Rancho Cordova boasts an enticing mix of activities, from enjoying its beautiful parks to exploring its rich cultural landmarks and museums. The allure of Rancho Cordova attracts many residents who appreciate its excellent climate. However, navigating Rancho Cordova can be difficult if your vehicle is not functioning as it should.

When purchasing a vehicle, you anticipate reliability and a vehicle free from significant issues, especially one that doesn’t need constant repairs soon after purchase. This is particularly true for new vehicles. Experiencing continual issues with your car can be highly frustrating. If you’re facing such problems, you may qualify for a lemon law claim against the vehicle’s manufacturer.

It’s important to know that lemon law claims can apply to problems with newly purchased vehicles, and the law also covers used cars bought from dealerships with warranties. If you’re dealing with a problematic vehicle in Rancho Cordova, you have the right to seek compensation for repair costs, lost work time, and any medical expenses resulting from accidents caused by the car’s defects.

Who do you file a lemon law claim against in California?

In Rancho Cordova, just as throughout California, you have the right to notify the Vehicle Manufacturer about any issues with your vehicle, and this is usually the first step you should take before proceeding with a lemon law claim. This approach is recommended because the vehicle manufacturer might attempt to resolve the issue through negotiation before any legal action is taken.

If neither the dealership nor the vehicle manufacturer offers a satisfactory solution, you have the right to file a lemon law claim in court. If you decide to pursue this option, it’s strongly recommended to seek advice from an experienced and knowledgeable lemon law attorney in Rancho Cordova.

What cars fall under lemon laws in California?

Vehicles that have been sold with a warranty fall under lemon laws in California. This includes:

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles

To be eligible for lemon law protections in Rancho Cordova, California, your vehicle must have a substantial defect that poses a safety risk; minor and easily fixable defects are not covered by the lemon law. If you’re unsure whether a defect is minor or significant, it’s wise to consult with our attorneys for advice. Understanding the legal terminology and nuances of these cases can be challenging, and our team is here to help.

The defect must appear within the first 18 months of owning the vehicle or within the initial 18,000 miles driven, whichever comes first. Courts look at whichever of these two milestones is reached earlier to determine when the defect occurred. It’s also crucial to inform the automobile manufacturer about the defect, and they should have made multiple unsuccessful attempts to fix the issue.

Given the complex criteria involved in such lawsuits, our experienced lawyers in Rancho Cordova are ready to provide assistance. We are available at all hours to respond to your questions. With a strong track record of successfully managing numerous lemon law cases, Heidari Law Group is well-prepared to support you in your claim.

Are only personal cars covered under lemon law?

Lemon law protections are typically designed for vehicles used for personal reasons, like commuting to work or transporting family members. Vehicles used for household needs are usually covered under lemon laws.

Does a business vehicle not fall under lemon law?

However, the situation can differ with business vehicles. If you’re a business owner in Rancho Cordova and suspect that you’ve purchased a lemon vehicle, it’s a good idea to consult with our attorneys. There are certain conditions under which a business vehicle may qualify as a lemon. For example, if your business owns fewer than five registered vehicles, you might be eligible to file a lemon law claim for a defective vehicle.

Do I have to arbitrate my lemon law claim?

In California, arbitration for a lemon law claim is not mandatory, but it might be recommended in some cases. This option can sometimes offer a faster and less costly resolution.

Do you need a lemon law attorney in Rancho Cordova?

While legally you can represent yourself in a lemon law claim, having an experienced Sacramento Lemon Law attorney is highly beneficial. Dealing with a lemon vehicle can be a complex and stressful process, particularly when handling the legal aspects and communication with manufacturers or dealers. Hiring an attorney can greatly enhance your chances of securing the compensation you rightfully deserve.

What will our lemon law Rancho Cordova lawyers do?

Our Rancho Cordova attorneys bring decades of experience in ensuring that clients receive the rightful compensation they deserve when they’ve suffered damages or Personal injuries due to the actions of another party. Our primary focus is to seek justice for our clients. While each attorney in Rancho Cordova may have their unique approach, our Rancho Cordova lemon law attorneys are dedicated to being accessible around the clock to assist our clients. Here are some of the key aspects our attorneys will address when handling your lemon law case:

  • Evaluating Your Case: Our initial consultation is where this process begins. We’ll ask a series of questions to accurately determine the nature of your vehicle’s defect and the appropriate level of compensation you are entitled to.
  • Communication with the Manufacturer: Handling negotiations with a vehicle manufacturer effectively demands the skills of a highly qualified attorney. This is especially true considering the large volume of lemon law claims manufacturers deal with each year. Our skilled attorneys in Rancho Cordova are adept at negotiating with dealerships and car manufacturers on behalf of our clients.
  • Pursuing Legal Action: Should negotiations with the vehicle manufacturer not result in a satisfactory compensation agreement, we are prepared to take the necessary legal steps to file a lawsuit. This involves meeting various legal requirements, and we will provide guidance through every stage of the legal process.
  • Representation in Court: If your case goes to trial, our experienced trial attorneys have the necessary expertise and background to represent your interests effectively in court.

What type of compensation could I receive for my lemon law claim in Rancho Cordova?

The compensation you might be entitled to in your Rancho Cordova lemon law claim depends on the specific details of your case and the nature of the defect in your vehicle. Here are some examples of the compensation you might receive for your lemon law claim in Rancho Cordova:

  • Repair costs
  • Refund of the vehicle purchase price
  • Refund of the vehicle registration
  • Refund of the vehicle license fees
  • Refund of the vehicle purchase taxes
  • Replacement of the vehicle
  • Compensation for the lost value of the vehicle
  • Attorney’s fees (these damages are only awarded when you win your lemon law claim)

What if I made modifications to my vehicle?

If it’s determined that the modifications made to your vehicle are the cause of the defect, you may not qualify for reimbursement of any related costs. In instances where modifications have been made, the responsibility falls on you to prove that these modifications haven’t negatively affected the safety of your vehicle. This aspect is a crucial consideration in Rancho Cordova lemon law claims.