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Motorcycle and car accidents could result in very serious injuries and head traumas. An example of a traumatic brain injury is a brainstem injury. A brainstem injury is a very severe injury that could result from a car accident. A brainstem injury usually happens when there’s a severe blow to the head during a collision. Those who suffer from brainstem injuries have severe physical, emotional, and mental difficulties that could possibly last their entire life. The brainstem is one of the most crucial parts of the human brain that helps to regulate critical bodily functions such as temperature and sleep cycles.

The brainstem is located in the section of the brain that sits atop of the spinal cord. The brainstem plays a role in controlling necessary functions of the body like the breathing rate, heartbeat, and digestive functions. The brainstem is known to transmit signals towards the brain. These signals are necessary for any head or special motor movement. Brainstem injuries are often life-threatening, and could result in wrongful death claims. That is why it is very important to hire an experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer to pursue your brainstem injury claims to ensure maximum compensation for your injuries and pain and suffering.

What is the Brainstem?

There are three parts that are located in the brainstem, and each part has a very significant function.

  • Pons: The pons is a small part of the brainstem and sends neurological signals back and forth to the medulla oblongata.
  • Medulla oblongata: This part of the brainstem is connected to the spinal cord and controls motor reflexes such as coughing and sneezing.
  • Midbrain: This part of the brainstem helps with hearing, sleep, and regulating the temperature of your body.

All three of the above areas are very crucial parts for bodily functions. Any injury to any part of the brainstem could result in severe consequences. Damage to any part of the brainstem could result in heavy impairment and prevents the body from engaging in its necessary regulation. One of the most common effects of a brainstem injury include being unable to speak or breathe.

What Causes Brainstem Injuries?

One of the most popular causes of brainstem injuries are motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle accidents end up with plaintiff incurring severe injuries when compared to car accidents. Motorcycles don’t have that safety buffer that cars usually do. Because of the abrupt and strong impact of a car onto a motorcycle during a collision, the motorcycle driver could be pushed off the bike and towards the ground. This extreme abrupt motion could result in brainstem injuries. If you have been injured while riding on your motorcycle, contact our experienced team of attorneys to better pursue those claims for you. California motorists are required to wear a helmet at all times to prevent serious head injuries. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, wearing a helmet decreases your chances of a traumatic brain injury by 30%. Visit our page on motorcycle accidents for more information on.

Other causes for brainstem injuries include:

If you believe your brainstem injury was the results of another party’s negligence during an accident, contact our attorneys today to determine your claim and the different legal strategies we can take for you.

Brainstem Injury Symptoms

Common brainstem injury symptoms include:

  • Insomnia
  • Unable to balance, especially when getting up
  • Blindness
  • Loss of smell
  • Not being able to speak
  • Paralysis: Not being able to move at all
  • Difficulty eating
  • Difficulty coughing
  • Dizziness
  • Stroke: brainstem strokes are caused when the blood flow in the brain to be interrupted.

Seek Medical Care Immediately

After a car accident, it is crucial to seek medical care immediately to determine if any party has incurred any injuries. Brainstem injuries must be determined by a medical provider. This is determined by several Imaging tests, such as MRIs, or CTs.

How are Brainstem Injuries Treated?

Brainstem injuries are treated through surgeries conducted by a neurosurgeon. Usually, it takes several months, even years to recover from a brainstem injury. Many do not even recover from brainstem injury at all. Different treatments include physical therapy, speech therapy, or psychological counseling.

Traumatic Brain Injury Statistics

According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention:

  • The costs associated with traumatic brain injuries annually is around $76 billion
  • Every year, there is about 200,000 hospitalizations for traumatic brain injuries.
  • 17% of non-fatal traumatic brain injuries result from car accidents.
  • Traumatic brain injury related deaths are mostly caused by motor vehicle accidents
  • Mortality rate for a traumatic brain injury is 30 per 100,000
  • Males represent 78.8% of traumatic brain injury accidents and females represent 21.2% of traumatic brain injury accidents.

What Are the Damages Associated with Brainstem Injuries?

If you have been involved in an accident that has caused brainstem injuries, there are several different damages you could recover. A brainstem injury not only affects your physical condition, but also your mental and emotional condition. Brainstem injuries may require medication, surgeries, and therapy, to help manage the effect to the brain. This may result in thousands of dollars in medical bills. These costs could take a toll on your financial condition.

Many who have had a brainstem injury also suffer financially because they are unable to go back to work. A majority of those with a traumatic brain injury are unable to go back to work at all in the future. Those who have had a brainstem injury also suffer emotionally. As the try to heal, plaintiffs will never be the same mentally.

Contact Our Experienced Brain Injury Attorneys

If you have suffered from a brain injury as a result of a car accident, reach out to our experienced team of accident attorneys at Heidari Law Group for a free case evaluation to determine the different legal steps you could take to recover damages. It is important that you hire an attorney that has experience in traumatic brain injury, especially brainstem injuries. Brainstem injuries may involve more costs, especially a higher degree of pain and suffering.

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