Teen Distracted Driving

Teens and distracted driving are two things that should not co-exist, but unfortunately, they do. Did you know that driving distracted is almost as dangerous as driving under the influence? Unlike most adults who have years of experience driving, teens are brand new to the concept of operating a vehicle.

Because they are new, they are more prone to driving distracted. If you have recently been involved in an accident with a teen driver, you will want to check out this article. If you have a teen driving distracted and caused an accident, this article is also for you. We will go over information about distracted driving and who you can contact for help with your auto accident.

Teens and Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is when the driver’s attention focuses on something other than properly driving on the road. These distractions can include eating, drinking, texting, or tinkering with the radio.

There are three types of driving distractions:

  • Manual
  • Cognitive
  • Visual

A manual distraction is when you take your hands off the wheel to engage in another activity. This activity could be grabbing your phone or reaching over into the other seat.

A cognitive distraction is when you take your mind off the road. This distraction can be you daydreaming while driving or veering off into thought.

Visual distractions are when you take your eyes off the road. The biggest problem with teens and distracted driving is that many of them are texting while driving.

Another major problem that causes teen distracted driving is passengers. Although your teenager may be excited to take their friends out for a drive, it is vital to make them aware that even their friends can serve as a distraction. If possible, it is recommended to have your teen driver refrain from having friends in the car until they have driven for about a year.

Why Are Teens Distracted?

You may be wondering, “why is distracted driving a problem especially for teen drivers?” and the answer is because they are over-stimulated. These drivers are just getting used to traveling behind the wheel, and there are many chances to become distracted by their environment.

These new drivers may also overreact when they become refocused on the road. This overreaction or overcorrection can cause them to swerve into traffic or to go off the road.

Distracted Driving in Teens

When you research how many teens die from distracted driving, you may find yourself shocked by the results. Teen drivers are about ten times more likely to be involved in a fatal car accident than the average adult. Thousands of teenagers die each year from distracted driving, so it is best to talk to your child about the risks of texting and driving.

Teens Against Distracted Driving

If your teen is caught driving distracted, there are severe consequences that they can face, such as a hefty fine. Their driver’s license could also be suspended or revoked. As a parent, it is best to set an example for your new drivers.

If you don’t want your teen to drive distracted, lead by example and don’t drive distracted. Make sure to speak with your driver about the responsibilities of driving.

If you and your teenager are against distracted driving, reach out to your community. You and your teen have voices that can impact your community by supporting local laws and speaking out at important community meetings.

Distracted Driving Accident

If you are involved in an accident with a distracted driver, you may want to reach out to a car accident attorney. Naturally, after the accident happens, you should try to gather as much information as you can so you can relay the information over to your attorney to handle it on your behalf.

If possible, call your local authorities to come to the scene to create a police report. Most police reports are not ready for about thirty days, depending on the county where the accident occurred.

Make sure to take photos of the vehicle damages and any injuries. Having your copy of the teen’s information will help your attorney get the claims process started as soon as possible.

Teen Distracted Driving

Teen distracted driving is, unfortunately, a common occurrence that leads to car accidents. It is always best to talk to your teen driver about the steps to take after an accident. Of course, since your child is most likely a minor, you may need to be present after the accident happens.

If you cannot make it to the scene, educate your teenager on what they need to gather after the accident. As stated earlier, have your teen take photos of what happened and advise them to call the police to create a police report if applicable. The officer at the scene will gather the information of the other driver involved for your teen driver.

Get Reliable Help from Reputable Accident Attorneys

Teens and distracted driving is a trend that is unfortunately here to stay unless more teenagers drive with their attention undivided. It is essential to educate your teenager about the rules of the road and the dangers associated with driving distracted.

If you were involved with a distracted teenager, you could benefit greatly from partnering with a reputable car accident attorney. If you find yourself on the other side of the situation where your child caused an accident due to inattentiveness, you also deserve proper representation.

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