Bakersfield, California has several different types of gyms and recreational facilities for its residents. Examples may include 24-hour fitness, In-shape health clubs, Crunch fitness, Anytime Fitness, Gold’s Gym, etc. Gyms are a great way to steam shape and to get healthy. But, if a single piece of equipment or part goes wrong, serious injuries could result.

Can I file a lawsuit against a Bakersfield gym for my accident?

Gym accidents can get very complex, especially when trying to prove that another party was negligent. The most common misconception is that gymgoers are unable to file a lawsuit for any injuries that they have suffered at a gym. This is because many people assume that just because someone goes to the gym and engages in physical activity, there is a risk that they will get injured. Another reason why many people don’t know that they could file a lawsuit against gyms is because they think that once you sign a gym waiver, you have relinquished all your rights to file a lawsuit against the gym.

But, in the event that another party was negligent and their careless and negligent actions caused the accident, you have the right to hold them accountable for your injuries. California law allows accident victims to recover compensation for the damages they have suffered.

What kind of compensation could I recover for my gym accident injuries?

  • Medical expenses: The most common type of compensation that a gym accident victim could recover for their injuries is their medical bills. Medical expenses could be reimbursed to the accident victim, and include a variety of expenses such as treatments, emergency room stays, hospital stays, at-home nurses, physical therapy, medical equipment, prescription medication, and any future medical expenses that may arise. A highly qualified Bakersfield gym accident attorney will be able to use legal resources, skills, and research to determine your future medical care. We also work closely with medical experts, and analyze your medical records to see if you require future care, and what the future care could be. For example, severe injuries could require future surgery. For more information on future medical expenses, contact our Bakersfield personal injury attorneys.
  • Wages: You could also be reimbursed for any wages that you missed out on because you were injured and unable to go back to work. This is proven through pay stubs. Pay stubs are one of the most common ways that you could recover lost wages. Besides past lost wages, you could also recover future loss of income. gym accidents may injure an accident victim so much that they may not be able to return to work for several months, even years. You may also be able to recover future lost wages. We consider the financial toll that this also takes upon your family.
  • Pain and suffering: Many accident victims are unaware that they could recover a type of compensation that is a non-economic loss. Non-economic losses take a look at the emotional toll that the gym accident injuries have taken on the victim. For example, the gym accident victim may have had high confidence, in going to the gym every day. But, ever since the accident injuries, they have suffered scarring and disfigurement which could take a toll on the victim’s self-confidence, and cause depression and anxiety. This is a type of damage that is recoverable against the negligent party.

Give us a call today to discuss what other types of compensation you could recover. Each gym accident is looked at on a case-by-case basis. Our attorneys provide personalized legal strategies to our gym accident victims to make sure that they get top legal care and compensation.

What are examples of gym accidents?

All gym accidents are preventable with proper care and proper policies in place. When a gym fails to take such necessary steps, different accidents could result, such as:

  • Slip and fall accidents: slip and fall accidents are very likely to occur in gyms. Slip and fall accidents could occur on equipment such as treadmills if the previous user spilled water. Slip and fall accidents could also occur in the bathrooms where the showers are located. Gyms must take on the responsibility to inspect the property for any slip and fall potentially dangerous conditions.
  • Equipment malfunctions: all gym equipment must properly function. If gym equipment malfunctions, it could lead to catastrophic injuries.
  • Collisions with other gym goers: gyms have a maximum capacity. When it is above maximum capacity, a collision may result.
  • Negligent employees: gym employees must always supervise the gym for any potential accidents or dangerous conditions. When they fail to do so, they could be held responsible for negligent supervision. 
  • Infections: gyms should prevent infections and illnesses that could easily spread from one gym goer to another. In order to do this, they must wipe down all equipment and floors every couple hours. Gyms must have a proper cleaning protocol in place.
  • Hydration: all gyms must have hydration areas to keep all gymgoers hydrated. 
  • Fires: surprisingly, fires are also very common gym accidents in Bakersfield. When equipment overheats, it could cause a spark which then leads to a fire. Fires could lead to burns and other permanent injuries.

Bakersfield Gym Injuries

 Injuries in Bakersfield gym accidents could include:

Who is responsible for my gym treadmill accident?

If you have been injured on a treadmill at the gym, there are several different parties that could be held responsible, including:

  • The gym employee
  • The gym maintenance company
  • The gym
  • The property owner
  • Other gym goers
  • Product manufacturer

Common Gym Equipment

Below are some examples of gym equipment that are most common in gym accidents.

  • Treadmill: a treadmill is a type of equipment that allows the gym goer to walk in place. Treadmill accidents are one of the most common types of accidents in Bakersfield gyms.
  • Elliptical: elliptical is another type of treadmill that stimulates climbing by using hands and feet.
  • Rowing machines: rowing machines have recently been popular as a great way of strengthening arm muscles.
  • Stationary bikes: stationary bikes allow gym gore to bike in place.
  • Weights: weights are also very common among  Bakersfield accidents. Weights such as barbells and dumbbells are commonly used by weightlifters.
  • Cable machines: cable machines are those that have a pulley, and allow gym goers to do tricep pushdowns.
  • Smith machine: a smith machine is used for squats in the gym.
  • Pull up stations: a pull-up station is an area with bars that gym goers could use to do pull-ups in place.
  • Ropes: ropes are used for full body workouts. 

Bakersfield Gym Accident Lawyers

You need a highly qualified Bakersfield gym accident lawyer on your side to be able to prove how a gym accident occurred, the party responsible for the gym accident, and the damages that you should be owed. Contact Heidari Law Group today.

Oftentimes, gyms fight back stating that the gym goer actually harmed themselves and were negligent themselves. That is why you need a strong and aggressive attorney on your side to make sure that your rights are represented.