Burn injuries are some of the most catastrophic injuries and painful injuries that one could experience. Not only do burn injuries cause excruciating pain, but they also leave the accident victim with permanent scars and disabilities that they will have to live with forever. The accident victim may not be able to return back to work and may suffer amputations and disfigurement. 

If you or someone you know has been injured in a burn injury accident in Bakersfield, you may be able to hold the negligent party responsible as compensation for your injuries.

Contact our Bakersfield burn injury lawyers to learn about the different legal rights that you may have after you have suffered a burn injury because of another party.

Why should you hire Heidari Law Bakersfield fire accident attorneys?

  • Our top-rated attorneys are accessible 24/7. It is important that you have an attorney representing you for your burn injuries since you could recover more in compensation than being alone and negotiating with the insurance companies on your own. After suffering a burn injury, your number one concern should be healing and focusing on your treatment. We will take care of all the legal steps for you.
  • Call our attorneys to schedule a one-on-one complimentary case evaluation. During a case evaluation, our Bakersfield attorneys will determine the value of your case, the parties responsible for your case, how much you could potentially receive in compensation, and how to move forward with determining the cause of your burn injuries.
  • We will get to work after a case evaluation. This means that we will investigate the circumstances of the accident, interview eyewitnesses, interview parties, and negotiate with insurance companies or attorneys.
  • We have a contingency fee arrangement with our clients, which means that when we win compensation for you, our attorneys will receive fees. But, if we receive no compensation, you are attorneys nothing.
  • The process is fairly simple when it comes to our Bakersfield personal injury attorneys. Contact us to schedule your free consultation. There are no fees until we win compensation for you. 

Industrial Fire Accidents

Sometimes, fires could result from workplace or industrial fires. This is especially common in factory accidents. Since factories carry flammable materials, along with other chemicals, these products could cause fires in the factory. When you have suffered burn injuries from a fire in a factory, you could hold your factory employer responsible. One of the most common types of fires in a factory results from gas explosions. In that case, you could show:

  • Your employer violated safe practice codes when it comes to storing flammable and harmful chemicals.
  • Your employer failed to properly train employees on what to do in the event of an accident

Sometimes, a product defect could also cause an industrial or factory fire. In that case, you could hold the manufacturer of the defective product or parts responsible for the fire. Give us a call today to discuss your potential product liability case.

Wildfire Accidents

California has experienced a large number of wildfires every year, especially during the dry summer season. If you or someone you know has been burned in a wildfire, our burn injury attorneys Heidari law know what to do to help you get the compensation you need for your injuries.

Wildfires could get a bit tricky when determining negligent parties. Wildfires are considered a natural disaster, and so it could be difficult to determine who the responsible party could be. Our top-rated burn injury attorneys have experience representing clients who have been injured in a wildfire. There are several state and federal laws in place that protect wildfire burn injury victims. Call us today to see how you can get the compensation you need to get back on track with your life. 

What are the different types of burns?

There are three different types of burns, and they range from mild to the most severe. Doctors could take various steps to determine what level of burn you are experiencing. The amount and compensation you could receive also depend on the severity of your burn injuries.

  • First-degree burns: this is considered the mildest type of burn compared to other types of burns. First-degree burns are only at the top level of the skin. It does not lead to blistering. Examples of first-degree burns could be brief contact with hot products.
  • Second-degree burns: second-degree burns occur when the burn goes deeper than the top layer of the skin. This is followed by extreme pain and swelling, especially blisters.
  • Third degree burns: third degree burns are considered the most serious type of burns, and go to the deep layers of the skin, to the bones or muscles. Third degree burns will need immediate medical attention, and they may result in amputations, disfigurement, and permanent scarring. 

If you have experienced any of the above burns, contact our top-rated Bakersfield burn injury attorneys to see how you could get compensation.

What are examples of burn injuries?

There are several different types of burns that you could experience depending on the circumstances of the fire, and what caused the fire. Examples include:

  1. Thermal burns: This is the most common type of burn, and occurs when someone is in contact with a flame. 
  2. Electrical burns: Electrical burns occur when electrical wires are not properly stored and they come in contact with the skin.
  3. Cold burns: Extreme cold temperatures could lead to cold burns.
  4. Chemical burns: Chemical burns occur when there is exposure to toxic chemicals.
  5. Radiation burns: Radiation burns occur when there is exposure to radiation, and could cause permanent injuries and amputations.

Why should you hire an attorney for your burn injury?

Burn injuries are considered to be some of the most complex types of injuries that anyone could suffer. You could recover compensation for your medical expenses. Burn injuries may result in thousands of dollars in medical expenses since you could qualify for any of the below treatments:

  • Infection: if the burn is not treated properly, it could lead to serious infections, which could lead to amputations.
  • Scar: burns could lead to heavy scarring, and have an emotional toll on the burn injury victim
  • Skin grafts: skin grafts are a procedure where the skin is removed from one area and used to treat the burn area. However, if a skin graft procedure is not done properly, it could lead to permanent injuries.

If you have experienced any of the above treatments, give our attorneys a call today to discuss how you could get compensated for your injuries. 

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