Nationwide Bad Faith Insurance

Many of us have heard the Nationwide Insurance slogan, “Nationwide is on your side.” Nationwide is a group of large insurance and financial companies headquartered in Ohio, and is one of the largest insurance companies in the entire country. Nationwide Insurance offers several different types of insurance, from renters insurance to roadside assistance. The likelihood of filing a claim with Nationwide Insurance is very high. If you have been involved in an accident, and you have suffered some type of damage, you will most likely have to file a claim with your insurance or with the other party’s insurance. Either one of those could be Nationwide Insurance.

Nationwide Insurance is just one of the several different insurance companies that must follow reasonable and good faith practices. This means that they must handle each claim on a personalized basis, and each case will be determined and decided on by an adjuster. Each claim  should be handled individually and policy conditions and limitations are taken into consideration. 

How do I make a claim with Nationwide Insurance?

You can file a claim with Nationwide Insurance through their website portal, by phone, or through the app. We recommend that you do it either through the website or through the app simply because all the information you have entered will be documented and a copy will be provided to you. Although Nationwide records phone conversations, they may not provide a copy of your answers to you. 

What happens if I am hit by another driver who does not have insurance?

In California, all drivers must have insurance. It is illegal for drivers to get on the road if they do not have car insurance. However, if you find yourself in the circumstance where you were hit by a driver who does not have insurance, you are still able to file a claim with your own insurance company. Your uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage will apply. Almost all insurance policies contain some kind of underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage. These policies come into play to cover any property damage or bodily injury you have sustained if you have ever been hit by someone who has no insurance, or has insurance that does not cover all your damages. 

Can I still file a claim with Nationwide Insurance if the accident was minor?

Even if you have been involved in a minor accident, you could still file a claim with Nationwide Insurance. As long as you have suffered some type of property damage, you are able to make a claim with your insurance company to get compensated.

Should I still file a claim with Nationwide Insurance even if I was not at fault?

Regardless of who’s fault the accident may be, you are still required to report the accident to your insurance company and to the California DMV. If there has been any type of damage, whether to your vehicle or to the other party’s vehicle, the claim must still be filed.

Will my insurance rates go up?

If you file a claim with your insurance company, and the accident was determined to not be your fault, the insurance company cannot raise your rates. However, if you file the claim, and the accident was your fault, your insurance rates may go up the following year. 

What should I do after a hit-and-run accident?

If you were involved in a hit-and-run accident, and the driver who has hit you has now fled the scene, try to gather as much information as possible. For example, if there were street cameras that recorded the accident, your attorney should be able to request for the video footage.

You could still file a claim with Nationwide Insurance if you have experienced a hit-and-run accident. Some insurance policies do cover hit and run coverage for bodily injuries and property damage. For more information, contact our attorneys today

Do I need an attorney to file a claim with Nationwide Insurance?

We recommend that you have an experienced legal professional to get through the claims process with you. Having a legal professional on your side from the beginning will make the process much easier, especially because our skilled attorneys know exactly how to go through the claims process and the next steps involved. We will also help you when gathering all the information necessary to move forward with the claims process. In the event that the insurance company representative reaches out to you, our top-rated lawyers will communicate with them for you. 

What information will I need to provide to Nationwide Insurance?

You must have information ready to provide when filing a claim with the insurance company. The information you may need depends on the circumstances of the accident, but generally you will need:

  • Your full name
  • Home address
  • Full name of other parties involved
  • Address of other parties involved
  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages pay stubs
  • Your Nationwide Insurance policy number

What should I do if I have suffered a property loss?

If you have suffered some form of property damage, you should:

  • Take pictures of the damage
  • Gather evidence of repairs. An example may be vehicle repair invoices. 
  • Make sure that you prevent any other damage. Usually, insurance companies may use the fact that you did not take care of the property against you. 

What happens after I file a claim with Nationwide Insurance?

Once you file a claim with Nationwide Insurance, a claims representative will review the initial report and reach out to you for any questions or concerns that they may have. For example, a claims representative may reach out to you to ask for more information about property damage. This will then begin the claims process.

How long does it take Nationwide to process a claim? 

Usually, it takes a couple months for Nationwide Insurance to process your claim. However, if you have claimed a large amount in damages, this may take even longer. Also, the insurance adjuster may ask for other documentation. If this is not provided in a timely manner, the claim process could take longer than expected.

Contact our experienced legal team today to move forward with your claim with Nationwide Insurance. If you have already filed your claim with Nationwide Insurance, and are awaiting a response from the company, you could still get in touch with our attorneys if you have experienced any type of unfair practices. Our attorneys will then be able to help you file a bad faith insurance lawsuit. This is different from a claim because this lawsuit takes place in court, and you are holding the insurance company responsible not only for the damages that you have suffered, but also any punitive damages that could be associated with their bad faith tactics.

Contact our lawyers today for a free case evaluation. Each circumstance is different, and so our attorneys will be able to provide you with the best legal strategy for you after a case evaluation with one of our highly qualified legal professionals. We have litigation and trial attorneys on standby and ready to help with any claims that you may have against your insurance company. Our attorneys work on a contingency fee arrangement. Unless we win a settlement or judgment, you owe us nothing. 

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