Unfortunately, airport and airplane accidents are common near heavily populated cities. In the event that you have been injured in an airplane or while in an airport, contact our Sacramento lawyers today for a free one-on-one consultation. Our one-on-one case evaluations are completely complimentary, and give you the opportunity to ask our experienced lawyers any questions you may have regarding airplane or airport injuries that you have suffered.

There are so many different types of accidents that could fall under an airplane accident or an airport accident. There are also several different types of injuries that could result. That is why we recommend that you speak to our attorneys to get more of an idea of what the next steps should be with your potential claim. 

What are examples of airport accidents?

  • Slip and fall accidents: airports, especially the Sacramento International Airport have several different restaurants and stores available to the public. Although no liquids are allowed while going into the airport, passengers are able to purchase drinks when they enter the airport. This poses a potential slipping hazard, and slip and fall accidents are likely to occur near the floor, stairs, or ramps in the airport.
  • Bridge accidents: the bridge that connects the airport terminal to the aircraft could lead to catastrophic injuries if not connected properly. Airport employees have a responsibility to make sure that the bridge is properly connected to the aircraft. If it is not properly connected, many could trip and fall into openings, or fall off the bridge.
  • Fires:  when airplanes are not properly taken care of, it could lead to fire hazards, which could pose a risk to all those in the airport.
  • Baggage conveyor accidents: tourists and passengers who are waiting for their luggage could be injured in a baggage conveyor accident if the conveyor has not been maintained properly.
  • Parking lot accidents: since airports are always extremely busy, their parking lots could be as well. Parking lot accidents are also very common aviation accident near Sacramento International Airport. The most common type of parking lot accidents are rear-end collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians.

As described above, there are so many different types of accidents that could occur at or near the airport. these types of accidents fall under a negligence or a premises liability claim.

What do I have to prove for my Sacramento airport accident injuries?

In order to file a negligence claim against the responsible parties for the injuries that you have suffered while at or near the Sacramento International Airport, your top-rated Sacramento lawyers should show:

  • The responsible party had a duty to make sure their property was safe. The responsible party could be the property owner or the third party company responsible for maintaining the property.
  • The responsible party failed to follow through with that duty when they created a dangerous condition on their property. For example, a dangerous condition could be spilled liquid on the floor.
  • The responsible party then caused the accident.
  • The person involved in the accident now has injuries.

What are the different types of airplane accidents? 

  • Aircraft collisions:  aircraft collisions are not very common, but, in the unfortunate event that they do occur, could lead to death and catastrophic injuries.
  • Runway accidents:  the aircraft could collide with other vehicles, or pedestrians on the runway.
  • Bird accidents: collisions with other animals and birds could lead to internal part malfunctions.

What are the different types of aviation aircrafts?

  • Commercial airplanes: commercial airplanes are those that transfer passengers from one area to another.
  • Business Jets: these are personal Jets that individuals could use.
  • Helicopters: helicopters are used for a variety of different purposes, including law enforcement and emergency medical services. 
  • Military aircrafts: these types of aircrafts are used by the military, and can travel at high rates of speed.

Who is responsible for my Sacramento Aviation accident?

  • Employees: employees such as the airplane stewards, airplane pilots, or runway employees could be held responsible in the event that their negligence has caused such an accident.
  • Airlines:  airlines are responsible for making sure that their employees follow proper safety regulations and protocols. This means that they must properly train their employees to prevent accidents from occurring. Airlines also must hire third-party repair companies to make sure that their aircrafts are properly maintained.
  • Airplane owners:  sometimes airplanes are owned by other third parties rather than the airlines themselves. These airplane owners may be held responsible if they have taken on the responsibilities of maintenance and repairs to the aircraft.
  • Aircraft manufacturers: the manufacturer of the aircraft could be held responsible if they have manufactured a product that is defective and has caused injuries.
  • Third-party repair companies: usually, Airlines and private owners hire a third party to repair and maintain the airplane. In the event that the plane is not properly maintained, it could lead to catastrophic accidents.

There are so many different parties that could be held liable for an airplane or aviation accident. Give our top-rated lawyers a call today to discuss. 

What if I have been injured while working at an airport?

If you were an employee of the airport or airline, and were injured while working, you may be able to hold your employer responsible for the injuries that you have suffered. For example, if you were injured while carrying heavy baggage onto a conveyor belt, you can file a workers compensation claim. For more information on what a worker’s compensation claim is, and how you could file it, we recommend that you contact our Sacramento worker’s compensation attorneys. 

When should I file my Sacramento airport accident claim?

You should file your airport and airplane accident claim within two years from the date that you have suffered injuries. Contact us today to see how we could help you. 

Sacramento Aviation Accident Lawyers

Although different types of airplanes and helicopters have changed the way that we travel, and have made different areas of the world accessible, the chances of being involved in an accident are still very high. There are several different types of regulations the federal government has put in place, but, the likelihood of accidents is still there.

Aviation accidents are some of the most dangerous accidents and could lead to catastrophic injuries that should be compensated. If you have been injured, or have lost a loved one in an airplane accident, call us today to schedule a consultation at Heidari law.

We have recovered millions of dollars for our airport and airplane accident clients. Usually, these types of accidents result in catastrophic injuries that need immediate medical assistance, along with any future medical care. Not only do we hold responsible parties liable for injuries, but also for the time that was left from work, along with any property damage.