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Irvine Drunk Driving & DUI Lawyer

If you’re facing charges related to Driving Under the Influence (DUI), then you need an experienced legal team to help you navigate your legal case. Contact Heidari Law Group today for a free case evaluation.

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Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is a serious criminal charge that can have lifelong effects on your wellbeing & reputation. DUI is treated as a misdemeanor in California state law, but it does carry some severe penalties that are automatically applied unless you request a hearing with the DMV to stop them.

If you’re facing a DUI in Irvine, it can be natural to feel confused or overwhelmed by the consequences you may face, but an experienced Irvine DUI attorney can help guide you through the next steps and start the process of building your case.

What Happens After Getting a DUI in Irvine?

After being arrested for DUI in Irvine, the first thing you can expect to happen is to have your license suspended for 30 days.This is an automatic penalty, but it can be avoided by requesting a hearing with DMV to pause the process.

Bail is typically not too expensive for DUI and if you can post it, you may be able to get out of jail quickly, but if you cannot post bail, then you’ll have to spend time in jail until the court proceeding begins.

When a court date has been set, the proceeding starts normally as it would with a criminal case:

  1. The proceeding starts with an arraignment where a plea of guilty or not guilty can be entered.
  2. Your DUI attorney can start negotiations to potentially secure a plea deal or favorable outcome without ever needing to go trial.
  3. If negotiations are unsuccessful, the trial begins & is often decided by jury.
  4. Your Irvine DUI lawyer will fight for your case by trying to find holes in the prosecution’s argument such as a violation of the defendant’s rights or refuting the arresting officer’s testimony.

The Consequences of a DUI Charge in Irvine

Drunk driving may be one of the most common criminal charges that Californians face, but it can still have serious, long-lasting consequences for the defendant & their family.

For a first-time DUI charge in Irvine, you could face:

  • 4-6 months of driving with an ignition interlock device (IID) restricted license. An IID is a built-in breathalyzer device that will not allow your vehicle to start unless it’s blown into and it returns a blood alcohol level (BAC) of 0.
  • If you don’t end up with an IID in your vehicle, you may can still end up with a 6-month driver’s license suspension. This can be avoided if the driver wins their hearing with the California DMV and they are not convicted of DUI in court.

Additionally, typical charges for DUI in California can include:

  • Possible 3-5 years of misdemeanor probation.
  • 3-9 months of DUI school.
  • Fines ranging up to $2,000 which vary by county.
  • Up to 6 months in county jail.
  • Mandatory attendance of a DUI victim panel.
  • Possible loss of employment.

There may also be the possibility of going through substance abuse treatment instead of facing criminal charges, but this is not always the case.

For subsequent DUI offenses, these penalties start to get significantly worse.

Hire An Experienced DUI Attorney in Irvine Today

A DUI charge in California can feel like the end, but it’s not. With a team of veteran DUI attorneys fighting for your case, you may be able to avoid the charges with little to no repercussions on your life. Because of the potential severity of the consequences, you want to hire the best Irvine DUI attorney you can find.

At Heidari Law Group, we’ve been handling DUI cases across California and Nevada for years. Our knowledgeable legal team is ready to fight for your case. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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