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Thousands of victims in California and Nevada experience severe injuries because of faulty and defective products. Our experienced product liability attorneys believe that no victim should have to suffer those injuries without getting financially compensated. We handle cases involving all products, ranging from cigarettes to car batteries. Our expert product liability attorneys fight to make sure you receive the compensation and justice that you deserve. If you or a loved one have been injured because of a defective and dangerous product, contact our experienced personal injury attorneys today for a free no risk consultation to discuss your defective product claim. We are available 24/7 via phone, email, or in person through our several offices. We have offices located in every major city in California and Nevada, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Fresno, Sacramento, Irvine, etc.

There are hundreds of thousands of people in the United States that suffer from defective products yearly. These victims would have to undergo surgery and treatments to heal from these injuries caused by the defective product. We believe that these victims should be compensated for their injuries and the manufacturer should be held responsible for the victim’s injuries.

What is a Product Liability Claim?

Product liability is when a manufacturer of a defective product is held accountable. This occurs when a consumer has used the product, and the product has been discovered to have a defect. The manufacturer needs to uphold a certain standard of care. This standard of care is to ensure that they create reasonable products that do not cause injury to the average consumer. A manufacturer has a duty to keep consumers safe from any potential defects. When there is a defect in the product, our experienced product liability attorneys will assert that the manufacturer was negligent and breached their standard of care.

Product Liability Statute of Limitations

Each state has a different statute of limitations time frame for product liability cases that determine when a plaintiff could bring their lawsuit to court. If the plaintiff brings their lawsuit to court too late, then the court will most likely dismiss the claim. That’s why it is important to seek the advice of a skilled product liability attorney that is located in your state and is well-versed and knowledgeable about the statute of limitations laws in your state.

What Damages Could I Recover from a Product Liability Lawsuit?

By filing a product liability lawsuit, a plaintiff could potentially recover:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Economic damages
  • Past lost wages
  • Future lost wages

What Are the Different Types of Product Liability Lawsuits?

  • Manufacturing defects: Errors during the assembly of the product or its parts can result in a dangerous good. This is the most common cause of injuries from faulty products and can often be seen in merchandise such as auto parts, industrial machines, medical and safety equipment.
    • One of the most common recent manufacturing defects that we have seen are Tesla car battery fires. With the emergence of electric car vehicles, several car manufacturers are now being held liable due to the cars’ battery defects.
  • Design Defects: Overlooked flaws during the design process are also the culprit of a large number of product-related injuries. These types of defects occur more often with children’s toys.
  • Inadequate Labeling or Instructions Defects: A failure to include important instructions, including failing to warn against foreseeable abuse or misuse, may result in a manufacturer being held responsible for injuries caused by the product. This type of defect is most commonly seen with pharmaceutical products that do not have sufficient warning about the side effects a drug may cause.

California Laws on Product Liability

Although California law provides protections for consumers who are injured by faulty products, there are limitations in these protections.

  • Funds can only be recovered for the amount of the situation that the victim was not at fault. In cases where a victim is found to be 30% at fault, only 70% of the resulting costs can be recovered from the company being sued. This is outlined under California’s comparative fault statute.
  • The basis for the product defect must fall within one of the three major categories mentioned above.

What Are the Most Common Defective Products?

In California, there are a handful of products that are most likely associated with defective products. Our attorneys have decades of experience bringing forth product liability claims against manufacturers. The most common products we have seen include:

  1. Vehicles: this is one of the most common defective products in the state of California. A vehicle manufacturer is held to a standard of care to make sure that the vehicles they create do not cause any harm to consumers. Defects in the airbags, ignition, cables, latches, etc. are very common in vehicle manufacturing. Any one of these defects could cause potential severe injuries, even death.
  2.  Personal care products: personal care products are most likely linked to cancer such as ovarian cancer.  Because of the presence of toxic chemicals, some personal care products such as deodorants and perfumes could be considered defective.
  3. Children’s toys: children’s toys are almost always getting recalled due to defects. One of the most common defects is toxic chemicals found in children’s toys that are likely to end up in children’s mouths. If a product is also dangerously small, a child could end up choking on it. This includes toys that have small magnets.
  4.  Sporting equipment: sporting equipment, such as bicycles are likely to have a potential product defect. Defective bicycles could result in very severe injuries.
  5. Medication: defective medications created by  pharmaceutical companies are very common in the states of California and Nevada. Defective medication could cause potential kidney failure, or increase the risk of suicidal behaviors. Many prescription medications that have severe side effects could be potentially considered defective.
  6.  Home appliances: One of the most common defects with home appliances is faulty wiring. When this occurs, home appliances are likely to result in fires that could burn the entire home down. Other home appliances could have toxic chemicals that could end up contaminating foods.

How Much is My Product Liability Case Worth?

In order to determine the amount of your product liability claim, contact our attorneys immediately for a free no risk consultation. During this consultation, our experienced product liability attorneys will listen to the facts of your case and determine the potential defendants, potential liability, and the overall damages that you could receive as a result of the injuries caused.

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