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What is California’s lemon law?

In California, the Lemon Law is part of the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. This law grants rights to those who’ve bought defective vehicles to either receive a refund or a replacement vehicle. The choice between a refund and a replacement depends on the specific damage to the vehicle and how the vehicle was used.

Which parties are eligible to file a California lemon law claim?

Both individual consumers and small businesses are entitled to file a lemon law claim in California. Our expert Fresno lemon law attorneys are committed to safeguarding our clients’ consumer rights, ensuring that the lemon law is effectively applied against manufacturers of defective vehicles.

What is considered a lemon car?

A “lemon car” refers to a vehicle with significant defects that negatively affect its use, safety, or value. To qualify as a lemon, the vehicle must undergo multiple repair attempts without successful resolution by the manufacturer. If the manufacturer fails to fix the vehicle after these attempts, they are typically required to either fully refund the buyer or replace the vehicle with an identical make and model.

How is a lemon settlement calculated?

The calculation for a lemon law settlement often involves assessing the reduction in the vehicle’s value due to its usage. This is determined by subtracting the vehicle’s mileage up to 120,000 miles from its value and then multiplying this figure by the original purchase price. This process can be complex, which is why it’s advisable to consult with our experienced attorneys for detailed guidance and assistance.

Why should you trust our Fresno lemon law attorneys?

  • Our leading Fresno lemon law attorneys possess extensive expertise in ensuring that vehicle manufacturers are accountable when a client has bought a lemon vehicle. The experience of handling a lemon car can be extremely aggravating, particularly if the vehicle has undergone numerous unsuccessful repair attempts.
  • Our top Fresno legal experts will meticulously compile all necessary evidence to construct a solid lemon law case for you. To initiate a lemon law claim, substantial proof is required, including detailed invoices, receipts, and photographic evidence of the vehicle’s defect.

What is the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act?

The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, specific to California, is a state law that safeguards consumers in Fresno and throughout California. It’s commonly known as the “lemon law” and is detailed in the California Civil Code section 17922-1795.8. Navigating this law requires the expertise of a skilled California lemon law attorney to ensure top-notch legal representation and to help you secure fair compensation.

What kind of vehicle is eligible under California lemon law?

California lemon laws only protect a certain type of vehicle. In order to be eligible to file a lemon law claim, you must have a vehicle that falls under all conditions and requirements of California lemon law. For example, some vehicles that are eligible include:

  • Vehicles under a manufacturer’s warranty, which applies to both new and used cars, are eligible under certain conditions. It’s important to note that these warranties are provided exclusively by the vehicle manufacturer and not by any private companies. Additionally, manufacturer warranties are not transferable between owners. To determine if your vehicle in Fresno is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty, consulting with our Fresno lemon law attorneys is advisable to understand the specifics of your warranty.
  • The vehicle must be a car, truck, or SUV. Under California lemon law, vehicles weighing over 10,000 pounds are not covered. This law may also encompass motorcycles and boats, but the criteria for lemon law compensation for these vehicles differ as they are classified as “consumer goods.”
  • The vehicle must have been purchased or leased in California. For leased vehicles, the lease agreement must have been signed within the state.
  • Business vehicles are also covered under California lemon law, contrary to common belief. If the vehicle is registered to a business with fewer than five vehicles, it qualifies for lemon law protection, regardless of whether it’s used for business or personal purposes.

What defects fall under California lemon law?

There are specific defects that fall under California lemon law. These defects must be covered and stated under the manufacturer’s warranty that comes with the vehicle. Usually, a manufacturer’s warranty is discussed at the time of the vehicle signing.

  • The defect in question must significantly hinder the vehicle’s functionality. This means the defect should notably affect the vehicle’s usability, worth, or safety. The interpretation of how the defect impacts these aspects can vary and requires clarification from the involved parties. For instance, if the issue is merely cosmetic, it might not be sufficient for a claim under California lemon law.
  • Additionally, the defect must remain unresolved despite multiple repair attempts. The vehicle is eligible for lemon law consideration only if it has undergone several unsuccessful repair attempts. Situations where the defect is promptly rectified upon the first visit to the manufacturer do not qualify under this law. Similarly, if a vehicle has been brought in for multiple repairs on different parts, unrelated to the original defect, it may not meet the criteria to be deemed a lemon.

How can I strengthen my California lemon law claim?

Our Fresno-based attorneys suggest certain actions to strengthen your lemon law claim. Here are some of their key recommendations:

  • Every time your vehicle encounters an issue, it’s crucial to document it thoroughly, including taking photographs. For instance, if you receive a repair order invoice, ensure it clearly details the specific problem and the repairs undertaken.
  • It’s important to have comprehensive documentation for all repairs performed on your vehicle. There are instances when service staff may not issue any paperwork after servicing your vehicle. It’s your responsibility to ensure you have all necessary documentation.
  • If your vehicle couldn’t be serviced or repaired, perhaps due to the staff stating it was infeasible, secure documentation of this. This should include the reasons provided for why the vehicle couldn’t be fixed.
  • Always opt to service your vehicle at the dealership. Dealerships maintaining complete records of your vehicle’s service history can simplify the process of compiling evidence when pursuing a lemon law claim.

Fresno Lemon Law Attorneys

Dealing with vehicle manufacturers effectively demands the expertise of a seasoned lemon law attorney. Lemon law is a specialized area of law, necessitating a lawyer with substantial experience in handling such cases. For details on lemon law stipulations in Fresno, California, and to address your particular Fresno lemon law case, please contact us for a consultation today.

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