Recently, there has been an increase in the number of axe-throwing recreational activity facilities. As more and more people start to engage in the recreational activity of axe throwing, this has led to many accidents as well. Because it is somewhat of a fairly new activity, not many standards and protocols are in place to prevent injury.

Because an axe is very heavy and sharp, the risk of severe injuries is very high. Contact our attorneys for more information on how you could recover compensation if you have been injured in an axe-throwing incident. 

What is axe throwing?

Axe throwing is considered a recreational activity where participants have the opportunity to throw various sizes of axes at a specific target. The target me have a point or a bullseye that gives the participants points. At the end of the game, after all the axes have been thrown, the participant with the most number of points wins. axe throwing is a recreational activity that is very common throughout the United States, especially in California.

Axe throwing is usually done outdoors, however, with many new recreational facilities now being constructed indoors, protocols must be established.

What is an axe?

An axe is usually a single sharpened blade that has a handle on the other side. These blades must constantly be sharpened and maintained to make sure that the participants in the axe-throwing game have the opportunity to hit the target. Participants may stand around 10 to 15 feet away from the target and throw the ax. Because of how close participants may stand, the dangerous blade, and the lack of proper protocols in place, axe throwing injuries may result.

Who is responsible for my axe throwing injuries?

Usually, those who are participating in axe throwing may think that they have no right to file a lawsuit. But, that is not the case. No accident victim should feel as if they have no right to file a lawsuit without consulting our top-rated Irvine personal injury attorneys first. In the event that you’re axe throwing injuries have been caused by another party’s negligence, you have the right under California law to file a lawsuit and get compensated for your injuries. axe throwing injuries are usually severe injuries because of the sharpened blade.

Usually, there are specific parties responsible for axe throwing injuries. For example, some responsible parties may:

  • The axe throwing facility: the facility or venue where the participants threw the axe could be held responsible for several different reasons. As the venue, they are responsible for making sure that all the targets and blades are properly maintained and follow proper sport equipment protocols. They are also responsible for having specific policies in place to prevent an accident or to help an accident victim after an accident has just occurred. The axe throwing facility also has the responsibility of properly training its employees.
  • Instructors: Instructors could be held responsible if they failed to give proper instructions, or failed to supervise the participants during the axe throwing activity.
  • Equipment manufacturer: The axe must be manufactured properly in order to be properly used. Defects could lead to substantial injuries. For example, the blade and the handle must be properly connected. If not, the blade could fall or fly to the ground or fly while thrown and cause substantial injury.
  • Other participants: Sometimes, other participants could be held responsible themselves for the accident victim’s injuries. In that case, the victim has the right to file a lawsuit against the other participant.
  • Property manager: If the property manager knew of the axe throwing facility, and failed to take proper measures to make sure the facility was following proper safety protocols and procedures, the property manager could be held responsible themselves.
  • Landowner: The landowner could also be held responsible for leasing their property to an axe throwing facility without properly looking into the protocols that the facility may have. 

What if I was also responsible for my axe throwing injuries in Irvine?

Sometimes, an axe throwing participant could be responsible for their own injuries. But, this depends on the case-by-case basis. For example, if the axe throwing participant failed to follow clear instructions from the instructor and axe throwing venue, they could be held responsible themselves. If the axe throwing participant was goofing around with other participants and throwing the blade around negligently, they could also be held responsible. 

In that case, a participant may not be able to recover compensation. But, California comparative laws allow accident victims to recover compensation even if they have been partially responsible. Comparative negligence laws could get tricky, which is why we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation. 

Axe Throwing Accidents

  • Negligent throws: Usually, axe throwing injuries result when a participant negligently throws their axe, and the blade hits another participant. Participants must always be focused, and keep their eye on the target.
  • Improper distance: all axe throwing participants must keep a proper distance. If they feel to do so, such as getting too close, the ox can bounce off the target. If they get too far, they could miss and hit another participant.
  • Improper control: All axe throwing participants must have full control of the axe. If they fail to do so, it could injure other participants.
  • Trip and falls: axe throwing participants may trip on the axis that is placed on the floor. Axes must properly be placed at a higher level next to the participants. 
  • Improper safety gear: All axe throwing participants must wear properly fitted safety gear. In the event that there is minimal safety gear, or participants have not completely fitted their safety gear, the facility or instructors could be held responsible. 

How can I prevent an axe throwing injury in Irvine?

  • Always stay alert of your surroundings
  • Always keep an eye out for other nearby participants
  • Never point the blade at yourself
  • Make sure that you are wearing all proper safety gear before throwing the ax
  • When throwing the axe, make sure that you are focused on the target 
  • Pay close attention to all the instructions provided by the axe throwing instructor
  • Make sure that you keep a safe distance from the target, do not stand too far, and do not stand too close
  • Wear properly closed clothing, such as close-toed shoes 

Axe Throwing Irvine Injury Attorney

Axe throwing has only recently become a popular recreational activity, especially in the city of Irvine, California. However, participants in axe throwing may not have the proper experience. That is why they must be properly trained. If not properly trained, axe throwing accidents could result. These injuries could be severe and need the attention and care of a highly qualified Irvine lawyer.

Our top-rated Irvine lawyers offer free case evaluations. Evaluation is your opportunity to get to know our attorneys, while also developing a legal strategy on what to do next. After an axe throwing injury, our attorneys want you to focus on your health, and to heal from your injuries. But, you should see a lawyer as soon as possible.