3M is a manufacturer of earplugs. This company manufactured earplugs called combat arms and were created and sold in 2008. These 3M earplugs were intended to protect veterans and those in service from hearing loss. 3M had a contract with the United States Department of Defense to provide 3M earplugs to veterans and service workers to protect them from hearing loss. But, it later turned out that these earplugs were defective and caused partial or total
hearing loss. Some who used 3M earplugs even suffered from permanent tinnitus.

These combat arm ear plugs damaged the veterans’ ears with their faulty high-level sounds. This then sparked outreach within the community and now several lawsuits are filed on behalf of those who used the combat arms earplugs.

What are Combat Arms Earplugs?

Combat arms earplugs were meant to protect hearing loss for veterans who were exposed to loud noises, including guns and explosives. Compat arms were meant to provide some form of ear protection to prevent internal damage to military workers’ eardrums. The earplugs were supposed to filter high-level noises.

What is a defect?

A defect could take form in many different ways. Below are the three different ways a product could be defective:

  1. Manufacturing defect: a manufacturing defect occurs when the product has been manufactured defectively compared to other products made on the assembly line.
  2. Design defect: a design defect is a defect from the original product design. In order to prove a design defect, you must show that there are other alternative safe designs that the product could have.
  3. Warning defect: a warning defect is when a product fails to have a warning in its use or any dangerous results. This usually involves the process of labeling products.

What makes 3M combat arms earplugs defective?

The combat arms earplugs had a design defect from the beginning. For example, the combat arms earplugs did not fit in a carrying case and also made it very difficult for military workers to wear the earplugs and their helmets at the same time. Some earplugs were even shortened and did not fit the soldiers’ ears properly.

Why is 3M liable for their combat arms earplugs?

Research found that 3M was actually aware that their combat arms earplugs were defective. In fact, it cost 3M only around 90 cents to make, and they sold into the military for around $8.

What damages have 3M combat arms earplugs caused?

Those soldiers that used 3M combat earplugs actually suffered partial or total hearing loss. In fact, the earplugs did the exact opposite of what they were supposed to do.

Could injured victims file a lawsuit?

Those who have suffered injury from a product could file a lawsuit. Specifically, since there are several hundreds of soldiers that used 3M earplugs, this falls under a mass tort lawsuit. Mass tort lawsuits work when there are several injured plaintiffs filing a lawsuit against a single responsible party. In this case, the responsible party was the manufacturer, 3M.

Could you recover compensation from a mass tort lawsuit?

When it comes to 3M earplugs, veterans and soldiers could recover compensation for their medical bills, along with any pain and suffering that comes with partial or total hearing loss. It is not easy to deal with hearing loss, especially if the veteran has to deal with it for the rest of their life.

Do I qualify for a 3M mass tort ear plug lawsuit?

Similar to other types of mass tort lawsuits, there are specific requirements that you must have to meet in order to file a mass tort lawsuit. The specific requirements for a lawsuit against 3M for their faulty earplugs are:

  • You served in the military between the years of 2003 to 2015
  • You wore and used 3M earplugs during this time
  • There were loud noises you were exposed to during this time
  • You now have suffered injuries. The most common injuries from 3M earplugs were tinnitus and hearing loss.

Above are the requirements that a plaintiff must meet in order to file a lawsuit. If you believe you have met these requirements, give our attorneys a call. If you are on the fence about whether you meet these requirements, make a free consultation appointment with our attorneys to have your case evaluated by a top mass tort attorney.

How much do our mass tort attorneys cost?

Each attorney works in a different way. But, our mass tort attorneys work through a contingency fee basis. This means that there are no upfront costs or fees for working with our attorneys. Instead, our attorneys will receive a portion of the compensation they win for you. Unless we recover money in your favor, you owe our California mass tort lawyers nothing.

Is the 3M Mass tort lawsuit still pending?

As of today, the 3M ear plug mass tort lawsuit is still pending. There are talks of a potential global settlement within the next year. Usually, mass tort lawsuits take several years since there are several parties that must join, and documents must all be collected from each injured party, such as medical bills and lost wages.

Will filing a mass tort lawsuit affect disability?

Filing a mass tort lawsuit against 3M for their earplugs will not have an effect on your disability benefits. For more information, contact Heidari law today.

What is the average payout for a mass tort lawsuit?

The average payout depends on the circumstances of each party. For example, one who has suffered severe injuries must recover more compared to other parties who may have suffered only temporary or minor injuries. In relation to the 3M lawsuit, the predicted average lawsuit settlement is around $50,000 to $100,000.

What type of documents do I need to file a 3M ear plug lawsuit?

There are several key documents that you may need in the event you are filing a lawsuit and joining the 3M mass tort lawsuit. Examples of documents include:

  • Medical bills and records: this is needed to prove the amount of compensation you are owed, along with the tinnitus and hearing loss that you have suffered.
  • Proof of military service: one of the requirements when filing a 3M ear plug lawsuit is proof that you were in the military between 2003 to 2015.

3M Combat Arms Ear Plugs Tort Attorney Near Me

It is very difficult to find an experienced attorney near you that is well aware of mass tort lawsuits. A mass tort lawsuit is one where several hundred or even thousands of people are injured because of a single product that was put in the market. These types of cases are often times very complex and may take a couple of years to gather all the important evidence to build a strong case.

Our experienced attorneys in California know just what it takes to maneuver through the mass tort process. Mass torts are very different from Individual lawsuits since there are several parties involved. Make sure that you have an attorney that is well-experienced and knows the specific steps to take for you.

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