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Can Semi Trucks Drive in the Left Lane?

semi truck on highway

Truck accidents could be very dangerous, especially if heavy vehicles are involved. Truck accidents can result in traumatic brain injury, along with severe broken bones that could potentially affect the victim’s life forever. The victim could be facing permanent injuries for the rest of their life. One of the most common questions we received by our clients is: could trucks drive in the left lane?

We are always there to make sure that our clients have all their questions and concerns answered. We understand that being involved in a truck accident can be very traumatic, and you want to make sure that you have the right attorneys on your side. For more information on truck accidents, or if you and a loved one have been involved in a truck accident, contact our attorneys today to see how we can help you get the justice you deserve. You always want to make sure that those responsible for accidents are held accountable, and our clients receive the compensation they deserve from at fault parties. You have the right to demand compensation from the at-fault party involved in your truck accident. You do not have to do this alone, and you have experienced top-rated attorneys on your side to hold those parties responsible.

We know how frustrating you may be to be caught behind a large truck on the freeway. This truck may block several cars from passing, and could oftentimes even cause traffic on the freeway.

Each state in the United States has different rules and regulations as to how vehicles must adhere to vehicle codes. For example, some states allow trucks the right to use any lane, whereas others forbid them. But, in the majority of states in the United States, trucks could only enter the left lane if they would like to pass another vehicle, or are exiting to the left. If the truck is driving on the left lane in a city street, that means that they must make a left turn. If a truck is on the left side for none of the previously mentioned reasons, it could pose a serious safety risk to other vehicles.

Truck and tractor accidents could lead to permanent disabilities that could affect a victim’s life forever. The victim will most likely need lifelong medical care and treatment, along with reimbursement for their loss of income. The victim will most likely be unable to return back to work. If your loved one has experienced a truck accident, it is very important that you get the justice you deserve and hold the responsible party liable for the accident.

Can trucks legally drive in the left lane in California?

Specifically, in California, trucks could only use the left lane if there is a sign that states they have the right to. If there is no specific lane dedicated to trucks, then they must only stick to the right lane. If they would like to pass another vehicle, then they must use the second to right lane or the right lane. However, the short answer is that trucks cannot drive in the left lane on freeways where there are multiple lanes.

In California, not many roads have a left lane that is specifically dedicated to trucks. Only Interstate 5 and State Route 14 specifically have a left truck only lane. Is very important that you familiarize yourself with the roads and plan ahead with directions prior to driving anywhere new in California. California has several different vehicle rules in place that vary by location.

What is considered a truck in California?

A truck is a vehicle that has three or more axles or has another vehicle trailing behind them.

What happens when a truck drives illegally in a lane in California?

The truck driver and the trucking company could face serious offenses if they are not driving in the designated lane. In California, the trucking company and driver could face a fine of up to $250. This is based on the number of offenses that the truck driver has received in the past. For example, the first offense starts with a fine of $100.

What are the dangers of trucks who drive in the left lane?

  • Trucks who are in the left lane could affect the flow of traffic. Usually, trucks have a speed governor that prevents them from speeding on freeways. This means that the truck cannot move and drive at a steady pace that other vehicles can. This creates a danger on the road as other cars try to maneuver around the truck.
  • Trucks that may be speeding on the freeways could cause severe fatalities, especially when truck drivers are not able to brake in time due to a delayed response.
  • Trucks also have blind spots around the vehicle. Trucks have more blind spots on the left-hand side. What a truck drives on the left side, they will lose sight of all the other vehicles that are on the right of them trying to merge into the left lane.

What can I do to prevent truck accidents?

There are some steps you could take to prevent getting involved in a truck accident when the truck is driving in the left lane:

  • Always make sure that you leave around 30 ft from the truck near you. A truck’s blind-spot could extend a full 30 ft when another vehicle is found at the rear of their trailer.
  • Do not drive in any truck’s blind-spot.
  • If you are going to pass a truck, make sure that you do it appropriately. This means be careful of any cars on the road, and pass the other truck quickly. Be sure to not cut the truck off.

What type of damages could I receive for my truck accident?

There are a variety of damages you could receive as compensation from being involved in a truck accident. This depends on the circumstances of your accident, along with the costs you had to experience. Examples of compensation include:

  • Medical bills: this refers to the prescription medication, emergency room stay, x-rays, surgeries, and physical therapy sessions
  • Past lost wages: this is all the time spent out of work
  • Future lost wages: if the accident caused very severe injuries, then the vehicle driver will most likely be unable to return back to work and they will experience a loss of income
  • Pain and suffering: this refers to all the emotional distress the truck accident victim had to endure from being involved in the accident and suffering injuries
  • Scarring: oftentimes, very severe truck accidents could result in scarring and disfigurement injuries. This may not be easily repaired with plastic surgery.

Call Our Truck Accident Attorneys Today

We understand just how difficult it may be to go through a truck accident. Usually, accidents that involve regular size vehicles and trucks cause very severe injuries, especially because smaller vehicles do not have a protective barrier as trucks do. You may be able to hold the truck driver and trucking company both responsible for your injuries.

For more information on your specific case, and to determine who the liable parties are in your truck accident, contact our attorneys at Heidari Law today. Our attorneys will provide individualized attention to your truck accident case, and we’ll be there every step of the way throughout the legal process.

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