Discrimination happens any time an employer treats an individual employee poorly based on that employee’s belonging to a protected class.  This means treating anyone unjustly based on their disability, gender, religion, race, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation or age. 

What are examples of workplace discrimination in Irvine?

Workplace discrimination can take place in several different ways. Victims of discrimination all experience different types of discrimination at work. It includes, but is not limited to:

  • Physical violence: this includes assault and/or battery
  • Sexual assault: this includes pregnancy discrimination, requests for sexual favors, unwanted physical contact, and even making sexual jokes or commenting repeatedly on someone’s appearance
  • Threats
  • Reducing an employee’s hours
  • Reducing an employee’s pay
  • Wrongfully terminating an employee based on their identity
  • Failing to include the employee in work meetings
  • Denying the employee’s the right to go on family medical leave
  • Treating the employee differently than other employees based on their identity

How do you prove age discrimination?

Age discrimination include, for example, not hiring a person in their 50s for a social media-related position under the assumption that they would know less about the platforms than a younger person. Or, alternately, denying someone in their 20s a position under the assumption that they “don’t have the maturity of someone older.”

How do you prove racial discrimination?

Racial discrimination occurs when the employer makes jokes, harasses the employee, or uses racial slurs that create an uncomfortable work environment.  For example, if the employer fails to promote or hire an individual because that person belongs to a specific racial group, the employer could be held responsible for workplace discrimination.

How do you prove gender discrimination?

Gender discrimination has very specific scenarios. The most common scenario in the workplace occurs when an employer fails to provide promotion opportunities for a female because they are pregnant or caring for a young child, or are planning to be.

How do you prove disability discrimination?

The most common incident involving disability discrimination is when the disabled employee is denied adequate reasonable accommodations simply because of their disabled status. This includes both physical and mental disabilities.

How do you establish workplace discrimination in Irvine?

To demonstrate discrimination, having a documented paper trail illustrating the discriminatory intent of the employer, supervisor, or manager is beneficial. For instance, our attorneys typically examine various records, including:

  • Employee’s personnel files
  • Performance evaluations
  • Coworkers’ feedback
  • Salary records
  • Work hours logged
  • Correspondence, such as emails and texts
  • Meeting minutes and notes

What steps should I take if I’ve encountered workplace discrimination in Irvine?

Prompt action is crucial in holding your employer accountable for discriminatory practices. Failure to act swiftly may result in forfeiting your right to file a lawsuit or claim. Consider the following:

  • Report the discrimination internally to your human resources department. Often, discrimination issues are resolved internally, with employees potentially reaching settlements with their employers without resorting to litigation.
  • Maintain comprehensive records documenting the discriminatory incident and any witnesses who can corroborate your claims.
  • Seek medical assistance if you’ve suffered physical harm. Workplace-related sexual assault driven by discriminatory motives is unfortunately common, and medical expenses incurred are recoverable.
  • Reach out to a reputable Irvine workplace attorney for guidance. Employers may attempt to pressure unrepresented employees into signing settlement agreements without fully disclosing their rights.
  • Seek psychological support if you’ve endured traumatic experiences due to your employer’s discriminatory practices. Anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are frequent forms of emotional distress experienced by employees.

Do your attorneys offer case evaluations?

Our attorneys provide complimentary, risk-free one-on-one case consultations. Led by our legal team, these consultations thoroughly assess the circumstances surrounding potential discrimination incidents. We address any questions or concerns you may have and evaluate the situation to determine if we can represent you effectively.

Why should I file a discrimination complaint?

Regrettably, many employees refrain from reporting discrimination out of fear of potential employer retaliation. Consequently, numerous discrimination victims remain silent. However, filing a complaint or lawsuit for discrimination is a means of seeking the justice you deserve and holding accountable those responsible for their unlawful actions. Additionally, you may be experiencing financial hardships due to your employer’s misconduct, and you’re entitled to compensation. Contact us for a confidential one-on-one consultation.

Why should you hire our Irvine discrimination attorneys?

  • Our experienced legal team is dedicated to getting the help you need. 
  • Our top-rated attorneys have decades of experience representing clients who have been through traumatic experiences such as discrimination by their employers.
  • We have handled all types of mediations, settlements, and trials when it comes to many different problems or accidents in the workplace. 
  • We offer one-on-one consultations, which are completely risk-free.
  • Our award-winning Irvine attorneys will negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to make sure that you get the help you need. 

What laws protect me from discrimination in the workplace?

Irvine, California follows several laws, both on the federal level and on the state level. Below are some examples:

  • Americans With Disabilities Act Of 1990
  • California Fair Employment And Housing Act
  • California Family And Medical Leave Act
  • California Family Rights Act
  • New Parents Leave Act
  • Age Discrimination And Employment Act Of 1967
  • Civil Rights Act Of 1964 

The above laws guarantee that employees should not be discriminated against, and in the event they are, get the justice they need. 

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Discrimination is illegal in the workplace. Making wo

When an employee falls under certain characteristics, they are protected and have the right to hold the employer responsible for damages. Damages include monetary compensation. 

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