Big Rig Accidents in Sacramento

Given that Sacramento is considered the agricultural center in all of California, there are several big rigs that you could find driving to and from the county. Big rigs is a term used to refer to large trucks that transport goods from one point to another. Another word for big rig is called a semi truck or a tractor trailer. A big rig has a front part, known as the tractor. The tractor is where the driver of the big rig sits and controls the vehicle. The second part which is the rear part of the big rig is the trailer. The trailer is used to refer to the cargo. The cargo could be transported through a tanker, or through a sleeper cab.

Driving a big rig requires a specific type of license, such as a commercial driver’s license with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Besides a specific license, big rig drivers should also have multiple types of training to prepare them for long drives.  

Since big rigs are very large and heavy, collisions with regular-sized sedans could lead to fatalities or severe injuries. If you are a loved one who has been injured with a big rig, give our Sacramento personal injury attorneys a call to discuss how you could hold the responsible parties liable for compensation.

When it comes to big rig accidents, the responsible party could be difficult to determine. Since big rigs have multiple components, it could take months of Investigation to determine exactly what the cause of the big rig accident is. Responsible parties for a big rig accident in Sacramento could include:

  • Product manufacturer: big rigs are manufactured by specific third-party vehicle manufacturing companies. Since there are several components and parts that go to a big rig, including to the trailer and tractor, a single defect in a part could lead to a big rig accident. For example, if the tractor and trailer are not hooked properly, and instead are hooked up with a defective part, it could come apart and could lead to collisions on a highway or freeway.
  • Big rig driver: a big rig driver is an employee who has been employed by the big rig trucking company to transport goods. Big rig drivers could themselves be held responsible if they drove the vehicle negligently. Examples of negligence could include driving while intoxicated, or fatigued driving. One of the most common causes for big rig driving accidents in Sacramento is fatigued driving. Big rig drivers usually drive for several days on end, which could tire the driver, especially if they do not have significant amounts of breaks in between.
  • Big rig company: the company themselves could be held responsible for their employees negligence. This is known as vicarious liability, and holds the employer responsible for any of the employee’s actions. But, the employer could also be held independently responsible if they engaged in negligent hiring or negligent training. For example, if the big rig driver was inexperienced, then the big rig company could be held responsible for failing to train their employees. 
  • Third-party vehicles: sometimes, other vehicles on the road could create a dangerous condition that could lead the big rig driver to swerve on to other oncoming vehicles. For example, if there are objects on the road that the big rig driver does not notice, they could cause a collision. 
  • Government entities: if the poor road conditions led to a big rig and sedan collision, the government entity could be held responsible for failing to maintain their roads properly.

What does a big rig accident attorney do?

  • Our Sacramento big rig truck accident lawyers will file a lawsuit against the responsible party to hold them liable for any compensation that you deserve.
  • Our experienced attorneys will gather evidence to determine how the big rig accident happened, and who the responsible parties ,ay be.
  • Our Sacramento legal staff will make sure that you get the medical care you need. After being involved in a big rig accident, you most likely have suffered severe injuries that will need thousands of dollars in medical expenses to treat. Many of our clients are worried that they may have to pay for all the medical costs on their own. If you file a lawsuit and hold the negligent party responsible, you do not need to worry about having to pay for your own medical bills. For more information, call us today.
  • We will negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to make sure that all your damages are accounted for. Sometimes, settlement negotiations may not include future medical care or future loss of income. Our experienced attorneys will take into consideration all of your damages and losses.
  • Our top rated attorneys will interview all eyewitnesses to determine the cause of the accident, along with responsible parties to learn how the incident came about.
  • We will consult with top rated medical experts to assist us in determining the amount of compensation you should be owed. 
  • We work through contingency fee agreements which allow us to take on your case without you having to worry about paying our attorneys.

Do I need to hire a big rig accident attorney?

Hiring an experienced Sacramento attorney will help maximize the amount of compensation you could receive. Although it is not required that you have an attorney when filing a claim or a lawsuit, it is highly recommended. An experienced Sacramento personal injury lawyer will help investigate the circumstances of the accident and represent you in negotiations. Unfortunately, inexperienced attorneys may not be able to get the maximum compensation possible and piece together exactly how the accident came about. 

Our top rated attorneys also offer complimentary case consultations. This means that you do not have to pay a single dollar out of pocket to have your case reviewed by our top rated attorneys. 

What if I was also responsible for my big rig accident? 

In Sacramento, laws follow comparative negligence rules. Comparative negligence states that if an accident victim was also negligent themselves, they could still recover compensation. This compensation is just reduced by the percentage of liability. Liability decreases the amount of compensation.

Sacramento Big Rig Attorney

Our top rated Sacramento lawyers represent people in big rig accident lawsuits. We have been representing car accident victims for the last several decades, and seek to get high compensation amounts for our clients. We have a successful track record making sure that negligent parties are held responsible. 

Unfortunately, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, big rig accidents are common.  Many of these accidents are preventable with proper protocols in place, such as allowing big rig drivers to take breaks.

Our top-rated attorneys will get to work right away and investigate the circumstances of your big rig or truck accident. We know that immediately after an accident, time is key, especially when filing a lawsuit. After an accident, many pieces of evidence may also not become readily available. That is why we recommend that you speak to us as soon as possible