Lemon Law Lawyers for Motor Vehicles

What is a lemon law?

Although vehicles are meant to be problem-free the first couple of years after purchase, this is not always the case. Lemon law establishes specific consumer rights for those who have had recurring problems with their vehicle. Each state has different laws and regulations in place that establishes the consumers’ rights. But, generally, a consumer who has purchased a new vehicle has the right to file a claim against the automobile manufacturer for their repetitive trips to the service center.

Although not common, thousands of people experience defective vehicles each year in the United States. In the event you believe that your vehicle should be considered a “lemon,” give our lemon law attorneys a call today to discuss your case.

What do I need to file a lemon law claim?

One of the most important things you could do when filing a lemon law claim is to make sure that you have all the necessary documents needed for our attorneys to build a strong case. Our top-rated lemon law attorneys offer free consultations where you could have the chance to discuss your case, and why you believe you have a lemon law claim. During this consultation,  there are a series of documents that we may need from you. For example, we will need:

  •  Proof of purchase of your vehicle
  •  Receipts of service orders
  •  Dates that you took your car in for service
  •  Photos of the vehicle parts that were serviced

There are several other types of evidence that will also help build a strong case, but this depends on a case-by-case basis. In order to get quality legal help, give our top-rated lemon law attorneys a call to set up a consultation.

What is not covered under lemon law?

There are many different types of vehicles that are covered under lemon law in California and Nevada. But, there are certain vehicles that do not qualify under lemon law. These vehicles include:

What is the statute of limitations for lemon law in California?

The statute of limitations is a time limit created by California law that determines exactly when you should file your claim or lawsuit. Each lawsuit depends on the circumstances of what you have experienced. For lemon law claims, California requires that there be a four-year deadline to file your lemon claim. However, the clock of four years does not start ticking at the time you purchased or leased your vehicle. The four-year time limit begins, when you reasonably discovered the potential defect in your vehicle during the warranty period. In other words, The clock essentially starts ticking when the automobile owner experiences their first problems with their vehicle. That is why staying on top of dates on when you received service for your vehicle is the most important. This is yet another reason to contact a lemon law attorney to determine whether your vehicle qualifies under California lemon law.

Does lemon law also cover used cars?

  • California lemon law covers specific used cars. For example, if you purchase a vehicle with warranty from a dealership, it will qualify under California lemon law. But, if you purchase a vehicle from an individual that is selling used cars, it most likely will not fall under California lemon law.
  • Usually, individuals that sell used vehicles do not have any type of warranty to qualify under lemon law.
  • When you purchase a used vehicle from a dealership, that dealership is making a guarantee that they repaired the vehicle and prepared it to be drivable. In the event the vehicle is not drivable and you find yourself needing service for your vehicle multiple times in a single year, it falls under lemon law.

What are the different types of warranties in California?

  • Express warranties: these are direct warranties that the car manufacturer and dealership are making to the purchaser, claiming that the car has no problems whatsoever.
  • Implied warranties:  even if the dealership did not expressly tell you that the car is covered under a warranty, it may still fall under an implied warranty of merchantability. An implied warranty of merchantability is not in writing, instead it is a promise that the vehicle is meant to be drivable.

Do you need a lawyer for lemon law in California?

  • Having a Lemon Law attorney will make the process so much easier and simpler. It could be very frustrating to have a car that is constantly breaking down. On top of all of that, you may have to then make sure that you properly file a claim against the car manufacturer in court.
  • In the event that you do not have an attorney, and you file a claim against the manufacturer unrepresented, the manufacturer may take advantage of you, and settle for lower than the amount should be.
  • An experienced attorney will take off all the stress associated with filing a lemon law claim, and make sure that you have a strong case to get the compensation you deserve.

Who pays the attorney fees and costs under California lemon law?

Under California law, if the consumer who filed the lawsuit is successful in their claim, the automobile manufacturer is required to pay the Lemon Law attorney fees, along with any other court and administrative costs. This means that you do not have to pay our attorneys up front for our services with your lemon law claim. Our attorneys will work hard to make sure that we get compensated by those who are held responsible.

Does Nevada have lemon laws?

Nevada also has Lemon laws that provide protections to vehicle owners and purchasers. This can be seen under Nevada Revised Statutes Section 597.600 to 597.688. Under Nevada law, any vehicle that has a defect and impairs the driver’s ability to use the vehicle is a violation of an express warranty by the manufacturer.

In order for the vehicle to be considered a “lemon” in Nevada, the vehicle manufacturer must not be able to fix or repair the vehicle within 30 days. This time limitation is very specific, and requires the automobile manufacturer to try to repair the vehicle four times within 30 days. This could get very tricky, especially when figuring out dates and attempts to fix the vehicle. Give us a call today to discuss your lemon law claim in Nevada.

What if I modified my vehicle?

If you made any modifications to your vehicle, it may not qualify under both California and Nevada lemon law. But, it depends on the modifications.

Do you need a lemon lawyer? Call Heidari Law today.

Our attorneys have decades of experience representing consumers in establishing their rights for what they are owed. No person should have to take their vehicle to service multiple times.  Not only is this frustrating, but it could affect your day-to-day life, such as driving to work and to school.

Lemon cars may even cause stress or anxiety to the vehicle purchaser. Give us a call today to discuss the different types of compensation you could receive for your defective vehicle.

Our highly qualified attorneys are knowledgeable in both California and Nevada lemon laws and statutes. It takes a certain type of attorney to file a lemon law claim. Our lawyers fight aggressively for our clients because no person should have to settle for a defective vehicle. We provide high-quality legal services, and take the stress out of dealing with a lemon car.