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Soft Tissue Injury Settlement After a Car Accident

Soft tissue injuries are some of the most common injuries that occur with car accidents. Soft tissue injuries refer to ligament or tendons. Injuries such as whiplash, contusions, and sprains are soft tissue injuries. Although not all soft tissue injuries require substantial medical care, many do. In fact, some can be or become medically debilitating and require significant medical intervention. In many cases, people who have suffered soft tissue injuries in car accidents are not able to work until their injury is completely healed. This can result in substantial wage disruption and a fortune in medical expenses. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a soft tissue injury as a result of a car accident, you may be eligible for a soft tissue injury settlement.

Car Accident Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries may be minor or more serious. Some individuals in car accidents who believe they’ve suffered a soft tissue injury such as a sprain or sore neck may actually find that the injury is more serious than they think. It’s not uncommon for tendon or ligament injuries to require a surgical intervention, especially if the injury is not immediately diagnosed and worsens. Unfortunately, even minor soft tissue injuries can involve significant expenses such as an emergency room visit, x-rays, treatments, and physical therapy.

Often, medical providers will recommend that patients treat their soft tissue injuries with rest, ice, compression, and elevation. However, more severe injuries could require the patient to remain immobile or attend weeks, even months of physical therapy. The cost can be a financial burden for accident victims. Moreover, if another driver caused the car accident, you may be entitled to an insurance payout soft tissue damage settlement.

What Is Involved in a Personal Injury Soft Tissue Injury Settlement?

If another driver caused that car accident, their insurance provider should cover the expenses related to the accident. If you are hit by another driver and suffered soft tissue injuries, your insurance carrier will press the other driver’s insurance company for a soft tissue injury settlement. Because many soft injuries are minor, the insurance provider for the at-fault driver will very likely try to pay out as little as possible. That’s why many drivers turn to a car accident attorney to help them achieve a fair settlement.

Your Heidari Law Group attorney, for instance, will strive to ensure that your settlement covers:

  • Current and potential future medical expenses related to your injury (including prescriptions and physical therapy if needed)
  • Lost work wages (those incurred and those that may be incurred with future medical care related to the injuries in question)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Damage to vehicle

Inevitably, even minor injuries can result in a substantial soft tissue injury settlement after all of the expenses have been calculated. What is a fair soft tissue injury settlement? That will depend on the specifics of your injuries and the car accident itself.

What Should I Do If I Have Been Involved in an Auto Accident?

If you’ve been in a car accident and feel sore or experienced a sprain, you should always go immediately to receive a medical evaluation either at your doctor’s office or a hospital emergency room or urgent care center. While you might think that your injuries are minor, they could actually be more serious than you supposed. Moreover, if you fail to get early medical care, you could be deemed negligent; the other driver’s insurance company could suggest that your failure to get proper medical care actually led to a more serious injury than the one you incurred in the accident, making for a messier legal argument.

The documents associated with your medical visit will become evidence in the event that you or your insurance company sue or negotiate for a soft tissue injury car accident settlement. However, that’s not the only step to take in the matter.

After receiving medical care, you should contact your car attorney. Your attorney will advise and represent you and may provide services such as:

  • Speaking with insurance companies on your behalf
  • Procuring accident reports
  • Collecting evidence (i.e. witness reports)
  • Maintaining all documents associated with your case
  • Advising you
  • Filing legal paperwork
  • Negotiating for a soft tissue injury settlement
  • Litigating for a car accident soft tissue injury settlement

The sooner you contact your car accident attorney the better. Remember, there are also statutes of limitations associated with court matters such as these. Don’t wait to learn about your options for pursuing a fair settlement. Your Heidari Law Group attorney will advise you of all the particulars associated with your case.

Follow Your Doctor’s Advice

If you’ve been diagnosed with soft tissue injuries because of a car accident, it’s important to do as directed by your doctor. If you don’t seek immediate medical care or follow doctors’ advice, you can actually hurt your legal case. Whether you are seeking a settlement with another driver’s insurance company or your own, you can expect the other party to want to pay as little as they’re able to. Some insurance companies are more ethical than others. However, it’s best for the insurers’ bottom line to try to pay as little as they can. If you have questions about any aspect of your case, you should consult with a car accident attorney at Heidari Law Group.

Contact Heidari Law Group

If you have been involved in a collision and suffered injuries, contact Heidari Law Group. We have years of experience achieving successful outcomes for our clients. Your soft injuries, especially if extensive, can result in thousands of dollars out of your pocket. Let us help you file your claim and fight to help you achieve your fair soft tissue injury settlement. Call us to today to schedule a consultation.

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