What to Consider When Choosing an Auto Insurance Lawyer

When we purchase an insurance policy, we are doing so with the expectation that it will help protect us from financial hardship in the case of an accident or other unfortunate incident. However, unfortunately, sometimes these expectations don’t match reality. Not only can insurance companies sometimes deny claims that should be covered in your policy, but other citizens can try and reap the benefits of your insurance policy by committing car insurance fraud. Are you in need of an auto insurance lawyer but aren’t sure the best way to choose one? Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about hiring a lawyer for a car insurance dispute.

When Do You Need an Auto Insurance Lawyer?

When you purchase an auto insurance policy, you are agreeing to a contract that exists between the insurer and the insured. If your insurance company refuses to pay or fails to pay a claim that your policy should cover, they are breaking that contract. If this occurs, you have the right to pursue legal remedies for this breach of contract. This includes bringing a lawsuit against the company. Depending on the circumstances of your case as well as the state that you live in, it is possible that a lawsuit could result in covering additional damages, for example, the cost of filing and pursuing the lawsuit. 

Another situation where you would want the counsel of an auto insurance attorney is if you are the victim of car insurance fraud. Auto insurance fraud can occur in a number of different ways. Fraud can be committed by just about any party involved in an insurance transaction. These include policyholders, insurance applicants, professionals that provide equipment or services to claimants, or third-party claimants. For example, one type of auto insurance fraud are organized scams that involve staged auto accidents. This criminal activity targets unsuspecting drivers and can put them in serious danger. Not only can it raise their premiums, but it could also cause injury or death. During these staged accidents, those perpetrating the fraud will use one of a number of different tactics to instigate an accident. This is particularly common in states with “no-fault” auto insurance.

How Can an Auto Insurance Attorney Help?

If you have a car insurance claim denied by your insurance company, you will want to ask them to put the denial in writing. Ask them to refer to the specific parts of the policy that are relevant to your claim. If you believe that the denial of your claim is a breach of contract, you will want to contact a car insurance lawyer. They will be able to look at your case and determine whether or not you have a reason to dispute the denial. From here, a lawyer for a car insurance dispute can help advise you on the options for moving forward. Depending on the circumstance, a lawyer might recommend using the internal appeals process that is in place at the insurance company. On the other hand, they might advise that your best course of action is to directly begin legal action.

What to Consider When Hiring a Car Insurance Attorney

When you are hiring a lawyer to help you deal with an auto insurance dispute, there are a number of things you’ll want to look for. It’s worth shopping around to find an accident attorney that will best be able to represent your case.

Area of Expertise

Most lawyers specialize in particular areas of the law. When you are hiring a lawyer for a car insurance dispute, you want to make sure you are hiring an attorney who is vastly knowledgeable in this part of the law.


When you are looking for a car insurance attorney, you’ll want to ask them about how long they have been practicing in this area of the law. It’s a good idea to find a lawyer that has experience with cases that are similar to your particular circumstance.


While there are a number of professional considerations to take into account when hiring a car insurance lawyer, you don’t want to overlook compatibility as a factor. It’s important that you feel comfortable with your lawyer and that you trust them.


Another thing you’ll want to look into is how available a lawyer is. While it might be a good sign that a lawyer is busy and highly sought after, it might also indicate that they won’t be able to put as much time into your case as necessary. It’s important to find a lawyer that has both the resources and the time to put your case first.


When you hire a lawyer, you want to know that the doors of communication are open. It can be a good idea to proactively establish good communication from the beginning of the relationship. Let your lawyer know what hours you are available and what your preferred form of communication is. This can help to prevent frustrating goose-chases where you have a hard time getting each other on the phone. It can also be a good idea to schedule regular check-in times so that you can both stay on the same page.

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No one ever wants to be involved in an insurance dispute. However, if you get tangled up in a disagreement with an insurance company or have been the victim of car insurance fraud, you’ll want to hire an auto insurance lawyer to help you navigate the complicated waters of insurance law. Are you looking for a car insurance fraud lawyer? At Heidari Law, we have more than twenty years of experiencing practicing law. Contact us to set up a free consultation today!