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Have you recently experienced the loss of a loved one due to a wrongful death?

Dealing with the aftermath of wrongful death can pose significant emotional and financial burdens for families in Yuma. If you’re grappling with such a situation, it’s essential to seek prompt assistance from a wrongful death attorney in Yuma. At Heidari Law Group, our dedicated legal team is committed to thoroughly reviewing your case to provide comprehensive support.

In instances where your loved one’s passing resulted from the negligent or wrongful actions of another party, you may have grounds to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. This legal recourse allows you and your family to seek compensation for various losses, including emotional, physical, and financial hardships.


For a death to be categorized as wrongful in Yuma, it must have been preventable. If recklessness, intentional misconduct, or negligence contributed to the unfortunate event, you and your family may have a basis for a wrongful death lawsuit.

Individuals eligible to pursue a wrongful death claim in Yuma include:

  • Children or stepchildren of the victim
  • Domestic partner or spouse of the victim
  • Parents of the victim
  • Siblings of the victim
  • Estate representative of the victim

In Yuma, only close family members and individuals who were financially dependent on the deceased victim have the legal right to file a lawsuit for a wrongful death claim.


In California, it’s crucial to demonstrate fault on the part of another individual for a family to receive financial compensation in cases of loss of life. Fault cannot be determined in court until the cause of the accident is thoroughly understood by the family.

Some of the most common causes of wrongful death in the state of California include:

The Heidari Law Group is committed to investigating the death of your loved one in Yuma, to identify signs of causation. If evidence uncovered during our investigation demonstrates recklessness, malice, or negligence, our legal team will collaborate with you to file a wrongful death claim.


A wrongful death case in Yuma, can lead to the recovery of various types of damages. Some of the losses that you may be eligible to recover include:

  • Funeral expenses
  •  Burial expense
  • Medical bills
  •  Physical pain suffered as a result of the accident
  •  Emotional pain suffered as a result of the actor
  •  Loss of future earning capacity
  • Loss of income

When an insurance company is involved in a wrongful death claim in Yuma, their objective is often to settle for the lowest possible amount. The dedicated team of wrongful death lawyers at Heidari Law Group is here to advocate on your behalf and ensure that you receive fair compensation for your loss in Yuma.

Subtopics Related to Wrongful Death Laws in Yuma

Understanding Comparative Negligence in Wrongful Death Cases

Arizona’s approach to comparative negligence allows for a reduction in the amount of damages recoverable based on the deceased’s part in contributing to the incident leading to their death. This legal principle is particularly important in wrongful death cases involving motor vehicle accidents or instances where the percentage of fault might not be straightforward. Legal representation is crucial in these scenarios to ensure that the fault is appropriately apportioned and to maximize the family’s recovery.

The Impact of Wrongful Death on a Family’s Financial Stability

The sudden loss of a loved one can terribly destabilize a family’s financial situation, especially if the deceased was a primary earner. Wrongful death claims provide a necessary avenue for families to seek redress for this financial instability. Compensation can include lost wages, the loss of future earnings, and benefits which are critical in helping families cope financially after a tragic loss. Legal assistance in accurately calculating these losses and effectively presenting them in court is vital for families to receive the full compensation they deserve.


What constitutes a wrongful death case in Yuma, Arizona?

A wrongful death case in Yuma arises when a person’s death is caused by the wrongful act, neglect, or default of another. This can include deaths resulting from car accidents, medical malpractice, defective products, or other forms of negligence. If the deceased could have pursued a personal injury claim had they survived, their family or estate might have grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit.

Who is eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit in Yuma?

Under Arizona law, the parties eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit are the surviving spouse, children, parents of the deceased, or the personal representative of the deceased person’s estate. These parties can seek compensation for their losses that resulted from the untimely death of their loved one.

What types of damages are recoverable in a wrongful death lawsuit in Yuma?

In a wrongful death lawsuit in Yuma, claimants can recover damages for a variety of losses including funeral and burial expenses, lost income and potential future earnings of the deceased, medical bills related to the deceased’s final illness or injury, and non-economic damages such as loss of companionship, pain, and suffering.

How long do you have to file a wrongful death lawsuit in Yuma?

In Yuma, as in the rest of Arizona, the statute of limitations for filing a wrongful death lawsuit is generally two years from the date of the deceased person’s death. It is critical to file within this timeframe, as failing to do so can bar you from pursuing compensation through the courts.

Can you pursue a wrongful death claim if the deceased was partly at fault for the incident?

Yes, in Arizona, you can still file a wrongful death claim even if the deceased was partly at fault. The state follows a comparative negligence rule, meaning that the compensation might be reduced in proportion to the deceased’s degree of fault in the incident.

What is the role of a wrongful death attorney in Yuma?

A wrongful death attorney in Yuma will help you gather evidence, craft a robust case, negotiate with insurance companies, and advocate on your behalf in court. Their goal is to secure the maximum possible compensation for the loss of your loved one and to provide legal support during a difficult time.

Are punitive damages available in wrongful death cases in Yuma?

Yes, punitive damages may be awarded in some wrongful death cases in Yuma. These are not meant to compensate the family but rather to punish the wrongdoer for particularly egregious behavior and to deter similar conduct in the future. However, their availability is contingent on proving that the defendant’s actions were especially reckless or malicious.

How does a wrongful death lawsuit get initiated in Yuma?

A wrongful death lawsuit in Yuma begins by filing a complaint in the appropriate court. This complaint will outline the basis for the claim, the relationship of the claimants to the deceased, and the damages being sought. The process continues with the gathering of evidence, pre-trial motions, potentially a settlement, and if necessary, a trial.

Can family members sue for grief and sorrow in Yuma?

Yes, family members can sue for grief and sorrow in wrongful death claims in Yuma, alongside other non-economic damages. These compensations are meant to address the emotional impact of the loss of a loved one, which can be substantial.

What happens if the person responsible for the wrongful death does not have enough insurance coverage?

If the person responsible does not have sufficient insurance to cover the damages from a wrongful death lawsuit, it may be necessary to pursue the individual’s other assets in court. In some cases, there may also be other potential defendants who have deeper pockets, such as employers or corporate entities.


In the state of California, there exists a strict timeframe within which you must file a wrongful death lawsuit against the responsible parties. To expedite the process and ensure you receive damages from the liable party without delay, it’s crucial to promptly reach out to the Heidari Law Group in Yuma.

The Heidari Law group has a team of wrongful death attorneys in Yuma that is here to represent the surviving family members of the victim. Contact the Heidari Law Group for a free consultation on your case.