There has been a surge in electric scooter and electric bicycle usage. Many people have started to use these as a way of transportation to school or to work. But, because electric scooters and bicycles are still fairly new, not many laws and restrictions exist. This then leads the way to many accidents, such as scooter and car accidents, scooter and truck accidents, scooter and bicycle accidents, and scooter and pedestrian accidents.

California and Nevada are two very populated states. They also have highly concentrated populations in big cities, such as Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Electric scooters offer a great eco-friendly way to get around town without being worried about parking inconvenience. But, in the event that someone who is writing an electric scooter is injured because of a negligent party, California and Nevada law both allow the victim to file a lawsuit to recover compensation. A highly rated attorney is needed because it could get very complicated when trying to prove liability.

What is an electric scooter?

Under the California Vehicle Code, an electric scooter is defined as a means of transportation that has an electric motor, handlebars, and a floorboard for the rider to stand on top of.

California Electric Scooter Laws

  • Those who are under the age of 18 must wear a helmet when riding an electric scooter. The helmets must be suitable for riding.  Those above the age of 18 do not need to wear a helmet. 
  • Each county in California and Nevada have different speed limits on how fast an electric scooter could go depending on the road conditions. For example, at a majority of places in California, an electric scooter cannot go above 15 mph.
  • Electric scooters cannot just be parked anywhere. They should be parked at designated scooter and bicycle areas.
  • Electric scooters do not need to be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • If you are riding a rideshare electric scooter, you must follow the rideshare company’s specific private rules, which may be more extensive than California vehicle codes.
  • Two riders cannot ride on the same electric scooter. This means no tandem writing.
  • E-scooters cannot be on sidewalks. However, there are rideshare electric scooter companies like Lime and Bird that have specific points of drop off. Some of these points may be at the corners of sidewalks.
  • Those with a driver’s license could ride an electric scooter.
  • Those with a learner’s permit issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles could ride an electric scooter.
  • Electric scooters cannot be on a crosswalk. Those riding an electric scooter are encouraged to hop off the scooter and walk their scooter across the crosswalk.
  • Electric scooters must follow all rules of the road similar to vehicles.
  • Electric scooter riders cannot be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They could be charged with DUI since an electric scooter is considered a motor vehicle.

Electric scooter laws vary by municipality, county, city, and even state. For more information, give us a call today. Our California and Nevada personal injury attorneys are well versed in electric scooter laws and vehicle codes to make sure our clients seek the Justice they need.

Who is responsible for an electric scooter accident in California?

Unfortunately, electric scooter accidents are common and could lead to severe injuries since those riding an electric scooter could get thrown off. it is very important that Riders follow all necessary traffic laws. There are several parties that could be held responsible, including:

  • Other vehicle drivers: usually, drivers are the ones at fault in an electric scooter accident since they may not see the electric scooter when making a turn, at a stop sign, at an intersection, etc.
  • Rideshare electric scooter company: if the electric scooter rider was injured because of the electric scooter, then the rideshare company, such as Bird or Lime could be held responsible. Rideshare companies have a duty to make sure that all their electric scooters are well maintained. This means that all wheels, motors, and handlebars should constantly be checked for safety.
  • Government entity: sometimes, road conditions could cause electric scooter accidents. Since scooters are a lot closer to the ground than bicycles, dips on the road could lead to severe accidents. In that event, the rider could hold the government entity responsible for road maintenance and repairs. 
  • Other pedestrians: pedestrians also have several rules they must follow. Although jaywalking is now considered legal in California, pedestrians must stay out of the way of oncoming vehicles. 

What should I do if I am involved in an electric scooter accident in California?

  1. First, you must make sure that you are safe. This means that if you need immediate medical assistance, call 911. If you are in the way of other oncoming vehicles, make sure that you move to the side to prevent any more accidents.
  2. Call the police for an incident report. When the police arrive on scene, they usually generate an incident or accident report. In this report, it could specify who the parties are and the party’s contact information.
  3. Take photos of where the electric scooter accident occurred. Take photos of any vehicle damage or electric scooter damage.
  4. Exchange contact information with the other parties involved. 
  5. During this time, you should make sure that you get the medical care you need. Usually, after victims are involved in an accident, whether it be a pedestrian accident, bicycle accident, car accident, etc., they are afraid of seeking the medical help they need because they may not be able to afford it. This is where our top-rated personal injury attorneys come in. Our attorneys hold negligent parties responsible so victims can get their damages reimbursed.

Could I receive compensation for my electric scooter accident?

If your electric scooter accident was caused by another negligent party, you could hold the negligent party responsible for a variety of damages. this could include:

  • Damage to your electric scooter: the negligent party may have to pay for repairs or replacement costs for the scooter.
  • Medical bills: the negligent party may have to pay for your medical bills and expenses associated with treating the accident injuries.
  • Wages: the negligent party may have to pay for your lost wages from work.
  • Emotional distress: the negligent party may have to pay for pain and suffering expenses you had to go through from the accident injuries. 

If you have experienced any other damages, feel free to tell our attorneys. Each electric scooter accident is different, and so we highly recommend that you set up a one-on-one case evaluation. 

Electric Scooter  Accident Attorney Near Me

Have you been injured on an electric scooter? Call us to see how we can help you! Electric scooter laws are still fairly new, and so not many accident attorneys have the experience necessary to defend such lawsuits. 

Give us a call today to see how we can hold the responsible parties liable for your injuries. We have extensive experience, along with relationships with medical experts and accident reconstruction experts to help you get the legal care you need.