Bounce houses are a great way to liven up children’s parties. But, within the last year, there have been thousands of children who have been admitted to the emergency room in the United States because of bounce house injuries. When it comes to bounce house injuries, it could be very complex and difficult to determine who the cause of the accident was, and the responsible party.

It can be complicated when determining how the accident happened since bounce houses have several different parts. If your child has been injured in a bounce house accident, contact our Bakersfield personal injury attorneys to set up a free case evaluation. A case evaluation is a consultation with our top-rated lawyers to discuss the details of your case and to determine if you have a valid claim, the compensation you could receive from your claim, and all responsible parties.

Could I file a lawsuit in Bakersfield if my child has been injured in a bounce house?

If your child has been injured in a bounce house in Bakersfield, you may have the right to file a lawsuit or a claim against the responsible party to get compensated for various damages. Examples of damages could include medical bills used to treat your child’s injuries, and pain and suffering associated with your child’s injuries. Pain and suffering refer to the emotional toll that took on your child. Usually, children who have suffered bounce house injuries experience anxiety, PTSD, and a decrease in confidence levels. These are all damages that could be compensated for.

Our Bakersfield bounce house injury attorneys have been representing accident victims for the last several decades. We are skilled in both premises liability law and product liability law.

What are the different types of bounce houses in Bakersfield?

The different types of bounce houses in Bakersfield may include:

  • Obstacle courses
  • Bouncy games
  • Bounce house slides

All of the above are different types of inflatables that children take part in and enjoy. This could be found in private homes, or in public parks.

Renting a bounce house is a great way for adults to get their children to enjoy a birthday party or an event. But, there are several steps that an adult must take to prevent a bounce house accident.

What are examples of bounce house injuries in Bakersfield?

According to the Child Injury Prevention Alliance,  the number of child injuries associated with bounce houses has substantially increased within the last few years. Bounce house injuries have also been a large cause of emergency room visits in the United States. Examples of injuries may include:

How To Prevent A Bounce House Injury In Bakersfield 

The majority of bounce house accidents are avoidable. If necessary steps are taken to prevent an accident, the accident may not occur or may result in minor injuries. Below are some examples of some steps that adults could take around a bounce house to prevent any bounce house accidents:

  • Adults must always supervise the children in the bounce house at all times. The adults who are supervising the bounce house should not be drinking or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Those who install the bounce house should not install the bounce house near trees or other sharp objects.
  • If there is poor weather, such as rain or fog, the bounce house should not be installed.
  • Those under 6 years of age should be allowed to enter the bounce house. If older children enter the bounce house may be unbalanced, and may tip over.
  • There should be a certain limit on the number of children in the bounce house at all times.
  • Children should remove all eyeglasses and jewelry before entering the bounce house.
  • Children should not climb the nets that are the entrance and exit for the bounce house.
  • Children should not flip or somersault in the bounce house.
  • Pets should not be allowed in the bounce house.
  • Toys should not be allowed in the bounce house.
  • If the bounce house begins to deflate, all children must leave the bounce house immediately.
  • Once the bounce house has been set up, it should not be moved to another location.

Premises Liability Law

Premises liability law holds the landowner responsible for any bounce house injuries. For example, if you were visiting another person’s home who has a bounce house, they could be held responsible for any bounce house accident injuries. In order to prove premises liability, you must have to show:

  • The landowner had a duty to make sure that their property was safe
  • The landowner failed to follow through with that duty and created a dangerous condition with the bounce house
  • The landowner caused the bounce house accident
  • The accident victim now suffers injuries because of the accident

Product Liability Law 

Product liability holds the manufacturer of the bounce house responsible for any injuries that result. Examples of different factors when proving a product liability case include:

  • The manufacturer created a defective product and put the product in the chain of commerce.
  • The product has a defect. The defect could be a design defect, failure to warrant effect, or a manufacturing defect.
  • The defect caused the bounce house accident.

Products liability law is strict liability. This means that all the accident victim has to show is that the bounce house had a defect. Although this may seem simple, proving that the bounce house had a defect takes months of investigation. Give our attorneys a call today to discuss. 

Who can be held responsible for a bounce house accident?

Below are some examples of parties that could be held responsible for an inflatable structure accident:

  • The bounce house operator
  • The bounce house company
  • The bounce house supervisor
  • The bounce house owner
  • The bounce house installer
  • The landowner
  • The party that rented the bounce house
  • The bounce house manufacturer
  • The bounce house retailer
  • The property  manager 

Determining the responsible party is one of the hardest steps to take after being involved in an accident. Many people don’t know who the responsible party may be and may believe it is the incorrect party. This is where our experienced attorneys come in. Give us a call today to discuss who the responsible parties could be, and how you can move forward by holding them accountable for your damages. 

Bakersfield Bounce House Injury Attorneys

If you have suffered injuries from a bounce house, or have had a child that has been injured in a bounce house, give our attorneys a call today to discuss how you could get the top-rated care you deserve.

Our experienced bounce house personal injury attorneys have decades of experience making sure that accident victims get the compensation they need. A bounce house is supposed to bring happiness and joy, but when proper steps are taken, could cause catastrophic injuries and death. Make sure that you have a highly rated Bakersfield attorney on your side, and call us today to see how you can move forward with your Bakersfield personal injury lawsuit.