Given the great weather Irvine, California has to offer all year round, many households have swimming pools in their backyard. Besides households, there are several hotels in the Irvine area that have swimming pools for their guests. 

Swimming pool accidents could vary, and younger children and older adults are more likely to suffer swimming pool accidents. Our top-rated Irvine swimming pool accident attorneys have been representing swimming pool accident victims for the last several decades, and offer complimentary no-risk consultations for our clients to review any potential claims or lawsuits a party may have.

Examples Of Swimming Pool Accidents In Irvine

When people think of a swimming pool accident, they’re going to is to think of a drowning incident. Although drownings account for the majority of swimming pool accidents, there are still other types of swimming pool accidents where a victim could still hold the negligent party accountable for the injury suffered. Examples include:

  • Diving accidents: when a swimmer dives improperly, they could collide with other swimmers. This could lead to injuries like spinal cord injuries or traumatic brain injuries.
  • Slip and fall accidents : The area around swimming pools must always be maintained and checked for dangerous conditions. If not, it could lead to swimming pool accidents, or children falling into the water and drowning.
  • Electrocution accidents: If the pool contains faulty wiring, it could lead to an electrocution.
  • Pool equipment accidents: Since there may be times when the pool may have equipment, it could lead to severe and catastrophic injuries from faulty dreams or suctions. 
  • Improper safety measures: pools, especially public pools must have proper safety measures in place in the event of an incident. For example, all employees must be trained in CPR to prevent any drowning injuries.
  • Illnesses: If the pool is not maintained properly and sanitized, it could lead to infections and illnesses. 

Who is responsible for a swimming pool accident in Irvine?

The responsible party could differ depending on the circumstances of the accident, the party that was injured, and why the accident happened. To determine exactly which party could be held responsible in your specific swimming pool accident lawsuit, give our Irvine lawyers a call. The different parties could include:

  • Landowners: Landowners, such as private property landowners could be held responsible in the event that another party has been injured because of their swimming pool. Each county in California has different requirements for swimming pools. For example, many counties in California require that swimming pools have a gate around the pool to prevent any children from falling into the pool. This falls under premises liability lawsuits, which places a duty on landowners to make sure that their property is free from any dangers.
  • Public landowners: Landowners of hotels, restaurants, and even beach clubs could be held responsible for any swimming pool accidents that could occur on their property. When a pool is open to the public, there are several security measures that a landowner must have to take. For example, there should be lifeguards on the premises, safety protocols in the event of a drowning, and supervision at all times. When a pool is open to the public, the landowner has to take several different precautions to prevent an accident.
  • Property manager: Usually, properties like restaurants, and public pools are managed by a separate third party. In the event that there is a drowning at a public pool, the owner or manager of the business could be held responsible. For example, it could be because of lack of supervision, or poor employee training in the event of an incident.
  • Lifeguards: Lifeguards must be around a public pool in the event of an emergency, and to prevent severe accidents. Sometimes, lifeguards themselves could be held responsible if they acted negligently in an incident.
  • Pool equipment manufacturers: In product liability cases, a pool equipment manufacturer could be held responsible if a part of a pool led to an accident. For example, if the pool ladder or filter is faulty, and leads to injuries, the injured party could get the product manufacturer and product retailer responsible.
  • Other third parties: Sometimes, other swimmers in the pool could be held responsible for causing the accident. For example, if another swimmer dove into the pool and did not see the victim at the time of the incident. Another example could be a child pushing another child into the pool. 
  • Pool maintenance company: In some cases, public pools are maintained by a separate third party. When the pool is not properly maintained, then the maintenance company or contractor could be held responsible.
  • Public entity: The city of Irvine has an aquatic center that is open all year round. In the event that you have been injured due to the negligence of a government entity, you could hold the government entity responsible. But, there are several different requirements that you must meet when filing a claim against a government entity. Give us a call today to discuss. 

Swimming Pool Accident Injuries

Because there are so many different types of swimming pool accidents, the injuries could vary. Injuries could include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries: this is usually associated with jumping into the pool, such as diving.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Spinal cord injuries could be caused by slip and fall accidents or diving at the shallow end.
  • Drowning: Drowning is one of the most common types of swimming pool accidents.
  • Broken bones: slip and fall accidents and collisions with other swimmers could lead to broken bones.
  • Cuts: In the event that there are sharp or broken equipment or products in the pool, cuts could result.
  • Electrocution: If the wiring of the pool has not been maintained properly, it could lead to electrocution.

How much is my Irvine swimming pool accident case worth?

Several factors go into valuing an Irvine swimming pool accident lawsuit. The more details we have of your circumstance, the more straightforward answer we can give you. Some factors our attorneys consider in evaluating an Irvine swimming pool accident case include:

  • How the accident occurred
  • Who the responsible parties are
  • What type of injuries the victim sustain
  • Where the accident occurred
  • If the victim was responsible for their own injuries
  • Hospital bills
  • Employment wages lost 

Irvine Swimming Pool Accident Attorneys

No person should have to pay out of pocket for injuries caused by a swimming pool accident if it was caused by the negligent party. There are several different types of swimming pool accidents that could result in Irvine. If you or someone you know has been involved in a swimming pool accident, do not wait, and give us a call today.

Our attorneys are essentially risk-free, which means that our consultations are complementary, and our attorneys work through contingency fee agreements. Contingency fee agreements allow our attorneys to front all the costs associated with your claim, so you do not have to worry about paying any fees upfront.  Our Irvine lawyers only get paid when we recover compensation for you.