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Our attorneys understand that it could be very stressful and unfortunate to be discriminated against at work. Discrimination should not be tolerated, especially at the workplace. Being discriminated against at work could take a huge toll on a victim physically, emotionally, and financially as employees are left scrambling looking for another job alternative. Our California and Nevada gender discrimination attorneys are here to help you. Contact our attorneys today for a free no risk consultation. During your initial consultation, we will listen to your gender discrimination claim, and determine the different legal processes we can take to make sure you receive compensation for your injuries.

Our attorneys will handle all the legal work, while you focus on healing from your injuries. Call us today for help with your gender discrimination claim. Gender discrimination can take place in many different forms, and is somewhat of a complex legal theory when filing such a lawsuit. That is why it is important to hire an experienced workplace gender discrimination attorney to pursue your claims for you. Our attorneys also have experience in sexual harassment claimswage and hour claims, and other cases that involve discrimination in the workplace.

Our attorneys are committed to representing victims who have been wronged at work. Fortunately, there are several federal and state statutes that  prohibit gender discrimination at work, and make the liable party pay compensation to the victim.

How Do You File a Gender Discrimination Claim in California?

Prior to filing a civil lawsuit against the liable party, you will most likely have to file a claim with the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the California Department of Fair Housing. These different departments will look into your gender discrimination claim, and determine whether you have a valid claim against the at fault party. When these departments determine that you have a claim, they will provide you with the right to sue. Once you have the right to sue, you can initiate a civil proceeding against the liable party.

What is the Difference Between Sex Discrimination and Gender Discrimination?

Usually, the common stereotype of that sex discrimination and gender discrimination of the same thing, however they have some distinct key features. Sex refers to whether someone is genetically male or female. Gender refers to the sex that someone close the identifies themselves with. Individuals can be discriminated against for their sexual orientation or for their gender orientation at work. Federal and state laws protect both types of discrimination from an employer.

Examples of Gender Discrimination

There are many different ways gender discrimination could occur at the workplace. Below is a list of the most common examples of gender discrimination at work:

  • Unequal pay: this occurs when men and women receive different pay for the same position at work
  • Gender-specific dress codes: employers cannot force mandatory dress codes at work that aligns with someone’s gender
  • Firing an employee because of their gender
  • Failing to hire an employee because of their gender
  • Demoting the employee because of their gender
  • Giving different job responsibilities to the employees at the same position because of their gender
  • Calling an employee derogatory names and slurs because of their gender
  • Being held to a different set of standards from your employer because of your gender

If you have experienced any of the above circumstances, contact our gender and sex discrimination attorneys today to determine how you could file a lawsuit against the at fault party.

Federal Equal Pay Act

The Federal Equal Pay Act prohibits employers from paying employees less than employees with the opposite sex or gender under the same working conditions. This was meant to prevent any gender discrimination at work in terms of the salary that employees are paid. This act prohibits employers from paying females less than males. The main driving force behind the federal Equal Pay Act was to strengthen the bargaining position of women.

California Equal Pay Act

The California Equal Pay Act also further prohibits employers from paying females less than their male counterparts. However, this act requires that employees prove that they’re being paid less than other employees. This is a higher level of proof that the employee must have to show. For more assistance on filing a gender discrimination claim in California, contact our gender discrimination attorneys today.

What Does Equal Pay Refer to?

Equal pay does not simply just refer to the salary, but also:

  • Wages
  • Stock options
  • Medical insurance
  • Retirement benefits
  • Vacation pay
  • Reimbursements
  • Bonuses

What if I am Not Receiving Equal Pay at Work?

Employees who are able to show that they are receiving less at work compared to their other co-workers that hold the same or substantially similar position, will be able to receive compensation of the difference of what they should have been paid, along with any other attorneys fees.

Should I talk to my Human Resources department about gender discrimination?

Our attorneys advise that before filing legal claims against your employer, you should communicate your concerns with the Human Resources department. If the Human Resources department has failed to make any drastic changes that address your concerns, contact our experienced employment lawyers to discuss your rights and the different remedies you could possibly receive for your claim.

Workplace Retaliation

Many employees are afraid of coming forward and filing a gender discrimination lawsuit against their employer for fear of the employer retaliating against them. Workplace retaliation occurs when an employer tries to get back at an employee for speaking up.

Workplace retaliation can take place in many different ways, such as firing an employee for speaking up. Our gender discrimination attorneys enourage that you speak up as soon as possible since there are several different laws in place that protect workplace retaliation if you were to file a lawsuit against your employer.

What will our gender discrimination attorneys do?

Our California Nevada gender discrimination attorneys get to work on your claim as soon as possible. We work to gather all the available evidence in your favor in order to protect your claim.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a type of unwanted touching that occurs at work. This is especially common under gender discrimination. if you believe you have a claim for sexual harassment, contact our employment law attorneys today.

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Our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you do not have to pay for our attorneys upfront unless we win a settlement or judgment in your favor. Our attorneys are also not afraid to go to court in the case that both parties do not end up settling. Our litigation attorneys have decades of experience representing discrimination cases.

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