Electric Scooter Accident Attorney in Sacramento

Electric scooters are becoming an increasingly popular form of eco-friendly transportation used in major cities across California including in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. While electric scooters are generally easy to ride, the huge volume of  scooters that are populating the roadways from companies such as Spin, Bird Rides, and Limebike are creating serious hazards for pedestrians, motorists, and other riders on the roadways & sidewalks.

An experienced team of electric scooter accident attorneys in Sacramento can help you determine who was at fault for the accident & if there’s any compensation that can be recovered for the damages suffered.

Sacramento Electric Scooter Accidents & Negligence

Many electric scooter riders consider these vehicles to be little more than toys. A decent percentage of riders wear no helmet or any protective gear at all. While seemingly minor, these types of acts increase the chances of riders and pedestrians suffering serious injuries in an electric scooter accident and can constitute an act of negligence. Below is a list of actions that can be considered negligent from electric scooter riders:

  • Riding an electric scooter without a Califoria driver’s license. Since scooters are motorized, they do require riders to have a valid driver’s license in the state of California.
  • Failing to wear any protective gear that complies with the US department of Transportation’s requirements while riding an electric scooter in the state of California.
  • Children using electric scooters that are too large or small for their age or size.
  • Failing to check that the brakes, handlebars, and battery are functioning properly before riding the electric scooter.
  • Riding electric scooters on terrain which they were not designed to traverse.
  • Riding tandem on an electric scooter.
  • Driving an electric scooter faster than 15mph or on a road with speed limits higher than 25mph.
  • Riding an electric scooter while under the influence, which is charged as DUI in Sacramento.
  • Performing any stunts while riding the electric scooter.

Who is at Fault in Electric Scooter Accidents?

Fault in electric scooter accidents is determined as it would be normally with any other type of motor vehicle accident in California. Involved parties may be entitled to recover compensation for damages sustained in electric scooter accidents if the other party(s) are found to be responsible for causing the accident. These are some examples of how fault can play out in Sacramento scooter accidents:

  • City/Business at fault. If roadways and sidewalks are not maintained to uphold a safe transporation environment, then the city or business who is responsible for taking care of the roads may be able to be held responsible for damages suffered in a scooter accident along those roadways. This can happen when there is improperly placed signage, dangerous materials left on the highways, or when hazardous potholes are left unfilled among other road maintenance blunders.
  • Scooter rider at fault. If a rider’s negligent actions are found to be the cause of a scooter accident that causes injuries, then thay may be held responsible for compensating victims for damages suffered. If a driver is involved in a crash trying to avoid hitting an electric scooter, the rider may also be held responsible for causing that crash and the damages it caused.
  • Manufacturer at fault. If product defect or design flaw in the electic scooter caused the accident, then the manufacturer may be able to be held liable under product liability law.

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If an electric scooter accident causes injury to others, the victims who suffered life-altering consequences as a result of another’s negligence deserve compensation. Speak to a veteran team of Sacramento scooter accident attorneys today to see if you’re able to recover compensation for various losses such as: lost income, physical damages, damage to property, medical bills, loss of affection/companionship, emotional suffering, lost employment opportunities, and possible punitive damages. Contact us at Heidari Law Group today for a free case evaluation.