the different legal strategies we could take to make sure that you get the maximum compensation for your injuries.
  • Some of the most important factors that determine the amount of compensation you could receive is the severity of your injuries and the severity of the accident. The liability of the other party will also determine the amount of compensation you are to receive. For example, if the other party was completely responsible for your injuries, you are more likely to get compensated a higher amount.
  • If you weren’t the one responsible for your broken bone injury, then you shouldn’t be left paying the medical bills and carrying the burden that comes with it all by yourself. Speaking to any of our personal injury attorneys can help you determine how to file the lawsuit, who to file the lawsuit against, and the potential value of your claim. We handle our injury cases on a contingency basis, which means you don’t pay anything until we win the case.
  • After hearing your claim, we look into the situation’s circumstances and determine who the negligent at-fault party could be, and how they feel to act within that standard of care.
  • There are several inexperienced personal injury law firms that portray themselves as having knowledge. Is very important to hire an experienced attorney with a great success rate and knowledge about your state’s laws. Our attorneys have extensive experience litigating claims in both California and Nevada. Unlike other firms, we are not quick to accept any settlement offer.

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If you or someone you love has suffered a broken or fractured bone injury as a result of someone’s negligence, we can help you recover compensation for medical expenses and other losses experienced.  We have decades of experience representing victims in both California and Nevada. We work to make sure that our clients get a favorable settlement or judgment.

Even if you think you are partially responsible for your broken bone injuries, you still have the right to recover compensation. California has several different laws in place, such as comparative negligence laws, that allowed the injured victim to recover compensation even if they were partially responsible for their injuries.

Contact our attorneys today for a free no risk consultation to determine the different strategies we can take to litigate your case. We will fight for the maximum compensation that you deserve. Our personal injury attorneys have negotiation experience and could deal with insurance companies and the other party while you focus on healing from your broken bones.