Bakersfield is known to have several different manufacturing facilities that contribute significantly to Kern County’s economy. Bakersfield is known to be an agricultural hub, and exports goods and agriculture to different parts of California including Northern California. There are several different types of factories that exist in Bakersfield. With that, there are also several thousands of factory employees in Bakersfield.

Because of the significant number of factories and factory workers, the risk of factory injuries is very high. The risk is even greater because factories have chemicals, heavy machinery, and toxic substances that could lead to catastrophic injuries if not maintained properly.

If you have been injured while working in a factory in Bakersfield, contact our Bakersfield factory injury lawyers for more information on how you could get recovery today. Our case evaluations offer a great way to discuss the details of your factory injury case. Factory injuries could vary and could result from minor injuries to major injuries. It depends on the circumstances of the factory accident, and the severity of your injuries. For a more in-depth book, get in touch with our Bakersfield lawyers today.

Our Bakersfield factory injury attorneys have been representing factory workers who have been injured on the job for the last several decades. Although Kern County, California, and the United States have passed specific laws that protect factory workers and promote a safe factory workplace environment, factory injuries are still very common.

Below are examples of factories that could be seen in Bakersfield:

  • Food processing factory: Since Bakersfield grows several different types of fruits, vegetables, and nuts, there are food processing plants that slowly focus on dairy and nut processing.
  • Oil factories: Bakersfield also is very well known in the gas industry. There are various factories that contribute to oil extraction and refining.  Bakersfield is also known for transporting oil to Northern California and Southern California. Therefore they have various trucking distribution companies as well.
  • Agricultural equipment manufacturing factory: To keep up with agriculture processing, there are also factories that manufacture the parts needed to process the food. This includes tractors and irrigation systems.
  • Metal manufacturing factory: Metal components are needed for the transportation industry and for the agricultural industry.
  • Chemical manufacturing factory: Chemicals, such as pesticides used for agriculture are created in factories.
  • Electronic manufacturing factories: Electronics, such as telecommunication parts and wires are manufactured in factories in Bakersfield.
  • Textile manufacturing factory: Bakersfield is also known to be successful in the textile industry. There are textile factories located around Kern County.
  • Transportation equipment factories: There are several factories that manufacture equipment such as truck trailers.

During the pandemic, these factories may have slowed down production. But, in recent years, factories have increased their production to keep up with the growing demand of Northern and
Southern California.

Why should you hire Heidari Law Group factory injury attorneys?

  1. Our attorneys understand how devastating it could be to have an unsafe work environment. We hold employers responsible for creating a dangerous work environment and work to prevent circumstances of employer bad faith.
  2. Our top-rated attorneys will handle your case from beginning to end. This means filing your lawsuit or claim and working to investigate the circumstances of your factory injuries. We will negotiate with insurance adjusters and attorneys so you can get the settlement amount that you are owed.
  3. Our highly rated Bakersfield attorneys will work with you to get top-rated medical care. We have close relationships with top-rated medical experts in the community who could assess your injuries and determine the value of your future care. For example, catastrophic injuries may need at-home medical services.
  4. Our trial attorneys will represent you in court in the event that your case goes to trial. We have several decades of trial experience and will make sure that you get justice.
  5. Our attorneys do not take any fees unless we win. We guarantee that if we do not win your case, you do not have to pay us anything.
  6. We have a successful track record of holding negligent parties responsible for their actions. 
  7. Our attorneys have high ratings within the Bakersfield community and work to make sure that we have strong communication with our clientele.
  8. Our top-rated attorneys are available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your factory injury.

Do I need a factory injury attorney?

  • In certain cases, you may need a factory injury attorney. For example, after suffering a factory injury, insurance companies may try to approach you and try to settle an amount with you. But, this may be before you even get the medical care you need. Therefore, they may lowball you into accepting a low offer. Having an attorney on your side from the beginning will help ease the process.
  • Sometimes, a worker’s compensation claim that you file with your employer’s insurance may get denied. In the event that your claim has been denied, contact our attorneys to appeal the decision and see how you can get compensated.
  • Our top-rated attorneys will help you get the medical treatments that you need. Sometimes, an insurance company may deny medical treatments.
  • Having an attorney on your side will help ease the process, especially if you are no longer able to go to work. In that case, you may need disability benefits. Insurance companies sometimes try to fight back in the event that disability benefits are requested. Give us a call today to discuss if you have found yourself in such a situation.

Can I file a lawsuit if I have been injured in a factory?

You have the right to file a lawsuit against your employer, but you also have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim against your employer if you were an employee and were injured while on the job. Other rights you have include:

  • Right to get medical treatment
  • Right to temporary or disability benefits
  • Right to file a lawsuit against any other third parties
  • Right to settle your claim
  • Right to settle your lawsuit
  • Right to hire a Bakersfield  work-related injury attorney
  • Right to appeal any worker’s compensation claim decisions 
  • Right to workplace accommodations

What if I have been retaliated against for being injured while at work?

A Bakersfield employer cannot retaliate and against an employee because an employee has filed a workers’ compensation claim or has been injured at work. This is called workplace retaliation, and an employee can file a claim against their employer for retaliating against them. 

Factory Injury Attorney Near Me

Contact our Bakersfield factory injury attorneys for more information on how you could recover compensation for your injuries. You could file a worker’s compensation claim for your work-related injuries, or you may need to file a third-party lawsuit against the product manufacturer or any other third parties that could be negligent. Give us a call today to discuss.

Factory injuries could get complex, especially because there may be several different parties involved. Make sure that you have a highly-rated Bakersfield personal injury attorney on your side.