Construction sites could be very dangerous, and in the event that you have been injured out of sight, contact our top-rated Sacramento construction accident attorneys for more information on how you could recover compensation. There are several different types of compensation you could recover. Give us a call today to discuss.

Sacramento constantly has construction going on since the county is growing in population. There are several construction sites currently, and more to come in the next couple of years. Examples of construction projects in Sacramento include construction at the city center in downtown Sacramento. 

There are several different buildings being constructed, including apartment buildings and office buildings. There are also construction jobs being done at venues, including the Golden 1 Center, which is expected to bring in millions of sports fans. With so much construction going around the county, unfortunately, construction accidents are very possible.

Why are construction sites dangerous?

One of the most dangerous work environments in the United States is a construction site. There are many reasons why a construction site could be dangerous, including: 

  • Machines: there are several different types of machines and equipment at construction sites in Sacramento. If not used properly, they could cause fatalities or severe life-threatening injuries. Examples of common equipment that one could see at a construction site in Sacramento are cranes and bulldozers.
  • Heights: construction sites involve temporary ladders and wood placements at very high places. In the event that it is not maintained properly, falls from heights are possible.
  • Trip and fall accidents: there are several different types of equipment, such as nails and other small debris that must be maintained and looked after. If they are not maintained, construction site workers or other bystanders could trip and fall on such objects.
  • Electric work: because electric work is common at construction sites, electrical equipment is also a common type of equipment that could be seen. If not used properly, it could lead to electrocution and internal injuries.
  • Hazardous equipment: besides heavy and hard-to-use machinery, there are also other types of hazardous equipment, that may contain chemicals such as paint.
  • Loud noises: equipment could be loud, and could affect a bystander or an employee’s eardrums and cause permanent hearing loss. 

Construction Accident Compensation

Construction accidents could lead to a variety of different injuries, which could lead to different losses. For example, you could recover:

  • Past lost wages from the time that you spent off from work
  • Future lost wages from the time that you will need off from work
  • Medical expenses from treatments needed  to help with the construction site injuries
  • Loss of enjoyment of life from the catastrophic injuries

Could I file a worker’s compensation claim in Sacramento for a construction site accident?

If you are an employee at the construction site, you could file a lawsuit for the injuries that you have suffered while at work. Usually, construction companies and property owners have workers’ compensation insurance. Workers compensation insurance allow employees to recover compensation in the event that they have been injured while on the job. But, the key is proving that you were on the job at the time of the accident. You must show that you were an employee, you were taking part in an activity that employees are required to take part in, and you were injured. 

If you were not an employee working at a construction site, and instead you’re a bystander or a pedestrian, you could still recover compensation for your injuries by a lawsuit. instead, you are not qualified to file a workers compensation claim and will need to file a civil lawsuit against the responsible parties.

How can our Sacramento attorneys help you after a construction accident?

After a construction accident, there are so many thoughts that could be running through your mind, including: How can I get compensated for my construction accident injuries? When must I file my construction accident lawsuit?

Our Sacramento attorneys take part in several different steps to ensure that you have a strong claim. this includes:

  • Investigating the circumstances of your construction site injury claim. construction sites could get very complicated, especially when trying to prove how an accident occurred because of the different technical words and phrases used to refer to machinery and construction jobs. Our attorneys will investigate your claim to hold the parties responsible and build a strong case for you.
  • Our top rated Sacramento attorneys will negotiate with insurance companies to represent your injuries and losses. Insurance companies will mostly try to negate their liability and refuse to pay out full amounts. but, having an aggressive Sacramento attorney will help ease the process for you.
  • Construction site lawsuits will need various types of paperwork filed with the court. These different types of paperwork have different time limits. If you fail to meet just a time limit for one document, your entire case could be thrown out from court, and you may not be able to receive anything.
  • There are several injuries that you may experience after being involved in a construction accident. Not only will we take into account your medical expenses, but the toil it has taken to you emotionally, and the lost wages that you now have to think about.

There are several other types of treatments that a catastrophic injury victim may need. Above are just some general steps that a medical professional could take to make sure that the patient’s injuries do not lead to severe life-threatening injuries. There are several different people that could assist when it comes to treating catastrophic injuries, such as doctors, nurses, surgeons, and therapists.

Why should I hire a Sacramento catastrophic injury attorney? 

A Sacramento catastrophic injury attorney will help get the compensation that you deserve. Catastrophic injuries may require hundreds of thousands of dollars in treatment. This then requires a highly rated Sacramento attorney to hold the parties responsible to get compensation for these medical expenses. Not only may you need medical expenses covered, but you may also need compensation for any lost wages or loss of income in the future. 

Wrongful Death Catastrophic Injury Attorney 

Unfortunately, sometimes catastrophic injuries and damages lead to fatalities. If you have lost a loved one from a severe catastrophic injury, you have the right to hold the responsible party liable for any compensation. Not only could you recover compensation for your loved ones’ struggles prior to passing away, but you could also recover compensation for the effect that it had on your family. Call us today to set up an appointment with our top-rated Sacramento wrongful death attorneys.

What compensation could I recover for my catastrophic injuries? 

You could recover a variety of compensation, depending on your losses. Here are some types of damages you could recover: 

  • Surgery Costs 
  • Hospital Stay Costs 
  • Prescription Medication Costs 
  • At Home Equipment Costs 
  • Physical Therapy Costs 
  • X-Ray Costs 
  • MRI Costs 
  • CT Scan Costs 
  • Lost Wages 
  • Emotional Distress 
  • PTSD 
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Future Lost Income

Defective Construction Equipment Accident

Sometimes, there are circumstances where construction equipment could be defective. In that case, the construction site owner or construction company may not be held responsible, instead, the product manufacturer could be held responsible. This is called a product liability case. Product liability allows our attorneys to pursue compensation from the manufacturers of those parts that were defective. 

What should I not do after a construction site accident?

  • Do not speak to insurance adjusters
  • Do not post on social media

What should I do after a construction site accident in Sacramento?

  • Seek medical attention
  • Document the accident
  • Take photos of what caused your injuries
  • Get eyewitness information
  • Contact an experienced Sacramento construction accident attorney 

Your number one concern after being involved in a construction accident in Sacramento is getting the medical care and assistance you need. Once you have received the required medical care, recommend that you speak to our attorneys for a free case evaluation. 

Although there is a time limit of two years when filing a construction site claim, this time could be shortened depending on who the responsible parties are. That is why we recommend that you speak to us immediately.

Construction Accident Attorney In Sacramento

Our Sacramento construction accident attorneys work hard to make sure that our clients get the assistance that they need. Call us today for a free one-on-one consultation to see the best steps we could take for your construction accident case. 

Speak with an experienced Sacramento construction accident attorney today for more information on how you could be entitled to compensation. You should not have to deal with construction site accident injuries on your own. Give our lawyers a call.