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How to Choose the Best Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

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If you’ve recently experienced a slip and fall, this can be an accident that causes a lot of complications. Maybe you’ve experienced a head injury, neck or back injuries, broken bones, spinal injuries, or internal injuries and bleeding.

Even if you haven’t experienced catastrophic injuries, you might be reeling from the experience, since slips and falls can be quite traumatizing.

Whatever your suffering, you might not be in the best physical or emotional place. Maybe you even have had to miss work.

This is why you need an accident lawyer. With the help of a personal injury lawyer or injury attorney, you can get back in compensation what you deserve.

But how do you choose the right injury lawyer for you? It can be challenging to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this article.

In it, we’ll review how you can choose the best personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles for you.

Finally, you get your life back on track with the money you need. Read on to learn more.

Get Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Whether you’re looking for a premises liability accident attorney in Las Vegas or Los Angeles, getting the money you deserve after your accident starts with getting word-of-mouth referrals. Ask your family, friends, and work colleagues whether they know of a top injury attorney.

When asking about these personal injury lawyers, ask questions such as:

  • “What type of accident case were they handling?”
  • “Were you able to get the amount of money you wanted?”
  • “Were they easy to work with?”
  • “Did they fight for your compensation tirelessly?”
  • “Were you happy with how much you paid?”

By asking these questions, you’ll be able to start putting together a list of top accident lawyers in your area. Because you’re asking people you’re close to, they’ll have your best interests at heart when making recommendations.

Look at Online Reviews

Of course, not everyone knows someone who’s experienced pain and suffering, a wrongful death, or other personal injury cases that trial lawyers manage. If this is the case for you, then you should look at online reviews of lawyers near you.

To get started, visit legal firm review websites where you can learn more about personal injury attorneys, such as Nolo. Remember when you’re searching to focus your search locally.

Do the same thing in this next step, when you look up top accident lawyers using a search engine like Google.

For example, if someone is looking for the best accident lawyer in Las Vegas, they might look up, “Las Vegas personal injury attorneys.” Do the same, except include “Los Angeles” in your query.

When you do this, reviews will come up of personal injury law firm lawyers in your area. Read them carefully and take note of what their rating is.

Generally speaking, a few negative reviews aren’t a problem. However, a large number are. As for positive reviews, these are a good thing—though if they’re all positive, this could be a sign that some reviews are fake. So be careful!

In addition to Google, look at reviews of accident attorneys on Yelp.

Ask for Referrals

The last step you should take to find out about the reputation of the lawyers at a law office is by contacting them directly and asking for referrals. They should have referrals past clients have put together which they can pass on to you.

If they don’t, this is a sign that they might not have been very successful with injury claims.

Visit Their Website and Social Media Platforms

Whether you’ve had a slip and fall in a casino or elsewhere, you can get an idea of what Los Angeles or Vegas personal injury lawyer will be the best fit for you by visiting their website and social media platforms. This for several reasons.

First of all, you’ll get an idea of what personal injury cases they specialize in. If they’ve defending many trip and fall in casino victims, they might be a good fit.

However, if they mostly specialize in truck accidents, car accidents, or medical malpractice, then they might not entirely match up with the legal services you need.

Additionally, you can find some reviews on the website, too. Finally, if their website and social media platforms are professional and include a large amount of information, this is a sign that they’re very professional.

Consider Their Educational Background

When you hire a lawyer, you need to be sure that they passed the bar exam in your state. For example, if you’re based in Las Vegas, NV, then your Las Vegas car accident lawyer who specializes in slip and fall cases needs to have passed the bar in Nevada.

Depending on what your preferences are, you might want to hire an injury and car accident lawyer who has gone to one of the top law schools in the US.

However, education isn’t the only thing that matters. Another important factor you need to think about is…

Ask About Their Years of Experience

Whether you’re working with an auto accident lawyer or one who specializes in helping slip and fall accident victims, the years of experience they have is incredibly important. Accident cases are incredibly complicated, and often, the opposite side will have many lawyers.

For this reason, you need to ask about how many years they’ve been working as an injury lawyer. If you can, get specific about how many years they’ve worked in your particular type of case, slip and fall injuries.

Depending on your budget and how quickly you want to be compensated, years of experience will have more of a bearing or not.

Often, experienced lawyers are more in demand, which means you might have to wait longer or pay more for their services.

However, if you want to get the largest amount of compensation possible, an experienced lawyer is your best bet.

Consider Their Financial Stability and Resources

When you’re considering an accident lawyer to defend you in a slip and fall case, you need one who has significant financial stability. This is because they’re going to have to pay a large number of experts, such as actuarial accountants and medical specialists.

They need the advice of these experts so that they can make your case.

If your accident lawyer doesn’t have much financial stability, they won’t be able to provide the best evidence that you’re due what you know you deserve. They need the money to pay their expert witnesses.

While finding out about their financial situation, ask about their resources too. Which experts are they planning on calling in? How long have they worked with them, and how good are they?

Whether you’re working with a lawyer based in Las Vegas, Nevada, or elsewhere, they need the finances and resources necessary to defend you properly.

Ask About Their Board Certification

In addition to having passed the bar, the best attorney for your slip and fall case will be certified in personal injury law. Just like you might schedule a free consultation after looking up “auto accident attorney near me,” you should do this and ask about certifications.

This certification isn’t a requirement, but it can give you peace of mind, especially if you’ve experienced something serious like brain injuries or head trauma.

Ask About the Cases Themselves

When someone searches for “best car accident lawyer near me,” they’re looking for a lawyer who can defend them best when it comes to the car accident injury they’ve experienced. You should be looking for the same thing: a lawyer who specializes in slip and fall cases.

When you’re going to your free initial consultations, ask about the cases themselves.

How many slip and fall cases have they actually won? How did they deal with premises liability, the defense of insurance companies, lawyers a hotel may have hired?

By getting all this information, you’ll be able to determine if this lawyer can defend you well, no matter how good the lawyers the insurance company has hired are.

Looking for an Experienced Accident Lawyer?

Now that you’ve learned about how to choose the best slip and fall accident lawyer in Los Angeles, you might be interested in finding one near you. Fortunately, we can help. At Heidari Law Group, we’re experts when it comes to accident law.

We specialize in product liability, accidents, and know how to manage any insurance claim.

We have offices in Los Angeles, Irvine, Sacramento, and Las Vegas. To hire one of our lawyers from our law firm team, contact us now.

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