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Every year, an astounding 20-50 million individuals worldwide endure non-fatal injuries from car accidents, leading to a range of personal injury and wrongful death claims. While some of these injuries may be minor, others can result in long-term disability or even fatality, with the road to recovery spanning decades for survivors and families grappling with loss.

Irrespective of the severity of your accident, whether it involves personal injury or wrongful death, you’ve suffered losses. If you were not responsible for the incident, you are entitled to compensation for both personal injury and wrongful death claims. So, how do you navigate from point A to point B?

A car accident attorney in Palmdale will ensure that you receive fair compensation for all your losses, including medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, and in cases of wrongful death, compensation for the loss of a loved one. To achieve this, they will calculate all your losses, taking into account both the immediate and long-term impacts. Continue reading to explore the various types of damages you can seek following a car accident involving personal injury or wrongful death.

1. Property Damage

One of the most evident and straightforward losses following an accident is property damage. When vehicles collide, property damage is almost inevitable. So, how much can you claim for property damages?

To determine the amount, you should obtain a repair estimate. Consult with your insurance provider to identify reputable mechanic shops. Then, take your vehicle to one of these shops and request an estimate for the cost of repairing your car.

This estimate will align with your property damage compensation.

2. Medical Expenses

Another category of damages you can seek compensation for is your medical expenses related to the accident. The value of your medical expenses can be significant, considering that healthcare costs are rising at a faster rate than the median annual income.

To begin, you should visit the hospital to obtain a diagnosis. Your initial hospital bill and prescription costs both fall under medical expenses. Additionally, medical expenses may encompass items such as:

  • The cost of long-term care
  • Future medical care costs
  • The costs of rehabilitation or physical therapy
  • The costs of medical supplies (casts, crutches, etc.)

A good attorney will help you determine and document each expense.

3. Lost Wages

Following a car accident, and under the purview of labor law, it’s probable that you will need to take time off work. This absence is not just a personal concern but also a labor rights issue. Lost wages damages encompass any income you would have earned if you hadn’t sustained an injury, and they are protected under labor law provisions that recognize the impact of personal injuries on an employee’s ability to work.

Your employer, in compliance with labor law requirements, can provide documentation to substantiate the amount of time you were absent from work due to the accident. They are also obliged to furnish an estimate of the average income you would have earned during that time, including any potential overtime or benefits lost. This information is crucial in calculating the lost wages damages you can seek in your compensation claim, and it is supported by labor law guidelines that aim to ensure fair compensation for work-related losses due to injury.

4. Pain and Suffering or Emotional Distress

One of the most discussed forms of damages is pain and suffering. Assessing the value of emotional distress can be challenging, and providing evidence for it can be even more difficult.

If you intend to seek damages for pain and suffering, it’s essential to have a lawyer by your side. An experienced attorney can help you navigate this complex aspect of your case and work to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your pain and suffering.

5. Punitive Damages

If the other driver’s behavior was exceptionally reckless and negligent, and if they have a significant history of traffic infractions, punitive damages may be considered.

Punitive damages are not intended to compensate you for your losses. Instead, their purpose is to punish the other driver. The idea is that the financial consequences of punitive damages will deter the other driver from repeating the same offense in the future.

It’s important to note that courts only award punitive damages in extreme situations where the behavior of the at-fault driver warrants such punitive action.

How a Palmdale Car Accident Attorney Can Help

Seeking the damages you rightfully deserve can be more challenging than you might anticipate. You may encounter resistance from both your insurance company and the other driver involved in the accident. In such circumstances, the assistance of a car accident lawyer in Palmdale becomes invaluable. A skilled attorney can provide the guidance and advocacy you need to navigate the legal complexities and work towards achieving the justice you deserve.

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