Irvine is known for several different parks and tourist attractions, such as Disneyland close by. This offers great opportunities for those who would like to visit Irvine. Besides hotels, Irvine also is known to have several residential homes and complexes that could be rented out through Airbnb. 

Airbnb offers a great way for those visiting a new city, especially for larger families that need larger spaces like homes.

But, it could be a very traumatic event to be injured on an Airbnb property. In the unfortunate event that you or a loved one have been injured while on an Airbnb property, it is very important that you have a top-rated Irvine lawyer on your side to make sure that you are getting the legal assistance you deserve. Our Irvine attorneys have been representing accident victims for several decades, and have the experience and skill necessary to make sure that you get the compensation you need. After being involved in an accident on an Airbnb property, so many thoughts could be running through your mind, including:

  • Could I file a lawsuit against Airbnb?
  • Could I file a lawsuit against the Airbnb property owner?
  • How could I get compensation for my injuries if I rented out a property through Airbnb?

We understand that all these questions are completely valid, and so our Irvine lawyers offer free consultations to specifically discuss your Airbnb accident injury lawsuit, and to develop a personalized legal strategy for you. Since accidents could vary, and injuries could vary, the best thing that you could do for yourself is to schedule a one-on-one case evaluation.

What are different examples of Airbnb accidents?

Because an Airbnb is a residential property similar to any other property, different types of accidents are bound to happen. Below are some examples of accidents that could occur at an Airbnb accident in Irvine:

  • Slip and fall accidents: These are some of the most common types of accidents in Irvine. This usually occurs when the property has a swimming pool, or has an appliance that may be leaking liquids. In that circumstance, an Airbnb owner has a responsibility to make sure that they prevent slip and fall accidents and slippery floors.
  • Burns: Sometimes, Airbnb properties could have scalding hot water without a proper warning to the guests. In other circumstances, appliances that have not been properly maintained could lead to fires, which could lead to burns.
  • Electrocution: All electrical maintenance must be properly taken care of. In the event that electrical wires are placed in dangerous areas, an accident victim could recover compensation.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning: All property owners must install carbon monoxide devices on their property. Carbon monoxide could be a fatal gas and could lead to substantial injuries.
  • Bed bugs: Bed bugs are now a very common incident that takes place in Irvine hotels and Airbnb homes. Property owners have a responsibility to make sure that they prevent bed bug accidents.
  • Food poisoning: All utensils in the kitchen must be properly sanitized. This also goes for any food in the refrigerator or in the kitchen drawers. In the event that they are contaminated, it could lead to illnesses or food poisoning.
  • Animal attacks: Sometimes, there are properties where the owner is residing nearby. Sometimes, the owner of an Airbnb property could also have an animal. In the event that you have been injured by an animal attack from the Airbnb property’s owner, you could hold the owner responsible. The most common example is dog bite injuries. California’s dog bite laws hold the dog owner responsible for any injuries. 
  • Defective sports equipment: Sometimes, Airbnb properties also have recreational equipment.  The recreational equipment must be maintained to prevent any accidents. This also includes prevention and measures for defects.

Could I file a lawsuit if I have been injured in an Airbnb in Irvine?

If you have been injured while on an Airbnb property, you have the right to file a lawsuit to seek recovery for your injuries. But, there are certain factors that you must have to prove in order to make sure that you get the compensation you need. Usually, Airbnb lawsuits fall under a negligence legal theory. Negligence is a theory under personal injury where the injured must have to show a couple of factors. These factors include:

  • Duty: the accident victim must show that the landowner of the Airbnb property had a duty to prevent hazards, and to take necessary safety precautions.
  • Breach: The accident victim must show that the landowner breached this duty by failing to take proper security measures.
  • Causation: There must be a specific link between the landowner’s negligence and the accident that it caused.

Throughout this time, you must keep all records and documentation to build a strong Irvine Airbnb lawsuit. This means:

  1. Taking photos of the accident scene
  2. Keeping records of all communication between you and Airbnb
  3. Keeping records of all communication between you and the Airbnb property owner
  4. Keeping all medical records showing treatment for the Airbnb accident injuries
  5. Keeping all work records that show the amount of work wages that you were not paid because of the injuries

What if I signed a waiver?

Sometimes, Airbnb has online waivers where you agree to the terms and conditions, along with the responsibilities that you have as a guest. This means that if you in any way contributed to your injuries, you could be partially responsible. For more information, give our attorneys a call today.

What should I do after an Airbnb accident in Irvine?

If you have been injured in an Airbnb property, as with any property, we recommend that you contact our Irvine accident attorneys for more information. An experienced accident attorney will be able to gather all the relevant records to make sure that you have a strong case on your hands.

Who is responsible for my Irvine Airbnb accident injuries?

Because the property owner has listed their property on Airbnb, it could get a little bit tricky when determining who the responsible parties are, and who to go after when filing a claim or lawsuit. Below are some parties that could be potentially responsible for your injuries:

  • The Airbnb host: This is usually the number one responsible party. The Airbnb host is the Airbnb property manager or the Airbnb property owner. They are responsible for making sure that they take all necessary safety precautions, for example, this means going through with all maintenance and constantly inspecting the property for any dangerous conditions.
  • Airbnb: Sometimes, the Airbnb company could be held responsible themselves. For example, if the company was made aware of any previous dangerous conditions that the property host had, Airbnb could be held responsible for failing to take measures to keep a check on the Airbnb host.
  • Airbnb manager: Sometimes the host is not always the homeowner. Sometimes, the Airbnb home has a manager who is directly responsible for making sure that the property is maintained.
  • Third parties: Sometimes, other third parties could be held responsible. For example, third-party maintenance companies could be held responsible if they negligently worked on an appliance that may have caused injuries.
  • Other Airbnb guests: Guests who were also staying on the Airbnb property could also be held responsible for creating the dangerous conditions.