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Crash! Your car collides with another. You’re just replaying the traumatic memory of today’s accident in your head.

You wonder if you need a Barstow car accident attorney. Maybe you can handle it on your own. Learn how to determine if you have a case by reading on.

Hiring a Barstow Car Accident Attorney

Legal responsibility for a car accident can be tricky to determine. You may be legally responsible if you weren’t in the car.

Most car accident cases hinge on which driver is at fault for the accident. If any driver was negligent insofar as they didn’t exercise reasonable caution or care while driving, then they’re at fault.

Sometimes, though, you can be at fault even if you weren’t driving or in the car.

For example, if one of your employees gets into an accident in the company car while working, you (the employer) would be responsible for it. An employee’s negligent driving makes the employer responsible under the concept of imputed negligence or vicarious liability.

Another common example is if you let your children drive your car. In many states, parents are liable for their child’s negligent driving of the family car.

What happens under negligent entrustment? A parent who loans the family car to a minor child while knowing full well that such child is reckless, incompetent, or inexperienced may be at fault for any damage that the child’s driving causes.

There’s also the family purpose doctrine. In the states that use this, the owner of a vehicle that they buy and maintain for general family use is responsible for negligent driving by any family member who uses it.

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There’s another scenario in which a parent can be held responsible for a child’s negligent driving. In some states, the law says that whoever signs a minor’s driver’s license application is legally responsible for the minor’s negligent driving. If a parent signs the application, they’d be held responsible.

You’re also liable if you let an unfit or incompetent driver get behind the wheel of your vehicle. If such a driver’s negligent driving leads to a car accident, you’d be liable for damage and injuries as a result of the accident.

That’s known as negligent entrustment. In these cases, the plaintiff has to prove that the vehicle owner knew or should’ve known that the driver was incompetent when the owner let them drive. Makes you want to hire a Barstow car accident attorney.

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As you can see, there are many situations in which you can be legally responsible for a car accident. It’s not always easy to tell.

That’s why you need a Barstow car accident attorney. An experienced, highly knowledgeable lawyer from Heidari Law Group will fight like a bulldog for your rights in court. They will deftly understand the ins-and-outs of car accident law to build a strong case on your behalf.

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