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RV Accident Attorney in Bakersfield

RV accidents often lead to severe injuries that may require medical treatment immediately. For example, if you were in a standard-sized vehicle, and collided with an RV, the accident may be severe, resulting in serious injuries. For example, common injuries associated with RV accidents include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and back injuries. These types of injuries may lead to permanent scarring, disfigurement, or restricted movement, making the injured party unable to return to normal life.

RV accidents are oftentimes difficult to prove, especially because an army has several different parts, and an accident could happen in several different ways. That is why we recommend that you speak to a highly qualified personal injury attorney in Bakersfield for more information. 

Our experienced Bakersfield injury attorneys have been representing RV accident victims for several decades now, and have a successful track rate in getting compensation that our clients deserve.

RVs are very common in America, especially in Northern California. For example, around 10% of United States households own a recreational vehicle, with the majority of this percentage living in california. Others may resort to renting recreational vehicles. There are around 40 million Americans who go RVing on a regular basis. RVs offer a great alternative to hotels, especially because passengers and drivers have the freedom to go anywhere and explore different parts of an area without having to worry about where to sleep.

The average RV owner is between the ages of 40 to 50 years of age and is male.  But, after the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a surge in the increase of female RV owners and drivers.

There was an intense consumer interest in rvs, which led to a 6% increase in RV sales after the covid-19 pandemic. Many economists also report that recreational vehicles are still going to be sold throughout the next two to three years.

Why should you hire our Bakersfield RV attorney?

  • Our experienced RV attorneys offer free initial consultations, which are essentially risk-free. Meaning that our consultations are a great opportunity for potential clients to discuss their case. During this time, potential clients also have the opportunity to get more insight into our experience and similar cases that we have dealt with in the past.
  • Our top-rated RV lawyers also do not collect any compensation upfront. Our contingency fee lawyers make sure that we front all the costs for our client’s claims. Only when we win compensation for our clients is when we collect attorney’s fees.
  • Oftentimes, going against an insurance company could be very traumatic and stressful, especially if you have just experienced an RV accident. Your number one concern should be getting better rather than focusing on communicating with insurance companies.

What kind of compensation could I receive for my RV accident?

Our attorneys at Heidari Law can help you recover a variety of different damages depending on your injuries. For example, our attorneys could recover:

  • Medical bills: whether you were a passenger or driver in the RV or a passenger or driver in the other vehicle that collided with the RV, you most likely have suffered some type of injury. We recommend that whether you were a passenger or a driver, you get medical care immediately. The faster you get medical assistance, the less likely that your injuries could get aggravated. You are able to get compensated for your medical bills, along with any future medical treatments. Our attorneys will help you recover compensation for surgeries, prescription medication, medical devices, and any future treatments needed.
  • Lost wages: a party who has been involved in an RV accident has the right to recover lost wages, which are the wages that the party missed out on because they were injured and were out of work. For example, if the employee was out of work temporarily, they could recover the wages that they were going to receive if they had gone to work.
  • Property damage: property damage is a very common type of damage in an RV accident. Property damage allows parties to recover compensation for damage done to their vehicles. This means that you could recover compensation for any damage done to the RV, sedan, or personal belongings, such as laptops that were in the vehicle.
  • Loss of future income: RV accidents could lead to severe injuries that may permanently change someone’s life forever. You have the right to get compensated for the loss of income, or the reduction of your income potential.
  • Pain and suffering: pain and suffering include the emotional trauma involved with the injuries. RV injuries, if permanent or severe, could lead to severe emotional trauma. This is recoverable.

RV Accident Wrongful Death Attorney In Bakersfield

If you have lost a loved one in an RV accident, contact our attorneys to schedule a one-on-one consultation and discuss the potential wrongful death accident claim. A wrongful death claim allows the decedent’s loved ones to recover compensation for the decedent’s pain and suffering, burial costs, funeral costs, and medical bills.

What causes RV accidents in Bakersfield?

  • One of the most common causes of RV accidents is speeding. Usually, an RV driver may be inexperienced, or may not have enough training. Because of this, they may make tight turns or speed above the speed limit, which increases the chance of rollover accidents and could lead to fatalities and severe injuries. 
  • Fatigued driving is another common cause of RV accidents. Usually, RV drivers are behind the wheel for several hours in the day. This could then lead them to fall asleep behind the wheel, which is a very dangerous scenario.
  • Drunk driving is also a top common cause of RV accidents in Bakersfield. Since an RV has a kitchenette, the likelihood of passengers and drivers consuming alcohol while driving the RV is very high.

What should I do after an RV accident?

After an RV accident, you should get medical attention immediately. A medical provider will be able to evaluate and determine what type of injuries that you have suffered. After getting the medical treatment you need, you should contact our top-rated Bakersfield attorneys for more information on how to move forward with a potential RV accident lawsuit by holding the negligent parties accountable. There could be several different negligent parties depending on the circumstances. 

Bakersfield Recreational Vehicle Lawyer

If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident with an RV,  you need a highly qualified accident attorney in Bakersfield on your side to make sure that you get the compensation you seek for your injuries. 

You should not have to fight insurance companies by yourself. Insurance companies could get very difficult to deal with, especially if they decline that an accident took place in the first place. Other methods that insurance companies could be difficult are delaying insurance claim investigations, or not getting back to their insurance in time. We fight for our clients to make sure that their rights are represented, so you do not have to worry about communicating with any insurance adjusters or insurance employees. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.