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What Is Considered A Serious Injury In A Car Accident

Car accidents could lead to substantial injuries, especially if there were other trucks,  motorcycles, or pedestrians involved. As a victim of a car accident caused by another party, you could recover compensation. 

For example, those who have suffered minor or temporary injuries may not recover as much as another accident victim who has suffered permanent debilitating injuries. But, what categorizes these types of injuries? What type of injury is considered a substantial injury? How do injuries affect a case value?

 Below, this page discusses the effect injuries have on car accident lawsuits and claims. However, for a more specific answer on how much your claim may be worth, we recommend that you give our attorneys a call to discuss. A one-on-one consultation is essential in breaking down the specifics of your case and determining who the responsible parties could be, and the value of your case. 

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 Our attorneys are completely risk-free, meaning that other than offering complimentary consultations, our attorneys are also contingency fee attorneys. Contingency fees offer a great way for accident victims to place their trust in the hands of their attorneys. Our attorneys will pay all upfront costs necessary with litigating and filing your claim. We only get attorney fees once we win compensation for you. 

This means that you do not owe us any fees unless we win your case. We have a highly specialized legal staff readily available to help us every step of the way with your case, and we strive to make sure that our clients get the maximum compensation necessary. Get in touch with us today for more specifics.

What is considered a significant injury after a car accident?

Significant injuries are those that impair a bodily function permanently. A significant or serious injury that results after a car accident are those that are permanent and may impact the accident victims life forever. 

For example, this may include:

  •  Death
  •  Disfigurement: this is usually the result of amputations. When there is a substantial injury to a limb, doctors may have no choice but surgical intervention to amputate the limb.
  •  Traumatic brain injury: traumatic brain injuries could affect the cognitive function of the accident victim forever. They may not be able to ever return back to normal life, for example, they may face memory issues or may suffer slurred speech.
  •  Spinal cord injury: spinal cord injuries affect the way a person moves, and permanent injuries include paralysis, numbness, and inability to walk forever.
  •  Second or third-degree burns: these are common among explosions or fires that result from a car accident, and may require amputations.
  •  Scarring: oftentimes, serious injuries may lead to permanent scarring that may also cause extensive emotional distress, such as low self-confidence. 

What causes permanent injuries in a car accident?

  •  Failing to wear a seatbelt: although the accident may have been caused by another party when the accident victim fails to wear a seatbelt, their injuries could get much worse since they do not have the belt to restrain them back. Instead, they could get jolted from one side of the car to another, causing extensive injuries.
  •  Severe collision: severe collision between two vehicles could lead to severe injuries for both parties. For example, head-on collisions could lead to traumatic brain injuries for both drivers.
  •  The driver’s head and body position: the position that the driver’s body was at at the time of impact could also determine the severity of the injuries. For example, if the person’s head was not facing forward at the time of impact, they could sustain severe injuries, such as fractures or springs.
  •  Airbag deployment: if the airbags are deployed, then usually occupants of a vehicle do not suffer as serious of an injury as if the airbags did not deploy.

What are minor injuries after a car accident?

 There are some injuries that some car accident victims may experience, however may not be permanent. For example:

  •  Fractures: sometimes, accident victims may suffer hairline fractures that will not require any type of medical intervention, and instead must heal on their own.  Once the patient takes all steps seriously, the fracture may resolve on its own, and they may be able to return to their normal life.
  •  Whiplash: whiplash occurs when an occupant’s head is moved abruptly in the vehicle at the time of impact. Usually, people who experience only whiplash may need physical therapy and may be able to resort back to normal life within a couple of months. But, others experience more severe effects of whiplash, such as traumatic brain injuries.
  •  Cuts: small cuts may resolve on their own. But, if left untreated, may result in infections or permanent scarring. If you have suffered a cut,  we recommend that you get evaluated by a doctor immediately after an accident. Careful treatment is very important in the healing process for a cut.
  •  Bruises: many occupants of vehicles experience bruising where the seat belt is after a car accident. These bruises usually resolve on their own and do not point to anything serious. However, we still recommend that you get evaluated by a doctor after an accident to determine the extent of your injuries.

Do serious car accidents cause property damage?

 Usually, serious car accidents result in extensive property damage. This means that the vehicle is most likely going to be totaled, or need substantial repairs after such an accident. For more information on the difference between vehicles needing repairs and vehicles being totaled, give us a call to discuss your case.

What compensation could I recover for my serious injuries?

Serious injuries will require extensive treatments, such as surgeries, physical therapy, and medical devices. This could get very costly.  Our attorneys also take into account future medical treatments that you may need.

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What causes serious injuries in car accidents?

  •  Distracted driving: distracted driving has been one of the most common causes of car accidents involving serious injuries in california.  People who are texting and driving behind the wheel may not be completely aware of their surroundings, which could lead to collisions at high rates of speed.
  •  Drunk driving: those who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be impaired and may not be able to gauge the high rates of speed they are driving at, which could result in serious injuries if they were to collide with another vehicle.
  •  Speeding: when a driver is speeding, they may not have enough time to come to a stop or slow down, which could results in a high-speed impact. 

Why should I choose Heidari Law Firm for my serious injury car accident lawsuit?

  •  Our law firm has been representing accident victims for the last several decades. We specialize in substantial injuries, such as spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. We understand that these types of injuries do not heal on their own, and an accident victim will need future medical care. 
  • We break down the legal process for you because we understand that sometimes it could get very complicated throughout the process.
  •  We work with medical experts to determine the type of care that you may need in the future.
  •  We negotiate with insurance companies and attorneys. 

 Give us a call today to set up a one-on-one. 

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