Sacramento, California is known to have various types of wildlife, around residences and in urban environments. You can see several different types of animals in Sacramento, including wild rabbits, raccoons, coyotes, waterfowl, turtles, and bats. 

Examples of common pets kept in Sacramento include:

  • Dogs: dogs are the number one most common pet in the city of Sacramento. There are several different types of dog breeds you can see and come across in Sacramento, including hunting dogs and smaller dogs.
  • Cats: cats come in second when it comes to pet popularity in Sacramento. Cats are more common in larger apartment complexes.
  • Birds: many residents in Sacramento keep wild birds, such as finches and canaries in their property.
  • Rabbits: rabbits are very common in Sacramento households, and provide a great way for younger children to get acquainted to having a pet.
  • Exotic pets: there are also owners of exotic pets in Sacramento, including hedgehogs and sugar gliders.
  • Horses: horses are also a common pet in the equestrian community. Sacramento offers several horseback riding trails, which are great for horseback riders.

Unfortunately, all of the animals listed above could be dangerous and could attack others. In the event that you have been attacked by someone’s pet or animal, you may have the right to hold the owner accountable for your injuries.

Unfortunately, animals could lose control or bite their owner, or others. In the event that you or your loved one has been injured by an animal in Sacramento, you should contact our trusted Sacramento attorneys to see how you could recover compensation. 

Does Sacramento have leash laws?

Sacramento has leash laws in place, which means that dogs must be kept on a leash at their owner’s private property. This is to prevent attacks against any property visitors.

What animals are illegal to have as pets in Sacramento?

There are specific animals that are illegal for property owners to have in their homes. If you have been injured by any of the below animals on someone’s property, you may also be able to hold the property owner responsible for violating Sacramento and California laws. This falls under a negligence per se action. Negligence per se is a specific type of legal theory that establishes:

  • There is a law in place that property owners must follow
  • The property owner failed to follow that specific law
  • Because of the property owner failed to follow that specific law and injury or attack occurred.

Below are animals that are outlawed as pets:

  • Ferrets: ferrets belong to the weasel family, and could be dangerous when around other animals.
  • Gerbils: gerbils thrive in hot environments, and in the event that they are left in the cold, could show aggressive behavior.
  • Hedgehogs: hedgehogs belong in the wild, and they could also exert aggressive behavior.
  • Squirrels: squirrels, especially flying squirrels are not allowed in properties.
  • Monkeys: monkeys may have a history of aggressive behavior, and could attack property visitors.
  • Raccoons: raccoons may carry contagious diseases.
  • Chipmunks: chipmunks are known to be small and could cause extensive property damage if not monitored and supervised. 

Dog Bite Strict Liability Sacramento Laws

California follows strict liability when it comes to dog bites. This means that a dog owner is held strictly liable for their animal’s injuries. This means that:

  • The responsible party owned the dog
  • The accident victim was on the public property legally
  • The accident victim was injured by the dog

Other states may have a free bite rule, which states that the dog owner does not have responsibility if their dog bites another for the first time.

Could I file a lawsuit for an animal attack in Sacramento?

In order to file a lawsuit, you must make sure that you were on the property legally. This means that if you’re a trespasser on private property, it may be difficult for you to hold the animal owner responsible for your injuries, especially because you should not have been on the property in the first place. For more information to determine if you were a trespasser, contact us today

What if I provoked the animal?

Sometimes, an accident victim could provoke the animal which could lead to the animal attack. In the event that you have provoked the animal, you may have your damages decrease depending on the circumstances. For example, if you poked the animal, or pulled the animals for, the animal could get aggressive. But, there are comparative negligence laws that still allow you to recover compensation. Give us a call today to discuss. 

Should I hire a personal injury attorney in Sacramento for my animal attack lawsuit?

Animal attacks usually lead to severe injuries, which may require medical treatment. Animal attacks usually don’t result in minor injuries, but more severe injuries like spinal cord injuries and back injuries. These types of injuries will require treatment and physical therapy. There are several different ways you can go about getting compensation for an animal attack. You could file a claim with the insurance company, or you could file a lawsuit. However, the different steps you take depend on the circumstances. We recommend that you speak to our Sacramento attorneys prior to taking any steps. 

Our top-rated Sacramento animal attack attorneys will take various steps to strengthen your case, which could include:

  • Demonstrating and proving where the animal attack happened
  • Identifying the responsible parties for the animal attack
  • Identifying the duty that the responsible party had, and the steps that they failed to take
  • Proving that the animal attack directly caused the injuries 

What type of evidence will I need to prove an animal attack in Sacramento?

Different types of evidence could support your animal attack case. This could include:

  • Receipts of your medical expenses, such as receipts and invoices of hospital stays and doctor visits
  • Pay stubs showing your lost wages
  • Contracts with your employer specifying the amount and compensation you are to be paid
  • Invoices of any property damage that you experienced 

Throughout this entire process, you should not communicate with insurance companies or with the animal owner. After the attack, many parties may try to come up to you to offer a settlement amount. 

Usually, this initial settlement amount is very low, and may not compensate you for all your injuries. In order to get an adequate idea of how much you should be owed, we recommend that you talk to our attorneys, and get the medical treatments you need. 

Sacramento Dog Bite And Animal Attack Attorneys

Accident victims could suffer extensive injuries, whether they have been bitten by a dog or attacked by another animal. Animal attacks could occur in any different type of situation, including on public trails, and in private residences. After an animal attack, your number one priority should be getting the medical attention you need. 

After getting medical attention, you should then contact our top-rated attorneys to see what steps you should take to hold the animal owner responsible for your injuries. Many people believe that because the animal is a wild animal, they may not have the right to file a lawsuit. This is not always the case, we recommend that you speak to our experienced lawyers for more information.