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You still have flashbacks to that fateful day of your car accident. The memories are too painful to remember, so you try to drown the pain in a quick Google search: “Bakersfield car accident lawyer.”

If you do anything similar to that, then you’ve come to the right place. Lawyering up in the wake of a car accident is essential. Read on to discover how an attorney can help you pick up the pieces after an accident.

Getting a Bakersfield Car Accident Lawyer

Legal responsibility for a car accident boils down to negligence. Who was negligent or careless? That says who’s legally at fault.

The driver in an accident who was less careful than the other has to pay for at least some of the damages that the more careful driver suffered. This is known as the rule of carelessness, which determines most of the legal liability in car accidents.

So do other factors.

If the injured person was where they weren’t supposed to be, or in a place where they should have expected the activity that caused the accident, then the driver who caused the accident may not be liable. That’s because they didn’t have a duty to be careful concerning the injured person.

If the injured person in an accident was careless, then their compensation may be decreased by the degree to which their carelessness caused the accident. That’s called comparative negligence.

Legal Views on Your Accident

What if a negligent driver gets in an accident while working for someone else? In that case, the employer may be legally liable.

If there’s an accident on a dangerous piece of property that’s badly maintained or built, then the property’s owner is liable for careless property maintenance. The owner’s liable even if they didn’t actually cause the dangerous conditions.

Then in the case of a defective product resulting in an accident, both the product’s manufacturer and seller are liable. That’s so even if the injured person doesn’t know which party was careless enough to allow or create the defect. The injured person doesn’t have to know how the defect happened either.

If more than one person is liable for an accident, most states’ laws say that any one of the careless motorists has to fully compensate the injured person for their troubles. The liable parties then have to decide if one party should reimburse the others.

It can get so complicated that most people hire a Bakersfield car accident attorney.

The Law Is on Your Side

A Bakersfield car accident lawyer is a must to help you sort through the complexities of car accident law. No two accidents are the same, and unless you’re already a lawyer, you’re not going to be able to handle your case by yourself.

Accidents are already hard enough. Make life easier by scheduling a free consultation for your personal injury in Bakersfield with Heidari Law Group today.

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