Our Bakersfield attorneys hold employers responsible for retaliating against an employee for speaking up for any wrongdoing. No employee should be retaliated against in Bakersfield for speaking up because they noticed a labor violation that their employer took part in. Our Bakersfield workplace whistleblower retaliation attorneys are available to help you when filing a lawsuit against your employer.

California encourages employees to speak up against any labor law violations that an employee sees at work. In fact, California law even holds employers responsible in the event that they retaliate against an employee for speaking up. All employees should have a right to stand up against workplace violations and hold employers accountable for such actions.

If you have seen any wrongdoing at your workplace, and have been retaliated against for speaking up, call us to schedule a free one-on-one case evaluation. A case evaluation is a great way to get to know our attorneys while discussing the details of your case and determining the steps that you should take.

What is a whistleblower?

A whistleblower is referred to as a person who notices labor violations take place at work, and reports this violation. Labor violations could include illegal and fraudulent activity. A whistleblower is one who decides that this should be stopped and prevented and speaks up to report. They essentially blow the whistle and report their employers for wrongdoing. California laws have been protecting whistleblowers for the last several decades. They encourage a safe workplace environment. But, the problem is that several employees are too afraid of speaking up.

What are examples of whistleblower cases?

There are specific types of cases that an employee could report and blow the whistle on their employer. For example, this includes:

  • Fraud: An employee could report their employer for taking part in any fraud or an employee who has embezzled money from the federal government.
  • Healthcare fraud: Healthcare fraud occurs when an employee notes any fraud that occurs at their workplace in the medical field. For example, the most common type of healthcare fraud is billing fraudulently, such as billing patients that are not alive, or submitting false insurance invoices. An employee who notices this type of healthcare fraud should report it to the proper government authorities immediately.
  • Environmental concerns: Companies may sometimes violate environmental laws, such as spilling toxic substances into lakes or rivers. This is a very common incident, and employees may be afraid of speaking up. Employment violations can be reported to the environmental protection agency.
  • Unsafe work conditions: Sometimes, work-related injuries may result because an employer has created an unsafe work environment. This is especially common in construction sites and in factories. If an employee has noticed that the workplace environment does not follow proper codes, they could report this to the occupational safety and health administration. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has various laws in place that determine what employers must do to keep a safe work environment. Employers also have a duty under California law to make sure that all their employees feel comfortable and prevent workplace accidents.
  • Government fraud: Sometimes, a government employee may report the specific government department for fraud people. For example, one who works in a city council and notices that the city council is embezzling money could report this incident to a higher government authority.
  • Product safety defects: If one who works in a product manufacturing factory notices that the products they are manufacturing have a defect, they should speak up immediately. Sometimes, product manufacturers and retailers may know that a product is defective but may not take the necessary steps to fix the product defect because they are too far into the production of the product and may lose out on money.
  • Pharmaceutical fraud: Pharmaceutical fraud occurs when a pharmacist bills fraudulent insurance claims to the insurance company. For example, a pharmacy may make up fake patient names in order to receive insurance payments. This should be reported to the federal government department known as the Food and Drug Administration.

Whistleblowing could occur in just about any industry. If you believe your employer has violated any labor laws or procedures, contact our attorneys to see how you could hold them responsible. If you have been retaliated against for speaking up regarding any of the above violations, give our attorneys a call today to file a suit against your employer for workplace retaliation. 

How much do our Bakersfield whistleblower protection attorneys cost?

Our employment attorneys work through a contingency fee agreement and only get compensated when we win compensation for you. This means that when we recover compensation for you, our attorneys will then collect fees. You owe us nothing until we win a settlement or a judgment. Give us a call today to discuss contingency fees in detail. 

What is a complaint?

A complaint is a lawsuit filed in court. A complaint somewhat differs from a whistle-blowing because whistle-blowing usually affects several employees, or the company at large. Sometimes an employee may blow the whistle against their employer for something that may not even personally affect them. But, a complaint is a lawsuit that is filed in court where an employee specifically has personal damages or injuries. For example, whistleblower retaliation is considered a personal injury, and the employee could file a complaint.

How can our Bakersfield whistleblower retaliation attorneys help you?

  • Our whistleblower retaliation attorneys will look into your case and investigate the circumstances of your case to prove retaliation. Usually, employers deny that retaliation ever even occurred in the first place. It takes a highly qualified and experienced attorney to investigate and gather circumstantial evidence to hold the employer responsible.
  • Our attorneys will file a complaint against the responsible parties to make sure that you get compensated for your claim.
  • We will negotiate with employers to represent your compensation losses. For example, if you have experienced wrongful termination or a decrease in pay as retaliation for speaking up, you may be able to recover that and compensation. 

How do I know if I have a proper Bakersfield whistleblower case?

In order to determine if you have a proper whistleblower retaliation case, we recommend that you speak to our whistleblower attorneys immediately. Our attorneys will be able to determine the circumstances of your case. We have litigated several different types of workplace retaliation cases, and understand how to navigate through the Bakersfield court process. 

What should I do if I have seen my employer commit fraud?

If you have noticed that your Bakersfield employer has committed fraud or has violated any California labor laws, you should report it immediately. But, it could get very confusing when determining who you should report it to. For example, a corporate company that is committing securities fraud must be reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission. This is a federal department that slowly deals with securities. There are several different government authorities that have various departments dedicated to the type of fraud that you are reporting.

We recommend that you speak to our Bakersfield attorneys to determine the exact department to which you should report the fraud or violation.