Axe throwing is a great recreational activity to let loose, with many people using it as a way to take out all their anger. But, if done improperly, axe throwing could lead to severe injuries, and sometimes even death. Since an axe has a very sharp blade, that blade could cut through skin, muscle, and even tissue if wrong at high speeds. If you or someone you know has been injured while axe throwing in Sacramento, contact us today to see how you could recover compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

According to the Sacramento Bee, axe throwing has become one of the popular recreational activities in Sacramento. It is a low-cost activity that has offered great excitement to all different range groups. Axe throwing is usually played with an axe that weighs around 1.5 lb, and the blade and handle together are around 14 inches. Axe throwing injuries could happen to anyone, even employees who have experience training and teaching axe throwing. One of the most dangerous things an axe could do is bounce back after it is thrown.

Who can file an axe-throwing injury lawsuit in Sacramento?

A variety of parties have the right to file a lawsuit in the event that they have been injured from axe throwing. For example, parties include:

  • Employees of the axe throwing company: if an employee was injured while on the job when working for an axe-throwing company, the employee has a right to file a lawsuit against the responsible party. If the responsible party was the employee’s employer, then they could file a workers compensation claim to receive benefits. Workers compensation claims are claims made with the workers compensation insurance company to recover a variety of damages including temporary and permanent disability.
  • Customer: a customer who had signed up for axe throwing activities could file a lawsuit if they were injured by the responsible party. 
  • Bystanders: bystanders who are watching the axe throwing activity from afar could also be injured if there were no safety precautions in place to prevent injury.
  • Third parties: third parties who are not by sanders, customers, or even employees could file a lawsuit if they have been injured from the axe-throwing venue. For example, a common third party could be a third party neighbor who lives next to the axe throwing venue and was injured.

As explained above, almost any party that has been injured from the axe throwing activity has the right to file a lawsuit in California and to hold the negligent party responsible.

What do I have to prove to file an axe-throwing injury lawsuit in Sacramento?

In order to file a successful lawsuit, several elements must be met. Because each circumstance is different, our Sacramento attorneys at Heidari law recommend a free case evaluation. A case consultation allows our lawyers to investigate the circumstances of your accident and address several questions to determine the value of your axe throwing injury lawsuit.

Examples of factors you must have to prove include:

  • The responsible party had a duty of care to the injured. For example, the responsible party was the axe throwing venue, then they had a duty to make sure that those on their property were not injured.
  • The responsible party failed to take the necessary steps and breached their duty. This is essentially the responsible party’s wrongful conduct. For example, if the venue provided improper safety gear, then they have breached this duty.
  • The breach of duty caused the accident.
  • The injury resulted in damages, such as the accident victim’s medical expenses.

Proving axe-throwing injuries requires decades of legal expertise. Our Sacramento lawyers have been representing accident victims for the last several decades, and have an award-winning streak making sure that negligent parties in Sacramento are held responsible. 

What is the cause of an axe-throwing accident in Sacramento?

All parties involved in the axe throwing activity, including bystanders, customers, training experts, and other employees must exercise proper protocol and safety throughout the entire activity. This means constantly supervising everybody around and making sure that there is a safe distance between the customer and the target. Below are common causes of axe throwing accidents:

  • Improper staff training: all employees at an axe throwing venue must have intensive training, which addresses how to teach customers, and how to address an incident.
  • Improper maintenance of venue: a venue must also be maintained, and inspected for any dangerous conditions. Axes could come apart, and there could be flying debris. There must be a constant inspection for any debris on the floor that could be a future potential trip and fall or a slip and fall lawsuit.
  • Improper maintenance of axes: access must always be maintained, and they should be pre-approved axes. Axes brought from outside the venue should not be allowed on the venue. There are specific requirements when it comes to axes, and venues must always follow proper protocol.
  • Lack of supervision: the venue must always be supervised every hour of the day with properly trained employees. The venue may also have surveillance videos recording the activities. The more employees on the floor and supervising the customers, the less chance of an incident.
  • Other negligent parties: there may be circumstances where customers themselves could be fooling around and throwing the axe around without any caution or care. This could increase the chance of an incident. 
  • Under the influence of alcohol or drugs: venues must refrain from serving alcohol or drugs to customers at axe throwing activities since it could impair a person’s judgment and coordination, which could lead to injuries.

What are examples of axe throwing injuries?

Axes can cause almost any type of injury, including:

How To Prevent An Axe Throwing Incident In Sacramento

Axe throwing venues must always take proper measures to make sure that accidents do not happen. But, it is easier said than done. Below are some steps our attorneys recommend that an axe-throwing venue take to decrease the likelihood of an incident:

  • All employees should be properly trained with all types of safety measures. This includes safety measures during the customer’s throw, and after the customer’s throw. All employees must show care for all customers.
  • Venues should establish age limits and restrictions when it comes to axe throwing. For example, minors should not be allowed to throw axes.
  • Venues should divide the area between axe throwing and areas for food and drinks. If the venue is too close to other activities, it could lead to accidents with other third parties.
  • Venues are discouraged from offering alcohol or drugs while axe throwing.
  • In the event of an incident, the axe-throwing venue should have proper protocols and safety measures in place.
  • There should be a distance between the axe thrower and the target. There should also be only one player at a time. 

Sacramento Axe Throwing Attorney

A Sacramento axe throwing personal injury attorney will look into the circumstances of your axe throwing circumstance and investigate the details to get expert testimony and strengthen your claim. Because axe throwing requires several different technical terms, and proving the injuries may be complex, we recommend that you speak to our top rated Sacramento legal staff today.