Tackling Workplace Harassment Head-on in Irvine, California

Our Irvine harassment attorneys know how hard it must be to come forward and report harassment, especially sexual harassment in the workplace. That is why we work tirelessly to make sure that those who do come forward get to hold the perpetrator responsible. 

Our Irvine workplace harassment attorneys are available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have and offer confidential consultations to give you a piece of mind that everything you say between us is private.

Contact our Irvine harassment attorneys for more information on how you could get compensated for your injuries.  Every type of harassment claim is different from one another, which is why a consultation is necessary for our attorneys to get a better idea of how to strengthen your harassment case. 

Harassment is taken very seriously in the city of Irvine, California. For example, you see Irvine published a report on crimes on campus. There were around 100 harassment reports made by students on campus. Currently, the campus is making an effort to alert the community and hold perpetrators accountable.

Harassment at work is also not uncommon. Unfortunately, harassment at work is not always reported since employees are afraid of getting fired and losing their financial income. Women are more likely to be harassed at the workplace than men in Irvine. Workplace harassment can leave the victim physically injured and dealing with emotional pain and suffering that could last several months, even years depending on the circumstance.

What will our workplace harassment attorneys do?

The minute that you come in for a consultation, our top-rated attorneys will begin looking into your claim. Unfortunately, harassment claims are not easily proven. Instead, it takes a lot of work on behalf of your attorney to look through records and try to piece together circumstantial evidence to prove that harassment occurred at work. For example, some factors that our attorneys could use to prove workplace harassment are:

  • Interviews and statements from other employees at the workplace that show the perpetrator’s behavior and harassment in the past.
  • Interviews and statements from third parties who know the perpetrator and the perpetrator’s hostile behavior.
  • If the harassment was a way of retaliation, our top-rated attorneys could show the steps taken on behalf of the perpetrator. For example, if you spoke up about a workplace violation, and the employees who spoke up against are now retaliating against you by harassing you, this could provide a strong harassment claim.
  • Proof of physical distress, such as scratches, marks, or bruises will assist in showing the assault occurred.
  • If you sought medical treatment for the harassment, medical records will play a significant role.
  • If there were any videos of the harassment, surveillance footage could help strengthen your claim. 
  • Sometimes, employees may need psychological assistance after suffering workplace harassment in Irvine. Records of therapy could assist in proving the harassment.

Could I hold my employer responsible for workplace harassment?

If you were harassed at work by another employee, you could also hold your employer responsible. An employer is responsible for making sure that the workplace environment is safe and free from any hostility and unlawful behavior. This is established through several labor laws in California. 

If the employer knew of the harassment and failed to take appropriate measures, the employer could be held responsible. Appropriate measures an employer could take include:

  • Reporting the harassment to the Irvine police department
  • Reporting the harassment to the human resources department internally
  • Investigating the incident internally
  • Speaking with the perpetrator one-on-one
  • Speaking with the harassment victim one-on-one
  • Demoting the perpetrator
  • Firing the perpetrator
  • Reassigning the perpetrator’s location
  • Decreasing the perpetrator’s work hours
  • Increasing company reporting culture
  • Revising company policies to encourage reporting

Each circumstance is different from one another, and the steps that an employer could take could differ based on the circumstances. That is why we recommend that you speak to our attorneys to see if you could hold your employer responsible in the event that another employee has harassed you at work. 

What laws apply to workplace harassment?

Under the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, employees have the right to work in a safe workplace that is free from any hostility. Hostility includes circumstances of harassment.

Emotional Distress And Workplace Harassment

Usually,  harassment at work can be a very traumatic experience for an employee. That is why an employee could recover emotional distress from their experience. There are several different types of pain and suffering an employee could experience, including:

  • Low self-confidence
  • Insomnia
  • Fear of returning back to work
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Panic attacks
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • PTSD

A victim of harassment could experience any of the above. In fact, sometimes, emotional distress could result in more severe injuries than the actual physical harm itself. If you have suffered any physical or emotional distress, contact our attorneys today to hold your employer responsible. 

When can I file my workplace harassment lawsuit in Irvine?

  • The time limit depends on where you are filing your workplace harassment claim. For example, the general statute of limitations is that you must file within a year from the date of the harassment. But, this could change depending on the circumstances of the harassment, and the victim’s age.
  • If you are filing a claim under the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the deadline for filing the claim is 180 days from the date of the harassment. This time could pass by very quickly, that is why we recommend that you talk to our attorneys as soon as possible. But, in California, you have 300 days to file your claim. It depends on which state you live in. To determine the EEOC deadline for your claim, contact us today.
  • Sometimes, the workplace has a specific time limit on when you can report the harassment internally. This may be much quicker than 180 days. Our attorneys recommend that you take a look at the employee handbook or workplace policies to see when the last day would be to report the harassment.

What if the harassment is ongoing?

If you have experienced ongoing harassment at work, then the date of the harassment may be extended. Give us a call today to discuss. 

How much do our Irvine harassment attorneys cost?

  • After going through such a traumatic experience, you may not have the necessary means to pay for an attorney. Attorneys get paid in several different ways, with just one of them being hourly.  Our attorneys are paid a bit differently. We offer contingency fee agreements. This allows us to take on your case without you having to pay us any upfront costs. 
  • This allows our attorneys to take on the risks associated with litigating your harassment claim. When we win compensation for you, then we will recover our attorney’s fees. If we don’t win any compensation for you, you owe us nothing. 

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