Sacramento County is one of the largest counties in California, and with that comes several different types of gyms, fitness centers, and facilities that offer residents in Sacramento a great way to work out and get healthy. Examples of gyms in Sacramento include 24-hour fitness, Gold’s gym, Planet Fitness, CrossFit gyms, anytime fitness, yoga studios, Pilates studios, boxing gyms, MMA gyms, and community recreation centers to name a few. 

If gyms are not properly taken care of,  accidents could result. Give our top-rated attorneys a call today to discuss how you could recover compensation for your gym accident injuries.

Can I file a lawsuit for my gym accident injuries in Sacramento?

If you have been injured in a gym, you may have the right to recover by holding negligent parties responsible. With any gym, there are inherent risks associated with working out. But these risks do not necessarily mean that you are assuming the risk of a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury. Sometimes, gym accidents happen from a third party that was negligent. In that case, the accident victim has the right to hold the third party responsible for their injuries. If you have suffered injuries, you could file a personal injury lawsuit in Sacramento. But it takes a highly qualified sacramental attorney to investigate the circumstances of the gym accident and narrow down who the responsible parties may be.

What causes gym accidents in Sacramento?

Several different causes of gym accidents exist, and several different parties could be responsible. Below are some examples of causes:

  • Defective gym equipment: when gym equipment is defective, it does not work the way it’s supposed to. In this case, the accident victim has the right to hold the product manufacturer accountable for the injuries. Examples of defective gym equipment could include:
    • Defective treadmills: treadmills could accelerate and decelerate, and when there is a defect with this feature, the runner could sustain severe injuries.
    • Weight machine defects: weight machines often times have a cable attached. if this cable is manufactured defectively, it could snap and cause severe injuries.
    • Exercise ball defects: exercise balls must not deflate or pop at any point. but, when there is a defect, that may result.
    • Defective resistance bands: resistant bands are made of rubber that could snap and cause blindness or other serious injuries in the event of a defect.
    • Defective bench press: a bench press is meant to hold a weight lifter up while they are lifting weights. but, when a bench press is defective, it could fall to the ground, along with  the weight lifter and the weights.
    • Defective dumbbells: dumbbells must not come loose.
    • Elliptical defects: elliptical trainers should have properly fitted handles and pedals. When there is a defect, one could fall off the elliptical, and sustain severe injuries.
  • Improper gym maintenance: gyms must always be maintained. It is the property owner’s responsibility to make sure that it is maintained. Examples of maintenance include:
    • Hygiene maintenance: gyms must always be inspected and cleaned to prevent any diseases or illnesses.
    • Equipment maintenance: all equipment must properly be repaired and in perfect working order.
  • Negligent gym employees: employees working at the gym must always supervise the customers. This means that if any customer is using heavy equipment, and the gym employee notices that something is wrong, they must let the customer know. Gym employees must always be aware and alert of their surroundings, and never be on their phones or distracted.
  • Dangerous environments: the gym must always be kept safe. This means that all objects on the floor, including liquids, should be immediately cleaned. Gyms must have a proper protocols and safety measures in place to prevent accidents and injuries. 

Examples of gym accident injuries:

Wrongful Death Sacramento Gym Accident

If you have had a loved one pass away from a gym accident Injury in Sacramento, you may be able to file a wrongful death claim on their behalf. Spouses and children could file a wrongful death claim on their loved one’s behalf, and they could get compensation for loss of consortium, pain and suffering, loss of financial assistance to the family, and funeral expenses. 

When can I file my gym accident lawsuit in Sacramento?

There is usually a time limit on how long you have to file a lawsuit in Sacramento when it comes to your gym accident injuries. Usually, courts consider all the circumstances involved in the incident, including the type of accident, the injured party, and when the party was injured. 

In California, you generally have two years from the date of the gym accident to file a lawsuit for compensation. If you wait too long, you may be ineligible and may lose your right to recover compensation.

Make sure that you always meet the required time frames by talking to our attorneys as soon as possible after a gym injury. 

How is a gym responsible for my gym accident injuries?

A gym could be held responsible if they keep their property unsafe. Examples could include:

  • Negligent security: If the gym has had a history of break-ins or assaults, and they fail to take proper security measures, they could be held responsible for negligence security.
  • Failing to monitor the floor: Anytime there are objects on the floor, it could increase the risk of a trip and fall accident. If there are liquids on the floor, such as spilled water from water bottles, this could increase the risk of a  slip and fall accident.
  • Failing to monitor other gym members: The gym must hire adequate staff to monitor all users of gym equipment.
  • Failing to have proper procedures in place: A gym must have proper safety protocols in place, especially when dealing with accidents.

How much does the Sacramento gym accident attorney cost?

Our gym accident attorneys do not collect any compensation up front. We front all the costs associated with your gym accident to make sure that you get top legal care. We only recover fees when we recover compensation for you. 

What do I have to prove in a sacramental gym accident lawsuit?

To recover compensation for your gym accident lawsuit, you must show:

  • The responsible party had a duty of care to the accident victim. Usually, the responsible party is the gym, or property owner.
  • The responsible party failed to follow through with this duty and breached their duty.
  • The responsible party’s breach led to the accident
  • The accident victim now suffers injuries. 

Compensation After A Gym Accident

The compensation you received from a gym accident depends on the circumstances of the accident, and the damages that have resulted. For example, you could get financial coverage for:

  • Loss Of Income
  • Lost Wages
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Pain And Suffer
  • Physical Therapy
  • Loss Of Consortium
  • Medical Expenses
  • Hospital Stay
  • Prescription Medication 

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