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<span>Scholarships</span> for Law Students

Scholarships for Law Students

Heidari Law Group

Heidari Law Group Scholarship Program

This scholarship program is open for law students with a GPA of 3.50 or higher and have been accepted or currently attend a university in California or Nevada.


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dash cam in a car

100 Free Dash Cams Give Away

by Heidari Law Group | |Accidents Legal Updates News

Heidari Law Group Initiates 100 Free Dash Cams Giveaway for Rideshare Drivers Las Vegas – Over the past few years, dash cams have gained significant popularity among rideshare drivers, offering a range of advantages such as providing valuable evidence in the event of accidents and promoting overall road safety. To support...

AI Robots and Attorney Signing Agreement

How Will AI Change The Legal Field?

by Heidari Law Group | |Legal Updates News

With new technology and artificial intelligence (AI) emerging, along with new advancements coming out each day, life as we know it may soon change. New advancements have also sparked the question: How will AI affect law firms and lawyers?  Artificial intelligence has revolutionized everyday tasks, from packing and shipping to fast...

car on highway going the wrong way

Wrong Way Accident in Los Angeles California

California cityscape at sunset

New California Insurance Laws That You Need to Know

pedestrians in crosswalk with a fast moving car

Pedestrian Crosswalks Laws, Right of Way and Car Accident Laws in California

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