What is Truvada?

Truvada is a drug meant to treat those with HIV, also known as pre exposure prophylaxis. This drug was meant to reduce any HIV infections and prevent any future health problems associated with HIV. 

Truvada manufacturers had stated that the drug decreased the risk of getting HIV infection by 90%. It was first approved by the federal drug agency in 2004. It was created by the pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences. Besides Truvada, there are other types of HIV medication that have also been linked to kidney damage, including:

  • Atripla
  • Complera
  • Stribild
  • Viread

All of the above medications are meant to help the user reduce the possibility of AIDS, and to assist with any HIV symptoms. The above medications were taken and placed in the markets around 2020.

How is Truvada taken?

Truvada is an oral medication that is taken daily. The medication could be taken with food or between meals

What problems does Truvada have?

There have been several clinical studies taking place where Truvada has been seen two cause two major health concerns. These two concerns are:

  • Kidney damage:  a study by the University of San Francisco has found that those who took Truvada have had problems with their kidney function in the future.
  • Bone loss:  a study by drug safety identified that those who took Truvada had decreases in their bone density, especially in women. 

There have also been other problems reported through Truvada in recent years:

  • Liver problems: studies have reported enlarged livers in a small percentage of those who have taken Truvada. 
  • Lactic acidosis: this occurs when the blood and tissues become acidic, and symptoms of lactic acidosis include nausea. If not treated, it could lead to death. 

Has Truvada been recalled?

As of today, there have been warnings issued by the Food and Drug Administration, but there have not been any safety recalls with Truvada. 

What are the symptoms of Truvada?

There are specific symptoms that could point to a serious problem when taking Truvada. The below are some symptoms reported by some of the plaintiffs in the previous lawsuits:

  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Colored urine
  • Yellowed eyes
  • Constipation

If not treated properly, these symptoms could be fatal.

Am I qualified to file a Truvada lawsuit?

There are specific qualifications that you must have to meet in order to file a lawsuit for your Truvada injuries. You may be qualified if you:

  • Had HIV or had symptoms to prevent AIDS
  • Took medication like Truvada, Striblid, Viread, Complera, or Atripla
  • You then were diagnosed with a health concern like kidney damage or bone loss

The above qualifications can be very difficult to prove. Even if you think you meet the qualifications, we recommend that you speak to our attorneys immediately. our attorneys will be able to assist you and gather all the medical records to determine if you in fact do meet these qualifications.

When should I file my Truvada lawsuit?

With any type of lawsuit, there is a time limit on when you could file it. Specifically, each state has its own time limits placed on when to file a product liability lawsuit.

The only way we could determine when the time limit is by coming into our one-on-one consultation with our attorneys. We recommend that you speak to our attorneys sooner than later since many states have a short statute of limitations. 

It could get very tricky when determining the statute of limitations for your state, especially because drugs may not  cause health problems until several years later. For more information, give our experienced mass tort attorneys a call today. 

Who is responsible for the Truvada lawsuits?

Usually, the drug manufacturer is responsible for any injuries or illnesses that their prescription medication may cause. In this case, the drug manufacturer Gilead Sciences is the defendant in the lawsuit. Currently, they have several hundreds of lawsuits against them for their several drugs. Gilead Sciences is known to have a large portion of its income from Truvada.

What type of compensation could I receive for my Truvada lawsuit?

If you have suffered injuries by taking the Truvada medication, there’s a variety of compensation you could recover. For example, you could recover:

  • Medical bills
  • Future medical treatments needed
  • Past medical treatments
  • Lost wages
  • Future lost income if you will be missing work
  • Pain and suffering

How much is my Truvada lawsuit worth?

Each person has different side effects from a medication, there is no way that our attorneys will be able to give you an exact answer on how much your case is worth without having a one-on-one consultation with you. Our highly rated mass tort attorneys offer complimentary consultations where we will be able to listen to all the facts surrounding your case. 

Only then will we be able to determine exactly how much your lawsuit is worth, and the different compensation that you could receive. 

Why should I hire a Truvada lawsuit attorney?

There are several benefits to hiring a lawsuit attorney in the event that you have been injured from prescription medication. When taking prescription medication, a reasonable person expects to help their health, rather than harm it further. An experienced Truvada lawsuit attorney will hold the pharmaceutical company responsible for its defective product.

  • In the event that you file a lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company or a product manufacturer, it could be very difficult to negotiate a compensation amount, especially if you do not have an experienced attorney on your side.
  • Product liability lawsuits could be very complex, especially this current Truvada lawsuit since there may be multiple users of the drug, and the lawsuit may take longer than expected. You should hire an attorney that specializes in medication lawsuits and Mass towards.
  • An experienced and top-rated mass torts attorney will negotiate with responsible parties to make sure that you get the compensation you need. They create a legal strategy to make sure that you get the help you need.
  • Our Heidari law attorneys will gather all the necessary records and pieces of evidence to make sure that you have  strong evidence on your side.

Truvada Lawsuit Attorneys Near Me

Contact our experienced mass tort attorneys today to see how we can help you get the legal care you deserve. Our contingency fee attorneys do not collect any money upfront unless we win compensation in your favor. Choose the attorneys that have the experience and the credibility. Speak to our top-rated legal team today. 

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